Lake House Activities for Spring Break

Throughout the United States, there are many highly desired homes. From mountainside living to high loft city apartments to a beautiful lake house oasis, we all have our fantasy home. If you grew up with a lake on your property, you probably have many fond memories of it. However, if this is your first lake house, you do not want to be missing out on the fun! There is plenty to do with your lake this spring break. Here are the top three must-dos for any lake house owner:


If you have a lake, you need to be on it! There are hundreds of different styles of boats to get for your home. Depending on the size of the lake and your community regulation, find the boat right for you. You can get powerboats like bay boats, cruisers, or deck boats, or you can get smaller options like kayaks or canoes. Depending on your swimming level, you may want to invest in some lifejackets as well.


Fishing is also a great way to facilitate your lake. Make sure you invest in everything you need. Get your rod, extra line and hooks, bobbers, and bait. You may also want to pack some needle nose pliers and a small first aid kit for the day. Fishing is a great hobby to help relax and pass the time. Just do not forget to bring the sunscreen!


Nothing feels more authentic and true to nature as swimming. Swimming is a timeless pastime that is great for all ages! Simply set up some lake activities and purchase some floating devices. Swimming in the lake is a great way to get the most out of your lake house.

If you are blessed with a home on a lake, make sure you use the many advantages associated with it. This exterior privilege is excellent for hosting guests and making great memories. All landscapes have different advantages, do not miss the opportunity of yours.

Spring Break Plans

9480227_SEven if you can’t leave town this year for Spring Break, you can plan some special family activities while your kids are out of school. Here are a couple of fun ideas.

Start a garden: Whether you begin with a few herbs in pots or decide to rent a rototiller, a garden is a great way of getting involved in something different. You might want each child to choose a vegetable to grow or give everyone a small area to plant whatever they want.

Begin by visiting a local nursery. Talk to the experts there to find out what options would be best for your available space and the season. You might want to mix some plants with a few packages of seeds to you have immediate crops and some that will come up later.

Look for heirloom varieties of vegetables, the ones that are hard to find in stores. Cherry tomato plants are also a good choice for the Arizona desert climate.

Let your children take the lead in planning and choosing. Get them directly involved in the planting and tending. If one child wants flowers rather than vegetables, that’s OK. It’s the process rather than the results that are important.

7954179_STake a hike: No, this is not a rude remark. How about planning a nature walk either in the area or within a few hours’ drive? Once again, let your children take the lead. Pick up a book of interesting local hiking areas at your local bookstore or library.

Make the hike extra fun by including a picnic that everyone contributes to making and packing. Take along a book that helps you identify local plants and birds. Have someone wear a pedometer so you know how far you’ve gone at the end of the day.

Make this Spring Break special by finding an activity or event that everyone in your family can enjoy and working together to make it special for everyone.