What Are Ranch Style Homes?

Ranch Homes are a very popular style of home found throughout the United States. These homes are typically built on a slab of concrete and are a single-story home. They are highly desired for their ability to have your whole house on one story. They offer an open floor plan which focuses on indoor-outdoor living. And while being a single-story home, you have the ability to add onto these homes fairly easily.


Ranch Homes were first built in California right at the beginning of the Great Depression. Homeowners began looking for less formal home layouts and invested at more informal, relaxed home blueprints. Soldiers were returning from the war, and homes needed to be built quickly and affordably. These homes offered a more open floor plan, allowing smaller homes to feel more spacious than traditional-sized homes. This informal living focused on single-story homes with easy access to the outdoors. By the end of the Great Depression, nearly 90% of every house was built as a Ranch and began spreading east throughout the United States.

Ranch Blueprints

Ranches are built as single floor homes directly on the slab. They have a walk-up porch, which offers a more indoor-outdoor style living. Typically, Ranches will have an attached garage, large windows on all sides of the home, and a low-pitch roof. There are several types of Ranches available, all with slightly different variables. California, Suburban, Split-Level, French, and Storybook Ranches all have slightly different details to market to different homeowners.

Ranch Homes Today

Ranch Homes are once again becoming very popular! We are noticing more and more being built every day since open layouts have become the new standard of homes. We are expecting to see Ranch Style Homes to increase by nearly 160% in the next couple of years. From their accessibility to affordability, these homes are great for many potential home buyers.

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