Stylish Ceiling Fans

ceiling fan 2It used to be that you had to choose between the functionality of a ceiling fan or sacrifice the coolness in the summer for a more stylish option. Well, designers have started to creating stylish ceiling fans, and we get to benefit.

If your look is modern or traditional some of today’s ceiling fans really capture a sense of style. Let’s take a look at some of the new fans from the models at Fulton Homes’ Legacy Community.

The fan above has only three blades, but the shape of each combined with the curve creates an exciting contemporary look and an effective breeze. With the circle of light in the center, this fixture is a far cry from the classic look of five blades and three or four hanging lights.

The metal used appears to be steel or even pewter – a unique tone that complements the modern lines of this fan. Even people who find ceiling fans to be old-fashioned and limited in style are likely to be drawn to this one.

Legacy Models 071 (1)The photo to the left shows a stylish ceiling fan with extra blades creating a more daring look. Once again the light itself is minimized and built into the design. This helps keep the lines clean while the number and shape of the blades make it an interesting addition to the ceiling. The larger size of this fan also makes it ideal for supporting this larger room, in terms of proportion and its capability of producing a breeze. And the simple lines would also work well in a traditional home.

ceiling fan 3The last fan, on the right, shows a flair for drama. Perfect for this teen room, it fits well with the industrial modern floor lamps situated near the sofa.

Have these three stylish ceiling fans changed your mind about what fans are capable of? To see these fans and more in person, we invite you to visit Legacy and wander through our three models – looking up!

Stylish Ceiling Fans

Legacy Models 080Ceiling fans have always been a source of frustration to the design community. While they’re a practical alternative to standard lighting, often the look detracts from the final design of a space. This has changed recently as lighting designers have started creating ceiling fans that are unique and inviting. Let’s take a look at a couple, featured in the Legacy community models.

Most people assume that the standard ceiling fan profile of five fan blades is the only option, but this fan shows that even two blades can make an effective fan while demonstrating a unique and intriguing contemporary industrial look.

The sleek lines and hand-crafted appearance combine to make a ceiling fan that is almost a piece of sculpture hanging from the ceiling. This look would work equally well with contemporary, industrial or even rustic décor.

ceiling fans 1 croppedThe fans to the right are completely different in style, yet have a retro feel that makes them stand out. One Fulton Facebook fan suggested that they would fit well in a New York loft, and indeed they are easy to imagine in that setting.

The old-style fans in black make this an option that would also work well in a more traditional setting – adding a touch of whimsy and personality to any room. And like the fan above, this non-standard approach still functions effectively.

So before you dismiss ceiling fans as useful items that provide practicality rather than style, you may want to browse some of the newer offerings, because some of today’s ceiling fans will surprise you.


Coordinating an Open Floor Plan – Family Room and Office


Fulton Homes Starlight Model

An open floor plan makes any home feel more spacious and interesting. Every step opens up a new view of living areas – kitchen, dining, family room and even office.

The office space in this home – the Fulton Homes Starlight model – demonstrates the appeal of an office or den that is open to the family room. the wall openings support a separate living area while still making the office feel part of the greater whole.

Decorating the office and family room to ensure that the spaces are seen as separate but still coordinated requires some planning. Here are some décor choices that make these spaces work well together.

Coordinating color-schemes: Neutrals pair well with black, red and a soft green to build a common theme of colors without too much repetition. The green chair in the office picks up the color of the family room throw pillows while the patterned fabric appears on the office valance and the other sofa throw pillows. Notice that the rug also carries those colors through to the family room.

Lighting: Both rooms have matching ceiling fans, but the real connection comes from the table and floor lamps. The unusual sloping square lampshades in a natural cream tone carry from one room to the next – providing nice focused light while marrying the style of the two rooms together.

Furniture tone: Both rooms feature dark wood – a good choice with the wall and furniture colors. The wood floor mirrors this tone, creating a unified whole. This level of thought and coordination takes full advantage of all the plusses of an open floor plan – maximizing comfort and style.

Ceiling Fans

Fulton Ceiling FansQuite possibly the smartest decision you may make when determining options for your Fulton Home is having ceiling fans installed throughout. In the summer they make a home feel comfortable at higher temperatures, allowing you to save energy every month. Even in the winter they can bring warm air down to a lower level and give you a chance to pull in more fresh air on those days when you want your windows open.

Years ago, ceiling fans were more utilitarian than attractive, but that has changed. Today’s ceiling fans come in a nice selection of styles that meld with virtually any décor. They can also be positioned right against the ceiling or hung down to a more functional height with an rod that coordinates with the fan’s look.

If you haven’t experienced a ceiling fan overhead when working in your home office or sleeping, you will be surprised at how unobtrusive the air movement is. At the lowest level a ceiling fan provides a gentle breeze that doesn’t disturb papers or flutter drapes. At full power, it can cool you faster than anything other than a dip in a pool when you get home on a hot summer day.

Ceiling fans also provide a helpful solution for families with different temperature preferences. If a warm body marries someone who is always cold, the thermostat can become a battleground. On the other hand, several judiciously-placed ceiling fans allow a warmer climate for the easily chilled while properly cooling the toaster-folks in the family.

Be sure to check out the selection of ceiling fans when you visit the lighting section of the Fulton Design Center.