Create an Outdoor Room

Peninsula 149This is the time of year when it’s wonderful to live in Arizona. So before the heat shows up, how about creating an outdoor space that can substitute for your living and dining room only outside?

It doesn’t take that much effort, just add a few things to make your patio an inviting place to eat a meal or spend an afternoon. Take a look at this space from the Fulton Homes Woodside Model at the Oasis in Freeman Farms Community.

Peninsula 153This patio has plenty of room for a living-room style seating arrangement and a comfortable spot for al fresco meals. Thanks to the new outdoor fabrics, all-weather cushions add comfort as well as color. Here are a few other ideas to build a living space outside.

Hang outdoor art: Metal or ceramic wall art such as this cast iron piece adds an element of charm while still able to handle the elements. Check patio stores, garden shops and small boutiques for pieces that match your style.

Add accessories: The throw pillow and plant on this patio help build a fully-furnished feeling. These pieces warm up the space.

Remember lighting: Your outdoor lights help make your outdoor space work through the evening. Add candles or lanterns to brighten the patio for parties and family gatherings.

Peninsula 150Choose flooring that mimics indoor style: Choosing tile, pavers or stone instead of settling for standard outdoor concrete allows you to add color and texture to your outdoor rooms. Consider picking up an outdoor rug to add even more color and personality.

Take your time choosing the right furniture and accessories, and you can take advantage of this season’s weather and add living space to your home by spending time outside.


Pavers Make Outdoor Space Special

When you visit the Fulton Homes Design Center, be sure to visit this courtyard, set off to the right when you face the front door. This space was designed to allow you to see the four varieties of pavers available to Fulton Home Owners for use in their outside spaces.

Positioning these pavers on the ground outside allows owners to see the pavers in daylight, set the way they would look in a home. Would you like to make your sidewalk or outdoor patio something special? Fulton Homes offers the option to use pavers to add extra style and personality to your outdoor space.

The pavers are made of concrete, designed to mimic stone. They fit together to create almost a cobblestone effect, adding drama to your home. As you can see from the photo, they work well against either standard concrete or gravel. We recommend selecting your pavers and your gravel in colors that complement each other.

Pavers provide an old-world look and add a feeling of elegance. At the same time their concrete construction makes them a low-maintenance choice. Just a quick rinse with the hose keeps them looking good.

Talk to your Fulton Homes designer about various ways to introduce pavers into your home’s exterior. We also have a number of photos to demonstrate how pavers can enhance your outdoor space. With a little imagination and some planning, you can create a finished look that will be perfect for family use or entertaining.