What Are Ranch Style Homes?

Ranch Homes are a very popular style of home found throughout the United States. These homes are typically built on a slab of concrete and are a single-story home. They are highly desired for their ability to have your whole house on one story. They offer an open floor plan which focuses on indoor-outdoor living. And while being a single-story home, you have the ability to add onto these homes fairly easily.


Ranch Homes were first built in California right at the beginning of the Great Depression. Homeowners began looking for less formal home layouts and invested at more informal, relaxed home blueprints. Soldiers were returning from the war, and homes needed to be built quickly and affordably. These homes offered a more open floor plan, allowing smaller homes to feel more spacious than traditional-sized homes. This informal living focused on single-story homes with easy access to the outdoors. By the end of the Great Depression, nearly 90% of every house was built as a Ranch and began spreading east throughout the United States.

Ranch Blueprints

Ranches are built as single floor homes directly on the slab. They have a walk-up porch, which offers a more indoor-outdoor style living. Typically, Ranches will have an attached garage, large windows on all sides of the home, and a low-pitch roof. There are several types of Ranches available, all with slightly different variables. California, Suburban, Split-Level, French, and Storybook Ranches all have slightly different details to market to different homeowners.

Ranch Homes Today

Ranch Homes are once again becoming very popular! We are noticing more and more being built every day since open layouts have become the new standard of homes. We are expecting to see Ranch Style Homes to increase by nearly 160% in the next couple of years. From their accessibility to affordability, these homes are great for many potential home buyers.

Did you know that Fulton Homes features an array of Ranch Homes? To learn about our communities as well as our properties, please visit us at Fulton Homes and feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

What to Consider When Home Shopping 

Evangeline from Fulton Homes

Buying a home is arguably one of the most significant investments you can make in your life. Such a colossal decision requires a lot of thought, and ultimately, a good investment should be capable of maintaining or increasing a resell value. You should also consider other essential factors like the economy of the area, school systems, and crime rate. While all these can play an important role in your decision, we believe there are three key elements every investor should prioritize. Here are our top picks of what everyone should consider when home shopping:


Location is everything. Being close to work, food, activities, and freeway entrances can be critical factors we do not always consider. At Fulton Homes, we always strive to place our homing developments in prime locations strategically. Your time is important to us, and we want you to be able to commute and travel as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


You have probably heard the quality versus quantity debate. The quality of a product is always more important than how many of the products you have. At Fulton Homes, we use top-grade flooring, superior HVAC systems, and premium building materials. Feel at peace of mind, knowing your home was built to last.  


While you cannot judge a book by its cover, it is essential to love the way your home looks. Your home is your refuge of relaxation and where you can escape from the world. Making this fortress genuinely feel like an expression of you is ideal. The home’s aesthetics play a direct correlation on how we interpret the atmosphere. At Fulton Homes, we pride ourselves in giving a selection of options that can best help tailor your home to you. Unlike other cookie-cutter homes, having a variety of options to choose from can allow you to customize your home to your specific wants and needs. 

So, when considering homes to buy, remember: location, quality, and aesthetics. These will help you make the right investment and love your home for years and years to come. For more information on Fulton Homes, please visit our website here.

Fulton Home’s Air Quality

Fulton Home makes it our responsibility to provide you with the best home and services. There are many features we incorporate into the homes we build. We want our consumers to live a happy and healthy life after purchase. This is one of the reasons we chose to partner with Indoor airPLUS when constructing each home. This system goes beyond the general standards the government regulates on homes. AirPLUS has many quality benefits to help purify your air. For more information, be sure to keep on reading!

Government Regulations

The government created the Clean Air Act in 1970. This federal law was put in place to regulate air emissions from stationary and mobile sources. From automobiles to the construction of homes, a standard has been set that limits air pollutants. When building a house, many air contaminants can make it into HVAC systems and be dangerous to the health of the home buyers; therefore, the government put in the Clean Air Act to help protect the health of individuals and families.

Above and Beyond

Fulton Home does not only believe in meeting these codes but going above and beyond. Our comprehensive health protection includes practices and technology to prove the purest air is in your new home. We use moisture control systems to prevent unwanted molding in the houses, radon-resistant constructs, builders seal to prevent pest from infiltrating your home, and much more.

What to Expect

We have also included premium ENERGY STAR HVAC systems, which will help with the air quality. Reducing the pollutants in your home can prevent you from getting sick. This high-quality HVAC system will also regulate fewer chemicals from making it inside of your home. It is essential to keep proper maintenance on your Indoor airPLUS system in your home.

Have peace of mind with the assurance that your air quality is premium in your new home. While this may not be your first concern, clean air leads to a healthier you and your home. We believe in going above and beyond in everything in our homes to assure you the best. From premium materials to clean air, we got you covered.

Fulton Homes: Built Right

At Fulton Homes, we understand that purchasing a home is an investment.  With real estate on the rise, now is the time to buy; however, finding the perfect home for you can be a daunting task. At Fulton Homes, we take pride in making quality homes to meet your needs and more. Here are three reasons why we believe you should choose Fulton Homes:

Location, Location, Location
An important factor in any house hunt is the location.  Arizona offers a wide variety of diverse cities, suburbs, and rural areas to meet your needs.  Our Arizona homes are carefully placed in locations that are convenient to freeways, shopping centers, and employment areas. We know the area, and we build the perfect communities.

Quality Matters
What really matters in construction is the quality!  Our homes offer high-quality finishes in every aspect.  From our countertops to our floors, we have put together a selection of choices to create your dream home.  Your home should be built to last, and we plan to excel in creating that for you.  We have passed the test of time with our highly respected and well-built communities!  To us, quality matters!

Built Right and Made Easy for You
We believe having your home built should be fun, not an overwhelming process.  We have a design center available in person and on the web for your convenience.  We strive to make your building process is as simple and efficient as possible.   Your time matters and we thrive to make your home design easy.

Consider the many benefits of having your home built by Fulton Homes.  Let us tailor your next home to your needs! Please do not hesitate to call or email us to learn more.  We would love to help you create your dream home.


Why Fulton Homes?

Fulton Homes is not like your average, cookie-cutter homes. Fulton Homes believe no two homes should be exactly alike. Fulton Homes has proudly been one the most renowned builders in the Valley of the Sun for over forty years. We take pride not only in our construction but with our keen focus on the quality of lifestyle and opportune locations to ensure you enjoy the best living Arizona has to offer. With a large selection of customization and floorplans, you will easily find a style home that is suitable for your lifestyle. Fulton Homes is committed to building energy efficient homes to ensure you extreme savings. Our goal was never to be the biggest home builders in Arizona, we simply just wanted to be the best.


We have put together one of the largest selections of home appliances, flooring, doors, lighting, cabinets and more for you to make your home fully express you. Check out our Home Design Center at 1241 West Warner Road, Tempe, Arizona or take our interactive virtual tour at https://www.fultonhomes.com/design-center to fully explore all we have to offer. You do not have to go to multiple locations to customize your home but tour our one-stop shop and make all the selections you need to create your home. 


Fulton Homes strives to put our homes in the most interactively convenient locations. Being next to freeways, malls, and shopping plazas have been a focal point of location building for Fulton Homes. We have homes in Chandler, Gilbert, Maricopa, and Queen Creek. We also encourage you to visit https://www.fultonhomes.com/classic-communities to check out some of our older community homes. We take pride in all our communities we build and want you to see how they have passed the test of time. 

No More Waiting

We understand that you cannot always wait around to have a home constructed for you, so we have the option of move-in-ready-homes waiting in different stages of construction, so you can still customize your dream home but not be stuck waiting for a house to be built from scratch. This is perfect for someone with a deadline move in date to find a home that can be ready for them on time.

More Information

If you are looking for more information, call us or go to https://www.fultonhomes.com/my-fulton-home/log-inWe will help set you on your way to having your dream home in no time.


Energy Star Partner of the Year!

We are excited to announce that we were recently awarded the Energy Star Partner of the Year award!  

It is a great honor for us to receive this title, and also a great honor to receive a commendation from our Congressman Tom O’Halleran.  Thank you for the encouragement, Congressman!

The Fun of the Fulton Design Center

fulton-design-centerWhen you’re choosing your home builder, the model homes are only a starting point. It’s important to see what a builder provides to allow you to make your home your own. A rich selection of options makes the difference between a stock home and a home that feels fully customized. With the Fulton Design Center, you have 13,000 square feet of choices.

Take the time to review the kitchen vignettes. They give you a wide selection of styles and moods, providing a good conceptual overview of what different kitchens will look like when finished. Not sure what you want in a bathroom? Just wander through the bath section to get ideas.

The most recently updated area is the smart home section, where you can learn about the latest in security systems, whole-house sound and home theater choices. The Fulton Design Center is regularly updated so you have a chance to see and select the latest in home options.

A range of kitchen appliances are on display, giving you the opportunity to explore which type of refrigerator or oven you would prefer. Be sure to check out the awesome Bertolini Gas ranges – they quickly become the focal point in any chef’s kitchen!

We all dream of creating the perfect home. Thanks to the Fulton Design Center, that dream can really happen. Visit during one of the browse nights and see for yourself. The Design Center is open the first and third Thursdays of every month from 5 to 8 p.m.

First Impressions

design center 8It’s easy to get so focused on what’s inside your new Fulton Home that you forget what people see first – your front door. That’s what makes your home’s first impression. Fortunately, you have so much to choose from when it comes to a front door with Fulton Homes.

When you visit the Fulton Design Center, don’t forget to stop by the front door display. No matter what style you prefer, you will find the right door for you. Start with the door itself. Take the look and style of your home into consideration. If you have chosen a traditional exterior, a contemporary door such as the one to the left in the photo above won’t be a fit. On the other hand the romance of the door to the right with its hobnail finish might be just the right choice.

Once you know the door you want, take the time to choose the hardware that will work for you. As you can see from the two doors shown above, selecting the right combination of hardware and door makes a perfect final product.

Your front door also sends a message about your taste and style even before anyone walks into your home for the first time. It’s exciting to invite family and friends to see your  new home, and part of the fun starts before the front door opens, when they walk up and see your first selection – and the statement it makes about you and your home.

The two doors shown above are just a small sample of your choices. Please come take your time checking out all of your options for creating just the right first impression with your new Fulton Home.

Cabinets Set Tone for Kitchen

design center 4When you start planning your new Fulton Home, it may seem like the kitchen is the most challenging part of the process. But once you make a couple of choices, your other options will begin to fall into place.

The best way to attack your overall kitchen design is with your cabinet style and finish. Do you want a contemporary look? Then consider the Shaker style for your cabinetry. This sleek style, shown on the bottom middle in the photo above, works well with the sleek lines of a contemporary home.

If you prefer a more country or rustic look, why not consider a glazed finish such as the cabinet door shown on the lower right? The darker tone and contrast provided by the black glaze makes that cabinet feel more homey and inviting, a fitting style to give that farmhouse appeal.

Perhaps you want to go solidly traditional. The dark cabinet door on the upper right would work well with any traditional decor. A light and bright kitchen would work well with the middle cabinet door to the left of the photo. The good news is that the Fulton Design Center has a rich selection of choices in cabinetry, and all of them in a standard of quality designed for you to enjoy in your new kitchen for years to come.

We encourage you to visit the Fulton Design Center to see our choices of kitchen cabinets in person, to start the process of designing the Fulton Home of your dreams.

What Makes a Neighborhood Special?

icscoccer12When you move into a new home, you choose it first because of budget, then location and layout. You may consider the reputation of the home builder. If you’re smart, you wander through other neighborhoods the builder created in the past to see how well the houses have held up over time.

You might want to see how close you are to grocery stores and restaurants and look up the quality of the school district if you have school-age children. It also pays to check out property taxes because those can vary from city to city.

But take the time also to walk through the neighborhood you’re considering. Check to see if there are any common areas. Will you have access to any parks or playgrounds in easy walking distance? How about places for kids’ sports like this soccer field? Does the community share a pool?

Remember that part of what makes a neighborhood a real community is the opportunity to meet other neighbors in common areas like these. And builders like Fulton Homes that include amenities like this are thinking about their home buyers’ lives long after the homes are sold and their profits are spent building other homes and other communities.

So when you buy a home, you’re not just buying what happens when you drive into your garage or walk in your front door. You’re also buying a community, the neighborhood your children will grow up playing in, the streets where they will ride their bikes, the sidewalks where you will push their strollers in the evenings. And the neighbors who will become your friends over the years as your new house becomes your home over the years.