Create Cozy

wWarner-Groves-at-Morrison-Ranch-074 - Copyit’s not hard to make your family room to feel cozy and welcoming like this one. Here are some suggestions to bring the cozy into your home.

Darker Walls: You may have heard that darker walls make a room feel smaller. Not true. Instead, dark walls make you feel more secure and enclosed. The dark grey wall in the back adds warmth even though it is a cool color. It also provides a nice contrast to the bright windows.

Comfortable Upholstered Furniture: Getting comfy is an important part of feeling cozy. This plush sectional offers plenty of room to sit or stretch out. Throw pillows add comfort. You can tuck one or two under your head or at your feet on the coffee table.

Floor and Table Lamps: Ceiling light fixtures alone can’t add the ambiance that floor and table lamps can. Set your ceiling lights at a low level and turn on the lamps to create a cozy feel to any space.

Low Furniture: The television, coffee table and console are all close to the ground. This means that you can sit on the floor and still access everything. It’s an inviting space for lounging.

Carpeting: The choice of carpeting or a large rug adds softness to a room. Once again, a comfy soft flooring surface invites lounging on the floor.

Make your family room a place where friends want to linger. Create a cozy space for relaxing and fun evenings with guests or just family. Visit the models at Warner Groves at Morrison Ranch for a closer look.

Light and Bright Laundry Room

light-and-bright-laundry-room-webWhen you’re choosing your cabinetry, remember that your choice will also be part of your laundry room. Selecting a light painted cabinet like this soft cream creates a light and bright laundry room that is a pleasure to work in.

Whether you are sorting and folding clothes or using the space for other activities, the bright feeling of painted cabinets makes the mood inviting. With this light neutral you can choose almost any color for your laundry room, from a soft blue or mint green to darker tones such as navy blue or even metallic gold or copper.

Consider adding a washer and dryer in rich red and adding red accessories to allow that color to pop throughout the room. You could also go with black, letting that contrast make the room’s décor more dramatic and exciting. The color choices are almost endless.

This laundry room provides plenty of built-in storage. What would you use these cabinets for in your home? If you sew, the shelves could hold your fabric stash and equipment. Crafters would benefit from places to fit tools and supplies. This space could also be gift-wrap central or an easy place to put any gifts you buy on sale until you need them.

For a closer look at this laundry room and others, why not visit the Peninsula models at the Oasis at Queen Creek community? We look forward to seeing you there.

Exploring Fulton Homes: The Fulton Design Center

design-center-carpeting-webOne of the best aspects of buying a new Fulton Home is the opportunity to use the Fulton Design Center to create a home made just for you. You have the opportunity to select everything from your flooring to lighting and paint colors. And with our technology department you can create the perfect home theater and build the best security system for your needs.

Once you’ve visited a number of communities and models, it pays to visit the Fulton Design Center on one of our open browse nights. Scheduled the first and third Thursday evenings of every month from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, you have the opportunity to see all of the options available for customizing your home to your style and taste.

Fulton designers are available to answer your questions and show you around. You may be surprised at the variety of choices waiting for you. In this low-key environment you can enjoy various appetizers and drinks while wandering through the space. It also pays to get a sense of what sort of options you can select.

With over 13,000 square feet of space, there are kitchen and bathroom vignettes in a number of styles to give you ideas about your own home. The Design Center is frequently updated so that the products and examples are current in style and capability. Kitchens include a variety of cabinets and appliances so that you can try out the feel of them and determine those options that appeal to you.

Once you buy your Fulton Home, you will be visiting the Fulton Design Center to select your home’s options with the help of one of our trained designers. Exploring your choices ahead of time will make this process both easier and more fun.

With the Fulton Design Center, you can end up with a home that matches your taste and décor preferences as well as working with your family’s functional needs.

Create a Sophisticated Dining Room

From the Atherton Model at Penninsula in the Oasis at Queen Creek community

From the Atherton Model at Penninsula in the Oasis at Queen Creek community

Grey has become a popular tone in decorating, and it is the strongest color influence in this dining room.  Yet this space feels warm and inviting. It’s the warm tones that balance the grey and make this dining room a place to linger. Let’s take a look at the elements that make this room so special.

Generous sizes: Start with a large table made with a thick top in a wood finish that combines grey with warmer hues. Add high-backed chairs with cushions and padded backs in a taupe/cream that uses both cool and warm tones. Finish with oversized art and substantial candlesticks on the table. All of these pieces give the room a weight and drama that combine to make the décor work.

Dark and light tones: Although most of this room uses neutrals, there is a nice distribution of light and dark tones to provide contrast and add interest. The curtains are the darkest permanent element in the room, but their pattern echoes the lightest tone. That light feeling is picked up in the chair upholstery and the candles. It’s too easy for a room filled with neutrals to end up boring, but these contrasts keep that from happening here.

A single pop of color: The blue napkins add a simple pop of color, drawing the eye to the table and adding just the right spark to the tablescape. Because the rest of the room is done in neutrals, you could easily switch out that blue for any bold color. How about yellow, red or coral? Or you could choose to go with black for extra drama. No matter your choice, this sophisticated dining room is ready for any dinner party.

Architectural Details add Luxury

La-Quinta-family-room-webIf you want to turn a room from ordinary to something special, consider the opportunity to add architectural detail.

In this family room, from the La Quinta model at Oasis at Queen Creek, ceiling choices combine to make this room extraordinary. First, the coffered ceiling style adds depth and dimension. Choosing a combination of the wall color and a crisp white add valued contrast while emphasizing the structural features.

Lighting choices also add personality. The lights ringing the inside of the ceiling drop bring a soft tone to the ceiling edge. An intriguing ceiling fan and contemporary classic chandelier finish the ceiling’s appeal.

The flooring contributes to the finished look of this room. Porcelain tile planks that mimic wood have increased in popularity lately, as it gives homeowners the chance to have the appealing look of wood with the convenience and low maintenance of tile. This tone complements the wall color well.

The warmth of the room’s color choices are echoed in the décor. Leather seating in the appealing cognac color is supported with a rich pattern and contemporary art in rusts and greens. The room’s layout and the design choices are simple yet inviting. Notice that the baseboards are also white, connecting ceiling and floor in an effective way. This choice provides a good element of contrast.

To see this room in person, stop by our Oasis at Queen Creek community and take the time to visit our models.

Turn a Hall into Something Special

Hall-view-1Most people think of halls as simply a way to get from one room to another, but they can be much more than that. A thoughtful approach to hall design opens up possibilities throughout your home. Here are a few suggestions to make even the halls of your home a special experience.

Flooring: As an area with limited square footage, halls are a perfect place to splurge on flooring. For example, the mixed-width wood flooring in this hallway provides an inviting path to cross from room to room. Hallways also provide opportunities for border patterns, available in tile and stone as well as wood.

Hall-view-2Art: Consider a hall as a running photo gallery. The length and standard distance of the walls allow you to run a series of art pieces along one side, creating something interesting to look at on the way from one room to another.

Room views: Be sure to stop and take a look at how each room looks from the hall. That glimpse through the door generally provides a guest’s first impression of a room. In both these first photos, the rooms have some furniture facing the hall, making each room seem welcoming from that vista.

Hall-view-3Mirrors: Using a mirror at the end of a hall can make the space seem larger and reflect light, adding brightness to the hall.

Consider trying one or more of these options to make your halls much more than just a passageway. Make them an integral part of your home’s design.

Photos taken at the Whitewater model in Oasis at Queen Creek. We hope you’ll visit for even more design inspiration!

Use Pinterest to Help Create the Home of your Dreams

pinterest_fultonAre you planning to move into a new Fulton Home soon? Or maybe you’re still getting settled and deciding how to decorate your new home. Well, even if you’re just looking for ideas to update your home and add some pizazz, we suggest checking out Pinterest.

If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, it is set up like a collection of bulletin boards, allowing you to capture a favorite room, product, color or idea and save it in categories of your choice. For example, you may want to look at kitchens, or possibly just different backsplashes. Just open a Pinterest account of your own, add a board named for whatever you want to explore, and then use the search option at the top to see what’s out there.

Of course, you’re welcome to visit our Pinterest site. We have 70 boards holding almost 1,400 pins, and we add new ones just about every week. Our pins range from various home categories such as dining rooms and closets to more family-oriented topics such as our newest addition: Arizona Summer Safety.

The Fulton Home’s Pinterest site has been designed with you in mind. Whether you’re looking for ideas for general entertaining, birthday parties or something special for Father’s Day, we invite you to check our boards out for suggestions and tips. And if you like it, follow it for a chance to stop by easily whenever you want.

And if you discover something of value, whether on one of our boards or any others, you can just repin to your own Pinterest site to hang on to the idea and information. Then when it’s time to plan that party or redo that bathroom, all of your ideas are saved in one place.

If you are looking for information or ideas that we don’t list on our site, just let us know and we can add a board or pins to answer your questions or provide tips. After all, it’s there for you. Check out our Pinterest site by clicking here. We look forward to your visit.

Decorate Using the Four Elements: Water

water-3-cropped-webWhen decorating a pool area, it’s natural to lean toward the element of water in your design decisions. You already have the blue from the pool, and sand tones or grey bring a natural look to the space. Blue and white also make a great combination for a water-themed space. In this photo, the light hardscaping is the color of driftwood, which makes the area feel a bit beach-like.

water-cropped-webYou don’t actually need water to have a water-themed area. Take a look at this butler’s pantry to the left. The natural stone backing combined with the countertop creates the feeling of water running down the wall and across the counter into the small sink. This mood is enhanced by the clear glasses along with gold and silver metallic accessories. The water theme makes this spot the perfect place to serve drinks to family and friends.

water-2-cropped-webA bathroom is the most logical place to carry through a water theme. Once again, even without the blue-green color scheme that is common to water spaces, the sensation of water can come by using ultra-shiny tile in a vertical display, as the photo on the right shows. In both smaller photos, placing a light above the wall so that it shines across the surface helps create that feeling of water flowing.

Whether you use this concept outside by a pool or water feature, or inside near a sink or bathroom, expanding the water theme beyond the function of a space into the design allows you to enhance your home décor. All photos are from Fulton’s Legacy community.

Decorate Using the Four Elements: Fire

fire-3-cropped-sized-webThe power of fire first shows in a room with color choice. Look for red, rust, maroon, orange and gold. A fire room reflects the flames of an open fire either with the main color or in accents. Notice how this room brings rust tones into the living area through curtains, furniture, dining chairs, throw pillows and the tabletop décor.

Look next for some sort of open flame, or a close representation. In this room the two-tier chandelier holds electrified versions of candles. You may even find a candle-abra with actual candles in some fire rooms.

Accessories are often glass, formed when sand meets fire, in vivid colors. Notice the large glass bowl on the coffee table, colored like the flames that created it.

fire-2-cropped-webKitchens are effective rooms to introduce a fire theme because of their focus on cooking food. This amazing range and hood from Bertazzoni perfectly represents fire, with its style patterned on the company’s original wood stove design, enameled in this fire-inspired dark red.

fire-1-cropped-webTake a look at this cozy breakfast nook. Once again the lighting
sends a fire message. You can imagine real candles in those glass shades. The rich metallic tile on the built-in breakfront brings fire colors to your attention, supported by orange and rust tones in accessories and the tablescape. A smoky wall color finishes up the look.

Fireplaces and outdoor fire pits always help create a fire-driven mood. On cold nights, everyone will feel warmer in a room designed with fire in mind. All photos are from Fulton’s Legacy community.

Decorate Using the Four Elements: Air

air photoAs we mentioned in our last blog, it’s interesting to take the long-ago perspective that the universe is made up of only four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  Today, let’s take a look at what a room would look like if it had an Air focus.

Vaulted ceilings, skylights and large windows fit this image. The ceiling is definitely a star in this photo. The coffered inlay is highlighted by the white trim and sunlight that creates magic shadows against the far wall. Silver and glass accessories suit air, as well as the subtle shades of grey that make up the color palette.

Notice the number of curves in the space, just as air curves as it passes buildings and trees. Even the plant in the back has an airy flow to it.

air 3This photo celebrates air, with the collage of planes in the background. Clearly this room was designed with air in mind. Again the color scheme reflects grey with soft lavender highlighted on the wall. A ceiling fan is a natural addition to an air-focused room. Skylights and clerestory windows also reflect the air feeling. Both photos are from the model homes at Legacy.

If you’re always looking up at the sky and enjoy having everything light and bright in your home, then maybe a focus on air is right for you.

In our next two blogs, we’ll look at what fire and water designs feel like.