Decorate Using the Four Elements: Fire

fire-3-cropped-sized-webThe power of fire first shows in a room with color choice. Look for red, rust, maroon, orange and gold. A fire room reflects the flames of an open fire either with the main color or in accents. Notice how this room brings rust tones into the living area through curtains, furniture, dining chairs, throw pillows and the tabletop décor.

Look next for some sort of open flame, or a close representation. In this room the two-tier chandelier holds electrified versions of candles. You may even find a candle-abra with actual candles in some fire rooms.

Accessories are often glass, formed when sand meets fire, in vivid colors. Notice the large glass bowl on the coffee table, colored like the flames that created it.

fire-2-cropped-webKitchens are effective rooms to introduce a fire theme because of their focus on cooking food. This amazing range and hood from Bertazzoni perfectly represents fire, with its style patterned on the company’s original wood stove design, enameled in this fire-inspired dark red.

fire-1-cropped-webTake a look at this cozy breakfast nook. Once again the lighting
sends a fire message. You can imagine real candles in those glass shades. The rich metallic tile on the built-in breakfront brings fire colors to your attention, supported by orange and rust tones in accessories and the tablescape. A smoky wall color finishes up the look.

Fireplaces and outdoor fire pits always help create a fire-driven mood. On cold nights, everyone will feel warmer in a room designed with fire in mind. All photos are from Fulton’s Legacy community.

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