Fun Summer Activities for Your Kids | Part One

Every season comes with fun, entertaining activities for friends and family to enjoy. Since summer gives us longer days and more time to enjoy outside, it is always fun to find new activities and games for the kids. At Fulton Homes, we understand that childhood is a significant time in a kid’s life to explore different sports and hobbies and find their interests. To help you make the most of summer, here are the top summer activities your children should try:


Getting your children active in different sports can help develop teamwork skills. Children working towards a common goal will help with problem-solving as well. Your child can also discover that practicing a particular sport can help develop skills in life. Whether baseball, soccer, or swimming, your child will experience growth through training and practice. This can also help your child discover what they like and do not like. Plus, sports can also be a great physical activity to keep children from living sedentary lifestyles.

Water Games

Kids love water games, and in Arizona, the summers can be hot! From sprinklers to water balloon fights, water games are a blast that the whole family can enjoy. Plus, water games will help your child experience the outdoor environment more. You can invest in a slip-n-slide or go to a nearby water park. These types of activities are fun, bonding time and let your child explore many different water activities like water slides and diving boards to stay cool during the hot Arizona days.


Today, children spend much of their time indoors and have little motivation to go outside the home. Taking your children to a park has many benefits. They usually are free admission and can allow your children to explore. Plus, exploring can help with mental development. This time will help with developing a relationship with your children as you hike, explore, and create an adventure together.

Summertime is a crucial time for children to enjoy while away from school. Finding diverse activities can help your child not only socially develop but physically and mentally as well. Make sure to have fun and let your child be creative. For more ideas and adventures, make sure to check out the rest of our Summer Activities series.

Are you Ready for a Swimsuit?

Legacy Models 063 (1)Summer is around the corner and with that comes shorts and swimsuits. If your body is still in inter mode and you feel better covered up, here are a few suggestions to help get you back in fighting trim.

Make healthful snacks easy. Keep raw veggies washed and ready to munch, and make a tasty dip with Greek yogurt and your favorite dip mix. That gives you something fun and still good-for-you. Think fruit too. This time of year some of the best berries and summer fruits start to show up on store shelves at reasonable prices. Fresh raspberries and blueberries are loaded with antioxidants and still feel indulgent.

Build in Exercise. How about putting that stationary bike or treadmill in front of the big TV instead of tucked into a corner of your spare bedroom? With it sitting there asking to be used, you’re more likely to take advantage of it. Pick out a favorite old television series from Netflix or on DVD and watch one or two episodes a day while taking a walk or cycling. You’ll be surprised how quickly that regular exercise pattern becomes a good habit.

Go shopping. It may be time to explore the newer styles of bathing suits and shorts. Something new can help you feel good when you’re out and about. Be sure to check out some of the great deals for today’s styles online. Many online shops have good return policies if something doesn’t work.

Have fun. Remember that summer and swimming are about getting out and getting cool, not how you look. Enjoy yourself and go for a swim –after all, swimming is good exercise too!

What to do when School’s Out

21383271_SIt’s almost time for summer break, and if you have school-age kids you’re probably already wondering how you’re going to get everyone through the next few months.

You don’t have to plan an exciting summer. The little things can make a child’s vacation memorable and special. Here are a few ideas.

Learning goals: Yes, it seems mean to talk about learning on summer break, but many children backslide on their understanding of concepts and skills over the summer. Consider options such as a summer reading list with rewards for completing books, math games and contests, and visits to local museums combined with studying up on some of the exhibits. The Fulton Summer Fun Pinterest board has samples of interesting and easy science experiments and other activities that combine learning with fun.

Set a schedule: Planning an outing every Wednesday or swimming every Tuesday and Thursday makes the weeks move faster. Children who know what they’re doing each day find it easier to manage days that aren’t as exciting. You can make changes in the schedule as time goes on if you find some days work better than others for various outings.

Plan special events: Birthday parties play dates or special short trips make summer more fun for everyone. If you will be taking a vacation get everyone involved in the process. If you stay home, make sure you include some visits up North so that you all can get away from the heat for a time. Movie nights, backyard or indoor camping, or other activities such as the pirate scavenger hunt mentioned on one of the Fulton Summer Fun Pinterest boards make summer move faster and minimize the cries of “I’m bored.”

Ceiling Fans

Fulton Ceiling FansQuite possibly the smartest decision you may make when determining options for your Fulton Home is having ceiling fans installed throughout. In the summer they make a home feel comfortable at higher temperatures, allowing you to save energy every month. Even in the winter they can bring warm air down to a lower level and give you a chance to pull in more fresh air on those days when you want your windows open.

Years ago, ceiling fans were more utilitarian than attractive, but that has changed. Today’s ceiling fans come in a nice selection of styles that meld with virtually any décor. They can also be positioned right against the ceiling or hung down to a more functional height with an rod that coordinates with the fan’s look.

If you haven’t experienced a ceiling fan overhead when working in your home office or sleeping, you will be surprised at how unobtrusive the air movement is. At the lowest level a ceiling fan provides a gentle breeze that doesn’t disturb papers or flutter drapes. At full power, it can cool you faster than anything other than a dip in a pool when you get home on a hot summer day.

Ceiling fans also provide a helpful solution for families with different temperature preferences. If a warm body marries someone who is always cold, the thermostat can become a battleground. On the other hand, several judiciously-placed ceiling fans allow a warmer climate for the easily chilled while properly cooling the toaster-folks in the family.

Be sure to check out the selection of ceiling fans when you visit the lighting section of the Fulton Design Center.

Preparing for Summer: Outdoor Prep

6089971_SNow that summer’s heat is upon us, it’s time to come up with ways to enjoy being outdoors in spite of the temperatures. Here are a few suggestions to make the most of the season.

Al fresco breakfast: The temperatures stay cool in the morning here in Arizona well into the summer. How about planning breakfasts outside instead of dinners? Place dishes, bowls and silverware on a tray, and add cereal, eggs or whatever is planned for breakfast that day. It only takes a few minutes to move outside, and you and your family will have a cheerful start to the day before temperatures rise.

Shade: The best shade comes from trees, but a covered patio or umbrellas such as the ones in the photo provide a close second. Just remember to close the umbrellas when you’re not using them, because our Arizona sun can fade and wear them out quickly.

Misting: You can hire a company to install misters or pick up a do-it-yourself kit at your local hardware store. The cool damp air works well in our dry weather as an informal evaporative cooler. When sitting under the mist, the temperature can feel much more enjoyable.

Outdoor ceiling fans: NOT to be combined with misting systems! These fans don’t actually lower the temperature, but they can make you feel cooler when sitting under them. Even though your fan may be under a covered patio, be sure to buy one designed for outdoor use. It is then protected from dust and other weather elements.

Choose your best options from among these or others, to allow you to extend your outdoor enjoyment for a few more months every year.

Bring a Taste of the Outside Inside with Fresh Flowers

With the Arizona summer barely half over, we can look forward to the future days to come when it will be more pleasant to spend time outside. One good way to bring the feeling of the outside into your home is with fresh flowers.

Shop your favorite florist, pick some from your garden, and check out the flowers available at your grocery or warehouse store. Look for flowers that are perky, with buds only partially open so that they will last.

Put flowers where you spend most of your time. Take a look at this home office to the right. A small bunch of flowers like these gerbera daisies tucked behind the computer monitor add a bright spot to your space. Gerberas are available in a rich variety of colors in one bouquet.  You can also look for flowers with a nice, fresh scent to add a real perfume to your room.


If you’re uncomfortable making your own flower arrangements, go simple. The arrangement at the top of the post is made up of only yellow tulips, all cut to about the same length. Even simpler, how about tackling the easy option to the left. This also uses gerbera daisies, but by using only one or two flowers per vase, you create an almost sculptural look. This is also an inexpensive option since you only have to use a few stems.

For those of you who would rather buy flowers, one bunch can be affordable, so don’t hesitate to experiment. If they don’t turn out the way you imagined, they will still be beautiful. Even the process of arranging flowers can be relaxing and enjoyable. Give yourself a present of fresh flowers every now and again, and bring the best of the season inside.