Family Photo Tips

family_photo_tipsWhen you look back on your life, photos capture memories like nothing else. For our parents and grandparents, taking pictures was limited by the cost and effort. Now with the advent of digital photography, you can create a record of every event in your life. But are you taking the time and energy to take the best photos you can of your family and all of the important moments you want to keep?

We invite you to visit one of the Fulton Homes Pinterest boards: Family Photo Tips. We’ve collected a wealth of advice from professionals and skilled amateurs, on everything from finding poses that create interest to how to group photos on your walls and share them with other family members.

Do you have a little one or two with family too far away to see their progress as they change with every week, and sometimes it seems with every day? How about creating a series of photos using the same background with pictures taken every month to show the progress and growth? Or consider celebrating your infant’s first year of life with a special photo taken every month in appropriate garb for the season or various holidays. You can then turn those shots into a calendar for fond grandparents as a holiday gift.

Online companies will help you take your photos commemorating an important milestone in your or your family’s life to create a book that captures the moments and excitement of that time – something you can look at and enjoy long after the time is past.

Or how about commemorating your move into your new Fulton Home? Photos of the construction process, the move, and the progress of your decorating efforts can tell a story that you might want to share as part of a housewarming party.

When it comes to bringing the moment to life with photography, the only limits are your own imagination. And for more ideas and tips, we hope you will visit the Pinterest board we developed to help you make your family photos something special, at

Use Pinterest to Help Create the Home of your Dreams

pinterest_fultonAre you planning to move into a new Fulton Home soon? Or maybe you’re still getting settled and deciding how to decorate your new home. Well, even if you’re just looking for ideas to update your home and add some pizazz, we suggest checking out Pinterest.

If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, it is set up like a collection of bulletin boards, allowing you to capture a favorite room, product, color or idea and save it in categories of your choice. For example, you may want to look at kitchens, or possibly just different backsplashes. Just open a Pinterest account of your own, add a board named for whatever you want to explore, and then use the search option at the top to see what’s out there.

Of course, you’re welcome to visit our Pinterest site. We have 70 boards holding almost 1,400 pins, and we add new ones just about every week. Our pins range from various home categories such as dining rooms and closets to more family-oriented topics such as our newest addition: Arizona Summer Safety.

The Fulton Home’s Pinterest site has been designed with you in mind. Whether you’re looking for ideas for general entertaining, birthday parties or something special for Father’s Day, we invite you to check our boards out for suggestions and tips. And if you like it, follow it for a chance to stop by easily whenever you want.

And if you discover something of value, whether on one of our boards or any others, you can just repin to your own Pinterest site to hang on to the idea and information. Then when it’s time to plan that party or redo that bathroom, all of your ideas are saved in one place.

If you are looking for information or ideas that we don’t list on our site, just let us know and we can add a board or pins to answer your questions or provide tips. After all, it’s there for you. Check out our Pinterest site by clicking here. We look forward to your visit.

Pinterest as a Resource

10390905_10152277534276574_5215464937568786779_nHow often do you visit Pinterest? If you enjoy visual images and want a way to organize them, Pinterest is just the site for you. At Fulton Homes, our Pinterest boards are organized to make it easy to access information, ideas and images we think you will enjoy and value.

First, we have photos from our models, design center, and communities so you can browse through much of what we offer at home. Next, all of our blogs going back several years are listed by category on the appropriate boards. So if you’re looking for ideas about guests rooms, bathrooms or family rooms, take a few minutes to see if any of our blogs can help.

While you’re visiting, you may also want to look at rooms some of our designers have created as well as examples from other designers around the country. We are constantly adding pins that we think you will find useful.

Finally, we have Pinterest boards developed as a resource for you as a homeowner, homebuyer, or family member. Need tips to sell your home so you can buy one of ours? We have some ideas on that board that may help you. Want to get to know our state better? Check out our Arizona board for ideas. Planning your move and not sure where to start? Our boards help you plan, pack and settle in your new Fulton Home.

We also have ideas for family fun, celebrations and entertaining. If you would like to see other boards on our Pinterest site, let us know. After all, it’s there for you.

Pinterest on Furniture

21363428_SIf you walk into a furniture store and immediately want to curl up on the nearest sofa and forget about shopping, you can start the process on your computer instead.

Do you know what you want in a sofa? A chair? A coffee table or bookcase? If you’re not sure, take a cruise to Pinterest and see all sorts of options in a room setting. Many furniture manufacturers have taken to Pinterest, so you can shop there. Or start simpler with a search for the type of room you’re looking to furnish.

Start with your own Pinterest account. Create a board that defines what you’re looking for – say a dining table and chairs. Then do a search for photos of your almost-unlimited options.

Pinterest allows you to envision the exact look you want, down to the paint color and accessories, just by seeing what other people have done. Be specific. If you want a traditional oval dining table, look for that. Or if you’re not sure, just browse the rooms in general and pin the ones that you’re drawn to. There’s a good chance that you’ll start seeing a trend.

Many designers also pin the rooms they’ve created, so you have the advantage of looking at what the professionals do. You can start by pinning everything you like and narrow down your choices later. Once you’ve developed a collection of pins you like, sit down and look at the board you’ve created. Do one or two pins stand out? What draws you to them? Think about color, furniture style and material, shapes and textures. With notes on your favorites, or pins in your Smartphone, you can shop with a much better idea of what you want.

Pinterest is a natural replacement for those folders of favorite rooms many of us keep with us while shopping for our home decor. Take this approach instead. It’s free, easy and much less cluttered than all those magazines and photos. Give it a try.

Pinterest on Kitchens

From Fulton Home's Cascade model

From Fulton Home’s Cascade model

If you’re in the process of choosing finishes for your new Fulton Home, you may be challenged by all of the cabinets, countertops and other options. Pinterest provides a great way to start determining the right kitchen look for you. Check out the Fulton Homes Pinterest site and our board Kitchens. There you’ll find many of the kitchens created at the Fulton Design Center as well as in the various model homes.

Wondering if you want dark cabinets? You’ll see a number of kitchens with that choice. On the other hand, if you want painted cabinets take a look to see whether the look appeals to you. You can also get ideas for just the right backsplash, flooring and appliances.

Are you thinking of some special tile choices to make your island stand out? Fulton’s Pinterest board has some good examples. You’ll also see many of the kitchen lighting options in place.

While you’re looking at the photos, you may also want to read some of our past kitchen blogs to gain insights into the design process for your kitchen. You can access them at this site, or review the kitchen blogs on our Pinterest kitchen board.

Fulton Homes on Pinterest has been custom designed to make your home buying experience easier and provide interesting information for you once you’re settled in your new home. We hope you’ll visit it often.

Fulton Pinterest

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 9.22.22 PMDo you know what Pinterest is?  It’s the one of the fastest growing social media tools.  Pinterest is a place where you can gather and organize things you love, tips, inspiration, etc.  It’s like cutting out pages in a magazine and filing them, but all electronically.

This is a great tool for planning new projects or events. You can get inspiration for just about anything.

  • Go on and search for dinners to make when you run out of ideas for family meals.
  • Learn how to make your own party decorations.
  • Get home decor and design inspiration.
  • Find meaningful quotes.
  • Get tips when you’re having a baby.

Honestly, the list of things you can find on Pinterest is endless.  Follow our boards to get home and life inspiration or maybe you just want to see what kind of houses we can offer if you’re building a new home.

Pinterest Power

14817814_SHow well do you know Pinterest? It’s an online application that allows you to sort and store information and images from all over the Internet.

Well, whether you’ve vaguely heard of it or you’re an active pinner with followers in the hundreds, you may want to start following the Fulton Homes Pinterest site.

First, it has multiple photos of various Fulton Home models and neighborhoods, which can help you remember various homes after you’ve visited.

Next, the number of overall suggestions to decorate your home, entertain, engage in crafts, cook, get organized and more keeps growing weekly. The focus is providing pins for current and future Fulton Homeowners.

Don’t stop there – take a look at the Pinterest people Fulton follows and discover an amazing selection of ideas, images, and thoughts focused on the needs of people and families.

If you haven’t yet, you might want to consider creating your own Pinterest boards. It’s an easy way to keep track of the kind of information that you used to tear out of magazines and file, never to look at again.

Instead of cluttering your home, you can store literally thousands of good ideas on Pinterest, taking advantage of other people’s discoveries and sharing yours.

If you haven’t explored the possibilities of Pinterest, simply type the word in your search engine and you’ll find yourself jumping into a fascinating world. And while you’re doing that, how about visiting, and seeing what the Fulton Homes Pinterest site has to offer