How to Transition Your Home for Summer

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Summer is here and so is the heat! With every season, we love to make little changes to our home to facilitate and embrace the weather. For winter, you put up your tree, use the fireplace, and pull out the cozy blankets, yet summer calls for a more refreshing protocol. Finding simple home improvement projects each season can make your house feel more like home. Here are three ways to get your home ready for summer!

Fireplace Candles

Your fireplace can add a beautiful aesthetic look to your home; however, summer is no time for a fire in Arizona! You can still get the visual beauty without the warmth by adding a decorative candles. You can even find sweet summer scented candles to help enhance the atmosphere in more than one way!

Comforter Delete

During the warmer months, the heat can be brutal. This summer change out your bedding to something lighter in weight. Remove the comforter or fold it at the end of the bed. Find cool sheets like bamboo or silk to add more comfort. Add some summer throw pillows to the room as well!

Patio Furniture

Once the spring rain has come and gone, you will be spending a lot more time outdoors. Time to spruce up the patio with some patio furniture. Get some seating and end tables to make your patio feel more welcoming. By adding a grill to your patio, you can meal prep outside as well! Patio décor and lighting options are endless. Tailor your space to your needs and wants!

Take pride in your home this summer. Simple summer turnaround tricks can make your home always feel ready and adapted to the season. The warm months can be brutal. Be proactive and make the best of them. For more fun tips and tricks, make sure to subscribe. What are your favorite ways to get your home ready for summer? Let us know below in the comment section.

Spruce Up the Patio for Summer

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Summertime is the time to renew your home, inside and out. The goal is to clean it well and add pops of color, perfect for summer!  Find out how to freshen up your patio space and have your patio ready when the Arizona heat arrives.

Tip 1: Clean patio furniture thoroughly. Dust, dirt and grime can accumulate even when stored properly. In most cases, using a mild dish soap and warm water with a sponge will clean off all the buildup. Rinse them clean by spraying them down with the hose. A pressurized nozzle will work best for this. Always check with the manufacturer of your furniture before cleaning with any cleaning product.

Add a pop of color by adding brightly colored pots with succulents or vibrantly colored flowers. A helpful tip for potted flowers is to add crumple up newspaper to the bottom half of the pot. Next cover the newspaper with potting soil. This will make you planters lighter and easier to move, as well not using up a ton of potting soil.

You can also add color by purchasing some new indoor/outdoor accent pillows for the furniture. Accent pillows bring fun and color to the outdoor living space. Lay down an indoor/outdoor rug that has a fun geometric pattern or print. Outdoor rugs transform outdoor spaces into a comfortable place where you want to take your shoes off and relax. The best outdoor rugs are made from natural or synthetic fibers that allow water to drip right through. These rugs do not have a backing on them (as the backing would not permit water to pass through the rug). They may only last a season with the Arizona sun, so choose wisely when shopping.

Feel free to spray paint old planters for a bright new finish. This will make any old planters look new again. If you are using the typical white, plastic patio furniture, you may want to hit them with the spray paint as well. Make sure to clean them well before as paint can’t stick to dirt. Read and follow all furniture and paint instructions before starting your project.

Buy new cushions for outdoor furniture. Unless you have well-made indoor/outdoor cushions, most likely it is time to upgrade these items. The goal is to renew your patio space. This is achieved by cleaning and adding pops of color throughout!

Don’t forget the grill! You’ll be thankful in the long run when you take the time to properly maintain your grill!

Enjoy your summer on your Fulton Home patio!

Lake House Activities for Spring Break

Throughout the United States, there are many highly desired homes. From mountainside living to high loft city apartments to a beautiful lake house oasis, we all have our fantasy home. If you grew up with a lake on your property, you probably have many fond memories of it. However, if this is your first lake house, you do not want to be missing out on the fun! There is plenty to do with your lake this spring break. Here are the top three must-dos for any lake house owner:


If you have a lake, you need to be on it! There are hundreds of different styles of boats to get for your home. Depending on the size of the lake and your community regulation, find the boat right for you. You can get powerboats like bay boats, cruisers, or deck boats, or you can get smaller options like kayaks or canoes. Depending on your swimming level, you may want to invest in some lifejackets as well.


Fishing is also a great way to facilitate your lake. Make sure you invest in everything you need. Get your rod, extra line and hooks, bobbers, and bait. You may also want to pack some needle nose pliers and a small first aid kit for the day. Fishing is a great hobby to help relax and pass the time. Just do not forget to bring the sunscreen!


Nothing feels more authentic and true to nature as swimming. Swimming is a timeless pastime that is great for all ages! Simply set up some lake activities and purchase some floating devices. Swimming in the lake is a great way to get the most out of your lake house.

If you are blessed with a home on a lake, make sure you use the many advantages associated with it. This exterior privilege is excellent for hosting guests and making great memories. All landscapes have different advantages, do not miss the opportunity of yours.

Three Outdoor Seating Ideas for a Comfortable Spring

Is your outdoor space like your second family room? Is it an area where you spend a lot of time entertaining guests? Whether your yard is big or small, it is essential to give some consideration to an outdoor seating arrangement. No doubt, you want your outdoor space to be comfortable. The key to achieving that is combining functionality and beauty. In this article, we are going to share some tips for creating a seating arrangement that will accommodate your guests and family.

Shopping for outdoor furniture can be overwhelming because there are many different options. Whether your outdoor space is limited or plentiful, you can find the perfect outdoor seating that will work best with the available space. So, where do you start?

Built-in Seating

If you are determined to save on space, the best way to do so is by implementing built-in seating. In fact, in small landscapes, building a seating area into the deck or the wall on the patio can be a versatile, spacious option. All you have to do is push a table up against the area to get the full dining effect.

Building a bench on a low wall in the backyard that is approximate “18 to 30” inches in height. In a landscape that features stonework or flat natural boulders, you can add bolt-in seating, which is usually found at parks. Bolt-in seating can also be installed on high walls. This type of seating arrangement can accommodate large parties.

Suspended Seating Arrangement

Love the idea of a hammock or swing seats? You can achieve the same look in your outdoor space without having large trees to host them. In fact, manufacturers have produced hammock and swing seats to come complete with their own stand.

Take Advantage of the Garden

If you have a beautiful garden, there is no better place to install seating than in this area. Placing a seat under the arch can create a cozy spot that shades you from the sun during the hot summer months. Just be sure to position the seating so that you can take advantage of the fresh smell of the flowers.

We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks, and for more outdoor ideas, be sure to visit our blog hub here.

Spring Gardening in Arizona

Spring is right around the corner as we enter March. The average temperature throughout the month of March ranges from 71-84 degrees but can drop into the mid-50s at night. This favorable weather is the perfect time to start planting some vegetables outside your home. However, living in a desert means the planting season can be a little different than the typical seasons. To help, here are several vegetables you should consider planting this spring:


Cilantro is the leaf from a coriander plant. Cilantro is a very popular herb used in many Spanish cuisines. In fact, living close to the border, many of these popular dishes become household favorites. Enlighten your food by adding this powerful spice. This herb is also an excellent remedy used for medicinal purposes to remove hazardous metals from the body and is often given to cancer patients.


Arizona offered some of the most diverse plant lives for gardening. From citrus fruits to starchy vegetables, many delicious fruits and vegetables can be grown in your own backyard. Another great option to include in your home garden is potatoes. Potatoes are great starchy, hearty vegetables that go great in many food dishes. So be sure to add this American classic to your own garden this spring.


Add some color to your garden by growing some carrots. This crunchy root is another highly nutritious option to add to the garden this spring. It is a great source of potassium, antioxidants, vitamin K, and beta carotene. Carrots can be a great way to help lower your bad cholesterol and improve your eye health. 


Another great leafy green vegetable that loves the Arizona spring weather is spinach. Spinach is excellent for bone health and packed with vitamins. Plus, it goes great as a lettuce alternative for burgers or salads. When growing spinach, make sure to space your rows about a foot apart. The seeds will germinate in about a week and be ready to harvest in just under two months.

Remember, Arizona has two main growing seasons: fall and spring. Take advantage of the weather and grow the right plants and vegetables during springtime. Thanks for reading!

Salt vs Chlorine Hot Tubs

There are many attributes that can make a house feel like home. From the interior to the exterior of your property, every spot has a chance to become more tailored to your needs. Your home should have areas that can allow you to escape from the world and relax and rejuvenate. One great way to accomplish this is with a hot tub! If you are searching the market for a hot tub, there are typically two kinds of systems: chlorine and salt. Both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let us explore both options to help you decide which is best for you.


When it comes to hot tubs, you have two leading solutions for sanitation consisting of either salt or chlorine. Traditionally, chlorine was used as a chemical to help sterilize and neutralize bacteria in the water. Both systems require standard upkeep to allow the systems to be working properly. Chlorine is a powerful chemical that is great at killing bacteria. However, the downfall to this chemical is a strong odor as well as it can agitate sensitive skin.


Saltwater seems to be the new buzz on the market. This more natural approach is less aggressive on your skin. While it still takes upkeep to have the right concentration, the simple upkeep can be less time-consuming. You will also not need to drain your hot tub as often for maintenance. Some of these benefits alone have made many homeowners switch to salt. Yet a downside is saltwater pools can traditionally be more expensive as an initial investment.

Which Is Best for You?

Both hot tub systems come with their own pros and cons. While chlorine may be a harsher chemical to soak long in, the initial investment is much less expensive. Chlorine tubs will also use less electricity while being fixture friendly. The choice comes down to personal preference.

Many people have preferences on which they like best. What do you think about each hot tub system? Have you owned either? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and remember to subscribe!

Painting Exterior Stucco

Southwestern-styled homes will traditionally use stucco as a decorative siding and finish to homes. Stucco is a fine plaster coated onto walls wet, which dries with a very grainy texture. This plaster handles great against the desert heat and looks great as well. However, these extreme climates can really wear down and fade the paint on the walls over time. If your paint is beginning to fade, it may be time to repaint the exterior of your home. With stucco being so texture, it can propose several dilemmas. To help, here are some of the best ways to paint stucco:


Before you are going to start painting, you will need to prep the surface. For the exterior of your home, you will just want to remove all the outdoor dust and dirt that has accumulated on your home. This step can easily be done by spraying your house down with a hose. Let it air dry completely before you begin to paint. Tape off or tarp any areas you do not want the paint to get.


For stucco, there are generally two main ways of painting. A roller is less effective but generally foolproof. When you get your paint, let the supplier know you will be rolling the paint. This paint will be sold much thicker and can be applied with a roller. You will still need to use a brush for harder areas like corners and edges.


A more effective technique but takes practice and equipment is spraying the paint onto the stucco. With such an aggressive texture, this will allow you not to have to go over the same spot multiple times, as the roller may. Simply add the paint and spray it directly onto your home. You can keep the spray gun very close to the house because bleeding paint is uncommon with this high of texture.

Stucco is excellent but will need to be repainted after many years of sun exposure. Make sure you can complete the task before starting it. If this seems too far out of your expertise, you may want to consider hiring a professional. For more tips and tricks on home improvement, make sure to subscribe.

Flowers That Attract Birds to Your Yard

Nature is beautiful in so many aspects. We can enhance our home’s exterior by incorporating many bushes, flowers, trees, and even rocks to the landscape. However, there are some aspects of nature that can be more sporadic. Birds are beautiful spectacles and can really make your home look alive and vibrant. Yet, can you attract birds to your yard? Yes! The plants in your yard will help increase the number of flying friends that visit as well. Here is everything you need to know about attracting the right kinds of birds:

Attracting Birds and Keeping Them Around

A colorful landscape will attract colorful birds. Many birds use colors to help attract other birds. Naturally, birds see colors and realize the environment is healthy. These bright colors will attract insects for nectar, and with insects come birds. They also use color to determine when the seasons are changing, toxic plants and predators, and to identify fruits and berries quickly. Once you have attracted the birds, it is important that they stay. Add some bird feeders to your yard. Decide what birds you want to stay around and specialize in the feeders for their species. You can also encourage birds to stay by having fresh water or birdbaths and adding birdhouses.

Flowers to Use

The colors of our flowers will attract different birds for varieties of reasoning. To attract hummingbirds, add warm-hued flowers like red, yellow, and orange. You can attract orioles with orange flowers as well. Some birds are attracted colors of their own kind. Blue jays will be attracted to blue or purple-tinted flowers, whereas you can attract goldfinches by adding some yellow to your garden.

Colors to Avoid

White is a color that is used for most birds to show aggression or signal danger. Do not use white in your yard. Even a white picket fence or some white lawn chairs can deter some bird breeds from flying into your yard. Be cognitive not only in the flowers of your home but the exterior modifications you include as well.

Adding the right flowers to your home can help attract birds. Avoid whites, if possible. Remember to keep birds returning, create an inviting atmosphere with food, fresh water, and shelter for these animals.

Ways to Enhance Your Sunroom

A sunroom is a great addition to any home! Sunrooms allow you to enjoy the natural lighting from the outdoors in the comfort of your home. These seasonal rooms are perfect for people who want to spend more time outside. It is the perfect hybrid of interior and exterior home living. If you have a sunroom or are looking to add one, there are some simple ways to help enhance your space. Let’s take a look!


Every great sunroom will incorporate a type of seating. These rooms typically use furniture that can withstand the elements of nature. While your sunroom may not get rain inside it, it can experience more humidity and exposure to some of nature’s harsher elements. Consider patio furniture with cushions or some whicker seating. You can also add some more outdoorsy details such as a hammock or a suspended chair.

Throw Rug

A way to add some style to your room is by getting an area rug. A rug can help add comfort to your outdoor flooring. Most sunrooms are not fully finished and can experience some moisture. Make sure your rug can handle moisture. Typically, indoor/outdoor carpet is preferred. You can also invest in turf or composite tile to give your room a little extra styling.


Sunrooms are the perfect place to incorporate plant life! There is no spot better in your home for more sun exposure. Adding plants and herbs can help add life to your atmosphere. This perfect blend of indoor and outdoor living will feel more balanced with a little more greenery. Just remember to water your plants because they will not experience rain!

Whether you plan on just reading out there or enjoying the sounds of nature, sunrooms are a terrific place to unwind. With a little love, these rooms can become your favorite place to spend your morning or afternoons. What do you love about your sunroom? Let us know below in the comment section!

Preparing for an Outdoor Get-Together

Just because summer is officially over and your friends may stop hosting backyard barbecues and pool parties does not mean that you cannot take advantage of Arizona’s gorgeous fall weather with an outdoor get-together. Get ready for your company to come over with five easy outdoor updates. All you need are these five easy steps to transform your yard into the perfect outdoor getaway.

Prep the Yard

Before you begin, make sure you wipe down your patio furniture, clean up any the leaves from your fruit trees, mow the lawn, sweep the patio, and trim any outgrown bushes. 

Disinvite Bugs

Bugs can be a real party crasher on outdoor gatherings. Eliminate bugs in a safe way by purchasing citronella candles. You can even make your own by using citronella oil in your custom candles. 

Light up the Night

Get-togethers can run late into the middle of the night; therefore, you should be prepared by hanging some stringed lighting. String lighting looks beautiful and is an inexpensive way to light up your backyard. 

Deep Clean Your Grill

Between each cookout and party, your grill can take a beating from food and grime. Make sure to deep clean your grill with these steps:

  1. Turn on your grill to begin warming it up. 
  2. After the grill is warmed, take a heavy-duty grill scraper and begin removing all grime on the cooktop.
  3. Take a wire grill brush and scrub the heated grates.
  4. Let the grates cool down then put them in a bucket with warm, soapy water. Have them sit for 2-3 hours then using a scouring sponge wipe away any remaining grime. 
  5. Using a degreaser, wipe down the outside of the grill with a damp sponge. Afterward, you will want to dry it off with a microfiber cloth. 
  6. Using a microfiber cloth and stainless-steel cleaner, shine off the exterior of the grill. 

Provide Warmth

Arizona nights can get pretty cool, so if you plan on hosting well into the evening, you will want to provide some heaters or blankets. By adding warmers, you will be able to continue the party even when the sun drops.

We hope you enjoyed these simple tips for preparing your yard for a get-together. Let us know how you host guests outdoors in the comment section.