Update your Dining Room before Thanksgiving

You offered and everyone accepted. You’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner.  Stop with the blood curdling screams. You’re not worried about the dinner; you’re worried about your dining room. Here are a few simple tips to update and restyle your home. Follow our directions and your guests will be calling you Martha.

Have a personal focal point. Your home is YOUR home. Display artwork that you love.

Paint your walls. This is the perfect time to update your color palette. Have you dreamed of a bold color accent wall? This is the time to go for it – or add some wallpaper. Wallpaper is an elegant way to change any room.

Lighting! Even if you don’t replace your light fixtures (which you could totally do!) you can also go an easier route and replace lampshades. Or skip electric lighting altogether and buy dozens of candles to light the room.

Remember your fifth wall – the ceiling. Paint the ceiling the same color as your walls, or paint it a contrasting color. Pay an artist to paint a mural or add decals to add another dimension to your room.

Seating – Add slipcovers to your dining room chairs. This is an economical way to change the feel of your dining room for each season of the year. Don’t feel like new slipcovers? Decorate chair backs with garland or ribbon. Add new and decorative throw pillows on your sofas and armchairs. Tapestry, hound’s-tooth and plaid are all good options.

Replace your area rugs. Pick rugs that are warm and rich in color. Remember that area rugs can be used to define a room or separate a space.

Don’t forget your powder room. Plush towels in seasonal colors and scented soaps are nice. Or go big and hang a chandelier, paint the ceiling gold or add a velvet curtain.

Our designers are full of great holiday decorating ideas. Just ask!