Three Outdoor Seating Ideas for a Comfortable Spring

Is your outdoor space like your second family room? Is it an area where you spend a lot of time entertaining guests? Whether your yard is big or small, it is essential to give some consideration to an outdoor seating arrangement. No doubt, you want your outdoor space to be comfortable. The key to achieving that is combining functionality and beauty. In this article, we are going to share some tips for creating a seating arrangement that will accommodate your guests and family.

Shopping for outdoor furniture can be overwhelming because there are many different options. Whether your outdoor space is limited or plentiful, you can find the perfect outdoor seating that will work best with the available space. So, where do you start?

Built-in Seating

If you are determined to save on space, the best way to do so is by implementing built-in seating. In fact, in small landscapes, building a seating area into the deck or the wall on the patio can be a versatile, spacious option. All you have to do is push a table up against the area to get the full dining effect.

Building a bench on a low wall in the backyard that is approximate “18 to 30” inches in height. In a landscape that features stonework or flat natural boulders, you can add bolt-in seating, which is usually found at parks. Bolt-in seating can also be installed on high walls. This type of seating arrangement can accommodate large parties.

Suspended Seating Arrangement

Love the idea of a hammock or swing seats? You can achieve the same look in your outdoor space without having large trees to host them. In fact, manufacturers have produced hammock and swing seats to come complete with their own stand.

Take Advantage of the Garden

If you have a beautiful garden, there is no better place to install seating than in this area. Placing a seat under the arch can create a cozy spot that shades you from the sun during the hot summer months. Just be sure to position the seating so that you can take advantage of the fresh smell of the flowers.

We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks, and for more outdoor ideas, be sure to visit our blog hub here.

Five Ways You Can Bring the Outdoors Inside

You can bring nature inside by decorating with natural elements. In doing so, you will bring a hint of the outdoors into your home. So if you are nature-starved, what are some easy ways you can implement nature into your home’s decor? We are glad you asked! Here are five ways you can incorporate nature into your home design:

Faux Fireplace

Love looking at a campfire? Well, you can get the same look anytime you desire by purchasing a faux fireplace. Faux indoor fireplaces look so realistic, and they even sound similar to the crackling sound of a campfire. Plus, they are perfect for homes that do not already have a fireplace. They give everyone the opportunity to have a fireplace in their design.

Decorate with Greenery

Of course, the most obvious way to bring nature indoors is to bring in some plants. Plants can brighten any space. That being said, when incorporating greenery into your design scheme, look for ways to steer clear of the traditional flowers in a vase. Mix it up by using a variety of pots in your plant area. You can even opt-out of using flower pots, and instead of having them against the wall, try using plant hangers.

Natural Wood Furnishing

Decorating with natural wood furnishing is a great way to create a rustic feel. Wood furniture is super durable, and with exceptional craftsmanship, it can be formed into all kinds of beautiful designs. You can add wood furniture as sparingly as you want. For example, perhaps a wood-finished rocking chair in the living room or a wooden coffee table would set the scene; whereas, a sleek, wood-finished headboard adds a bit of outdoors to your bedroom.

Buy a Grass Rug

You can easily purchase an artificial rug that simulates the look of grass from popular furniture companies. It can serve as a focal point for your living room or the man cave. Plus, the grass can withstand foot traffic, and it is available in a variety of sizes.

Constellation Projection Lamp

Do you enjoy staring up at the stars at night? Well, you can do so right from the comfort of your bed. A constellation projector lamp allows you to project the beautiful heavens on your walls and ceilings.

Be imaginative when searching for ways that you can make your home reflect your love for nature. Use different colors, textures, and patterns that are inspired by nature to energize a space.

Outdoor Living Space

As we move through Arizona’s short and easy winter months – all two of them – it’s time to think about one of the best times of year here – spring. From about February until the heat finally comes upon us, we can spend serious time outside. Fulton Homes always factors appealing outdoor options into its home designs.

This patio, part of the La Quinta model at Oasis at Freeman Farms, provides a secluded space to enjoy our perfect weather. This inviting side patio shows the four F’s of working outdoor space –four smart decisions that make the space particularly appealing and effective. Take the time now to determine what you need to do to make your outdoor area ready for spring.

Function: What do you want to do with your outdoor space? Before you choose furniture and accessories, it’s smart to determine how the space will be used.

Flooring By continuing the inside tile choice outside, the space feels like a continuation of the indoor area. This makes both the indoor room and outdoor patio seem larger more integrated. Choosing tile also makes it easier to keep the patio clean and attractive.

Furnishings: Creating an outdoor space with a feel similar to indoor areas is easier than ever given the wide variety of sun and rain resistant fabrics and cushions. This patio is spacious enough to include a comfy conversation corner and a place for al-fresco dining. The consistency between the outdoor furnishings and the indoor pieces further the connection between the two areas.

Fountain: A wall-hugging fountain adds warmth to an outdoor space, both visually and aurally – with the sound of splashing water helping to reduce stress and creating an inviting ambience.

Well, alright, the fountain shouldn’t really count as the fourth F – it is optional. But if you spend some time in an outdoor space with a fountain, you may quickly determine that it is a necessity. To help you decide, we’d like to invite you to visit this outdoor area – currently on display in our La Quinta model home.

Pavers Make Outdoor Space Special

When you visit the Fulton Homes Design Center, be sure to visit this courtyard, set off to the right when you face the front door. This space was designed to allow you to see the four varieties of pavers available to Fulton Home Owners for use in their outside spaces.

Positioning these pavers on the ground outside allows owners to see the pavers in daylight, set the way they would look in a home. Would you like to make your sidewalk or outdoor patio something special? Fulton Homes offers the option to use pavers to add extra style and personality to your outdoor space.

The pavers are made of concrete, designed to mimic stone. They fit together to create almost a cobblestone effect, adding drama to your home. As you can see from the photo, they work well against either standard concrete or gravel. We recommend selecting your pavers and your gravel in colors that complement each other.

Pavers provide an old-world look and add a feeling of elegance. At the same time their concrete construction makes them a low-maintenance choice. Just a quick rinse with the hose keeps them looking good.

Talk to your Fulton Homes designer about various ways to introduce pavers into your home’s exterior. We also have a number of photos to demonstrate how pavers can enhance your outdoor space. With a little imagination and some planning, you can create a finished look that will be perfect for family use or entertaining.