Make your Backyard Special

corsica ironwood crossingWith a little planning, your backyard can become another entertainment, eating or relaxing space. The secret is setting up several independent “rooms” using furniture or other elements to define each functional space. Let’s take a look at one approach – this backyard from Ironwood Crossing’s Corsica model.

Use color and style. Just as you want to coordinate the colors and design choices in an open kitchen-family room-dining space in your home, you want to ensure that every separate area in your outdoor space works well together. Look for table and chair sets that use the same colors as your outdoor seating arrangements or bar chairs.

Notice in the photo above, the cushioned bar seating around the outdoor kitchen matches the cushions in the seating area. Also the chair backs coordinate with the outdoor dining chairs. This makes your yard feel coordinated and thoughtfully-designed rather than a haphazard collection of items.

Add accessories. While you don’t want to accessorize the outdoors at the same level as the inside of your home, a few additions make a difference. The plants in pots scattered through the yard contribute to the charming feel of the space, and adding throw pillows in the seating area gives it a finished look.

Consider the ground surface. If you add pavers, tile or finished concrete for a consistent appearance, they can make everything feel integrated. In this backyard grass, planters and columns create a sense of separation.

Think about what you want from your backyard and you can suddenly expand your home’s choices and add charm and fun to your home.

Decorate Using the Four Elements: Water

water-3-cropped-webWhen decorating a pool area, it’s natural to lean toward the element of water in your design decisions. You already have the blue from the pool, and sand tones or grey bring a natural look to the space. Blue and white also make a great combination for a water-themed space. In this photo, the light hardscaping is the color of driftwood, which makes the area feel a bit beach-like.

water-cropped-webYou don’t actually need water to have a water-themed area. Take a look at this butler’s pantry to the left. The natural stone backing combined with the countertop creates the feeling of water running down the wall and across the counter into the small sink. This mood is enhanced by the clear glasses along with gold and silver metallic accessories. The water theme makes this spot the perfect place to serve drinks to family and friends.

water-2-cropped-webA bathroom is the most logical place to carry through a water theme. Once again, even without the blue-green color scheme that is common to water spaces, the sensation of water can come by using ultra-shiny tile in a vertical display, as the photo on the right shows. In both smaller photos, placing a light above the wall so that it shines across the surface helps create that feeling of water flowing.

Whether you use this concept outside by a pool or water feature, or inside near a sink or bathroom, expanding the water theme beyond the function of a space into the design allows you to enhance your home décor. All photos are from Fulton’s Legacy community.