Outdoor Living Space

As we move through Arizona’s short and easy winter months – all two of them – it’s time to think about one of the best times of year here – spring. From about February until the heat finally comes upon us, we can spend serious time outside. Fulton Homes always factors appealing outdoor options into its home designs.

This patio, part of the La Quinta model at Oasis at Freeman Farms, provides a secluded space to enjoy our perfect weather. This inviting side patio shows the four F’s of working outdoor space –four smart decisions that make the space particularly appealing and effective. Take the time now to determine what you need to do to make your outdoor area ready for spring.

Function: What do you want to do with your outdoor space? Before you choose furniture and accessories, it’s smart to determine how the space will be used.

Flooring By continuing the inside tile choice outside, the space feels like a continuation of the indoor area. This makes both the indoor room and outdoor patio seem larger more integrated. Choosing tile also makes it easier to keep the patio clean and attractive.

Furnishings: Creating an outdoor space with a feel similar to indoor areas is easier than ever given the wide variety of sun and rain resistant fabrics and cushions. This patio is spacious enough to include a comfy conversation corner and a place for al-fresco dining. The consistency between the outdoor furnishings and the indoor pieces further the connection between the two areas.

Fountain: A wall-hugging fountain adds warmth to an outdoor space, both visually and aurally – with the sound of splashing water helping to reduce stress and creating an inviting ambience.

Well, alright, the fountain shouldn’t really count as the fourth F – it is optional. But if you spend some time in an outdoor space with a fountain, you may quickly determine that it is a necessity. To help you decide, we’d like to invite you to visit this outdoor area – currently on display in our La Quinta model home.