Fall Color Palette

For most of us, this type of scene has moved onto the grey and brown that starts winter weather. For others, we only see the seasons change in photos or on television, because we live in warmer climates.

If you love this look and wish you could capture these colors year-round, you may want to consider painting a similar picture in your living or family room by using a fall color palette.

Gold, red, green and lots of browns can replicate the feel of this view. Take a look at the room in this photo. It provides the same layers of color and warmth.

The wood paneling is a far cry from what was popular in the 1950-1970’s, with framed panels and a grain that assures you that this is real wood. The lighter wood flooring helps keep the room from feeling dark despite the richly-toned walls.

With the browns well covered, the rug and furniture bring in the gold and red so critical to the glow of autumn. Fall is not without its greens, and the trees in celadon pots and additional accessories in that specific Asian green tone bring the color in as a muted but important element.

A mushroom-toned sofa and the warm cream of the fireplace surround finish the room, with a few brass touches to show the spark that fall has when its colors are the brightest. Add a fall-colored fire in that fireplace and you can celebrate the best of autumn all winter long.