Ceiling Fans

Fulton Ceiling FansQuite possibly the smartest decision you may make when determining options for your Fulton Home is having ceiling fans installed throughout. In the summer they make a home feel comfortable at higher temperatures, allowing you to save energy every month. Even in the winter they can bring warm air down to a lower level and give you a chance to pull in more fresh air on those days when you want your windows open.

Years ago, ceiling fans were more utilitarian than attractive, but that has changed. Today’s ceiling fans come in a nice selection of styles that meld with virtually any décor. They can also be positioned right against the ceiling or hung down to a more functional height with an rod that coordinates with the fan’s look.

If you haven’t experienced a ceiling fan overhead when working in your home office or sleeping, you will be surprised at how unobtrusive the air movement is. At the lowest level a ceiling fan provides a gentle breeze that doesn’t disturb papers or flutter drapes. At full power, it can cool you faster than anything other than a dip in a pool when you get home on a hot summer day.

Ceiling fans also provide a helpful solution for families with different temperature preferences. If a warm body marries someone who is always cold, the thermostat can become a battleground. On the other hand, several judiciously-placed ceiling fans allow a warmer climate for the easily chilled while properly cooling the toaster-folks in the family.

Be sure to check out the selection of ceiling fans when you visit the lighting section of the Fulton Design Center.