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Are you building a new home, doing an extensive remodel or just updating your kitchen? Fulton Homes offers a fabulous design center to help you get it “just right”. They say a man’s home is his castle and at Fulton Homes we want to help you create your own palace, especially when it comes to one of the most used rooms in your home – the kitchen.

While many of you have already have ideas about your countertops, paint and flooringwe can help you add those few extra touches that will make your kitchen a chef’s showpiece.  They say the devil is in the details and here are a few that you may not have considered….hoods, wood, side by side refrigerators and ceiling fans. Yes, this seems like a lot of miscellaneous information but by paying attention to these details your kitchen will be a dream.

With the popularity in range hoods, some homeowners are choosing wood hoods. These hoods can be matched to selected cabinetry from both Timberlake and Karmen.  As the hood becomes a focal point in many kitchens, adding the warmth of wood makes an exciting statement.

Along with wood hoods, you may want to consider a wood panel refrigerator. Using the wood motive again and again gives the kitchen a very integrated look.  Both the GE Monogram and the GE Profile have a wood panel option. You can view these products at Envision, otherwise known as Fulton Homes Design Online™, an online portal into the Fulton Homes Design Center. Use the design checklist on the right to begin browsing products and options.

For those you who want a state of the art kitchen, GE has recently come out with a new option from Monogram that be can used as an extra refrigerator for a large kitchen or other area, as well as taking two of them and placing them side by side. The refrigerator features a top section for refrigeration, a middle section for ice and a freezer and a bottom section that is convertible to either freezer or refrigerator.  It takes about six hours to convert back, making this an extremely versatile appliance.

How about installing a water lineup for both reverse osmosis and soft water systems?  We carry both DuPure and GE as they offer an instant hot reverse osmosis system and a salt-less soft water setup.

And while you may be busy thinking about wood hoods and refrigerator paneling, water systems and state of art refrigerators, don’t forget that the kitchen is a great place for a ceiling fan. Fulton is proud to offer a large fan selection from Kitchler.

With over 30 years of homebuilding experience Fulton Homes has been helping homeowners get that “castle (or in this case) the kitchen of their dreams”. Please visit our design center to get started.

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  1. Thanks for your question. In response, Fulton Homes only builds on their own properties in their own communities. The cost per square foot for building any home can vary greatly based on issues such as type of construction, size, number of bathrooms, etc. so an average is not really a useful number when determining how much a house will cost.

  2. Can you tell me who the cabinet company was for the San Tan Ranch community in Gilbert for the years 2001/2002 ?

    Thank you in advance.

  3. Hi Sheila! Thank you for your comment. We are unsure of the manufacturer, but ADAMS Bros. did the cabinet installation. Sorry for the inconvenience! We hope you have a fantastic day.

  4. Hello, looking at the Seaside home model and love the fountain. We would like to have one at ours and wondering what company design/built it?

  5. Hi, Paul, thank you for your inquiry. The fountain was built by Poco Verde Landscaping. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

  6. The house I am purchasing in Autumn Park in Chandler, AZ had 20×20 (striped white/grey tone) stone look tiles with carpet. We would like to replace carpet with same builder tile but unsure where to find?! Any help would be appreciated!

  7. Hi, Jolie!

    Thank you for your comment. You can call our design center and one of our designers should be able to answer your question, or you could visit us during the browse nights to see if you can find it at our design center. Depending on when the house was built, it, unfortunately, may no longer be available, and if it is, the lot may not be the same, so the tile will probably not be an exact match. Therefore, you may be better off finding a way to transition to another tile so that it has a complementary look. We hope this was helpful! Please let us know if you have any further questions!

    -Fulton Homes

  8. Hi there,

    Was wondering if maybe you guys could help. My home is in San Tan Ranch and was built in 2001. The kitchen drawer sliders are held at the back by white plastic braces. They are starting to wear and break and I have been unable to find replacements, Any insight you might have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  9. David – please go to our website and click on service requests. Thanks!

  10. We are building a house in Morrison Ranch and cannot get ahold of anyone in the design center. We are wondering if we are able to purchase our own vanity lighting for bathrooms and you guys install during build or do we have to choose from your options?

  11. Allie – could you kindly direct this question to your sales associate? Thank you!

  12. Hello, I live in Vintage Ranch in Gilbert, AZ. I want to repaint ceiling to match the ceiling white color you used initially. Can I have the name of the exact ceiling white color? Thank you!

  13. You can find this information in your MyFultonHome account. If you don’t have one, you can sign up and get the information for your home. If the info you’re looking for isn’t in there, you can still use the portal to contact Customer Care. It is very easy for our team to answer questions like this when they come in via the portal.

  14. We own in Freeman Farms. Can we do upgrades to our guest bath using the design center? Or is it strictly foe new homes?

  15. What is the name, etc. of the wood look floors used in the newer Fulton homes in Glennwildegroves in Maricopa?

  16. Unfortunately, our sales offices at Glennwilde are now closed. These homes were built a number of years ago and with changes to flooring product, it is unlikely the flooring products used are still available. However, you can always browse our current flooring selections and other options by using our DesignOnline system. To access, simply visit, navigate to any current community and floorplan. Then, select the link for View Standards & Options >> Design Options. This will take you to our Design Online system where you can browse hundreds of design options, including our current flooring selections.

  17. Hello,
    We purchased our Atherton model at Queen Creek Station in 2017. We would like to add a fireplace and bookshelves unit to the large wall in our living room. Is there a certain business that does this kind of work that Fulton Homes as used for current and past projects? Thank you,

  18. Thanks for your question! If you reach out to customer care, they can recommend someone local.

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