What Makes a Neighborhood Special?

icscoccer12When you move into a new home, you choose it first because of budget, then location and layout. You may consider the reputation of the home builder. If you’re smart, you wander through other neighborhoods the builder created in the past to see how well the houses have held up over time.

You might want to see how close you are to grocery stores and restaurants and look up the quality of the school district if you have school-age children. It also pays to check out property taxes because those can vary from city to city.

But take the time also to walk through the neighborhood you’re considering. Check to see if there are any common areas. Will you have access to any parks or playgrounds in easy walking distance? How about places for kids’ sports like this soccer field? Does the community share a pool?

Remember that part of what makes a neighborhood a real community is the opportunity to meet other neighbors in common areas like these. And builders like Fulton Homes that include amenities like this are thinking about their home buyers’ lives long after the homes are sold and their profits are spent building other homes and other communities.

So when you buy a home, you’re not just buying what happens when you drive into your garage or walk in your front door. You’re also buying a community, the neighborhood your children will grow up playing in, the streets where they will ride their bikes, the sidewalks where you will push their strollers in the evenings. And the neighbors who will become your friends over the years as your new house becomes your home over the years.

Exploring Fulton Homes: Communities

community-shotwebIt can be confusing and challenging to start looking for the perfect new Fulton Home for you and your family. Here are some suggestions to help you with the process. Start by exploring all of Fulton Home’s available communities.

Using the interactive map at http://www.fultonhomes.com/our-communities, take a look at the locations of each neighborhood. Which ones would work best for you? Consider distance to work and family as well as the related school districts. You may also want to explore nearby shopping and office space.

As you investigate, remember that newly-opened communities will offer a broader selection of properties to choose from, while communities that are closer to finishing will have more neighbors nearby.

Once you have selected the communities that fit your profile, check out each one’s individual page. You will discover the specific neighborhood amenities available, the size and style of homes in that area, and the price range. You might want to talk to one of our preferred lenders, listed at http://www.fultonhomes.com/preferred-lenders, to determine what price home is right for you at this point in your lives.

Before you visit our communities, take the time to check out the information available for each on the web. The community pages give you location and directions, which models are available, lot size range and more detail about the area. Not all of the plans available in each community has a model available for viewing. Call the sales office for information on which homes offer models for your review.

Next: Finding the right home size and style for you.

Proud to Build

Oasis at Freeman Farms 098At Fulton Homes, we’re proud of our role in Arizona as Arizona’s largest family-owned and operated homebuilder. Our strengths come from a long commitment to quality homes designed for you, a history of giving back to our community, and neighborhoods that stand the test of time.

From choosing locations that provide easy access to other parts of the Valley to creating neighborhoods with amenities that make the space more appealing for our homeowners long after we have finished building, our goal is to build homes and neighborhoods that will be there for the long haul. We’re proud of how our developments last over time.

HRM0416The Fulton Homes team works hard to ensure that our floorplans suit a variety of needs with a flexible approach so that your home can evolve as your family does. For example, our single-story homes with super-size garages allow you to find space for your child’s car. Later as empty nesters you can convert that extra space to house a hobby. Single-story homes also help to support aging in place.

Over the years we’ve determined those options that most people want in their homes and now include them as standard features. Some of the extras that help us build your ideal home include:

  • Granite Countertops
  • 36″ Maple Cabinets
  • 2″ Faux Wood Blinds throughout home
  • Ceiling fans in all bedrooms, dens and family rooms
  • Taller baseboards
  • 18″ Ceramic Tile in Kitchens, Bathrooms and Laundry Rooms
  • We welcome you to visit any one of our communities. We’re proud of our selection of home designs and planned neighborhoods and we look forward to creating the home of your dreams; a home you can be proud to own.