Flowers That Attract Birds to Your Yard

Nature is beautiful in so many aspects. We can enhance our home’s exterior by incorporating many bushes, flowers, trees, and even rocks to the landscape. However, there are some aspects of nature that can be more sporadic. Birds are beautiful spectacles and can really make your home look alive and vibrant. Yet, can you attract birds to your yard? Yes! The plants in your yard will help increase the number of flying friends that visit as well. Here is everything you need to know about attracting the right kinds of birds:

Attracting Birds and Keeping Them Around

A colorful landscape will attract colorful birds. Many birds use colors to help attract other birds. Naturally, birds see colors and realize the environment is healthy. These bright colors will attract insects for nectar, and with insects come birds. They also use color to determine when the seasons are changing, toxic plants and predators, and to identify fruits and berries quickly. Once you have attracted the birds, it is important that they stay. Add some bird feeders to your yard. Decide what birds you want to stay around and specialize in the feeders for their species. You can also encourage birds to stay by having fresh water or birdbaths and adding birdhouses.

Flowers to Use

The colors of our flowers will attract different birds for varieties of reasoning. To attract hummingbirds, add warm-hued flowers like red, yellow, and orange. You can attract orioles with orange flowers as well. Some birds are attracted colors of their own kind. Blue jays will be attracted to blue or purple-tinted flowers, whereas you can attract goldfinches by adding some yellow to your garden.

Colors to Avoid

White is a color that is used for most birds to show aggression or signal danger. Do not use white in your yard. Even a white picket fence or some white lawn chairs can deter some bird breeds from flying into your yard. Be cognitive not only in the flowers of your home but the exterior modifications you include as well.

Adding the right flowers to your home can help attract birds. Avoid whites, if possible. Remember to keep birds returning, create an inviting atmosphere with food, fresh water, and shelter for these animals.

Helpful Tips for Making Fresh Flowers Last Longer

We just love fresh cut flowers as most people do. They bring a smile to our face and make one think of nature and all it has to offer. Whether you have received flowers from your significant other or you just purchased a bouquet from the market, we have some tips below that will help to keep them around longer to enjoy! 

Always Trim Stems

As soon as you receive, trim the bottom of the stems about ½ inch with sharp scissors and cut at an angle. Make sure that any blooms or leaves are not underwater, cut these off. This will keep the water cleaner and your flowers will last longer. If they do start to droop just trim the bottom of the stems off again.

Choose The Perfect Vase

Next, you will want to head into the kitchen and start looking for a suitable vase like mason ars or anything decorative that can hold water and the flowers. If you have that beautiful crystal vase or that amazing hand-made piece of pottery, these can be beautiful options for your flowers’ home.

Clean Vase

This step is so important for your flowers to last. Before using a vase wash it in detergent, hot water with a little white vinegar to kill any and all bacteria. If you don’t do this your flowers won’t last hardly anytime. You need to empty, rewash and refill with clean water at the first sign of murky water. 

Where to Place?

Experts recommend keeping fresh flowers out of direct sunlight and away from extreme heat. Heat will cause your flowers to crumple up and fade quickly. Also, keep in mind that fruit emits a gas called ethylene which will cause your flowers to live a shorter life cycle; therefore, keep fruits away from fresh cut flowers.

Fill in with New Flowers

When some flowers start to fade simply go to the market and buy a new bouquet for under $ 10. Remove the faded flowers and fill in with new ones. Now is the perfect time to add a little extra greenery from the new bouquet. Also, we recommend washing the vase out with detergent and vinegar to kill any bacteria. 

What are your favorite indoor flowers? We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section.

Say Hello to Spring with Home Décor

25712497_SDo you feel challenged making your home feel like spring without changing out the colors in your home? It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to add a splash of spring.

You can create a feeling of spring in your home simply and easily with flowers. The photo on the left shows several good options.

Forcing bulbs will create a lovely and long-lived flower arrangement. Here snowdrops and daffodils brighten up the day.

Forsythia and pussy-willow branches – cut and put in water – will bloom and last for several weeks. Although these don’t grow in the Phoenix area, a number of grocery stores and flower shops stock them this time of year.

The tulips are cut and in water. If you want to avoid drooping tulips, cut a small slit in the stem just under the flower itself with a sharp knife. By the way, tulips will continue growing after being cut, so don’t be surprised to find your flower arrangement taller than it was.

22337400_SIf you want a simpler arrangement that still adds spring charm to a room, how about the flowers on the right? Some stores sell small bunches of daffodils for less than two dollars in the spring.

By placing one or two flowers in a collection of brightly-colored vases, you can create a festive spot of spring yellow in your home. If you don’t have vases, even water glasses will work. Don’t worry about making it perfect, the flowers will carry the spring mood.

Warm Up your Dining Table

With autumn bringing family holidays, adding some special touches to your dining table or buffet can turn a simple dinner into something special. A fall-themed centerpiece or other elements also provide additional warmth to your home. Here are a few ideas.

Table runners: Catalogs, home shops and even discount stores all can be great resources for lovely table runners. Place a runner on your table and add a couple of candlesticks and brighten up your dining room very simply. Add placemats and dinner is ready. Table runners also work well to embellish simple tablecloths. Switching a runner is one of the fastest ways to change a room’s mood.

Flowers: Chrysanthemums – either in a pot or a vase – say fall easily and inexpensively. Place a few pots on either side of your buffet or one large vase in the center of your dining table. For a simpler and easy look, cut flowers shorter and put in a series of juice glasses. Use rubber bands to hold the stems together – making the small flower arrangements appealing and organized.

Centerpieces: Don’t limit your ideas to flowers and candles. Gourds, a bowl of mixed nuts, fall leaves – real or silk – and some apples or pears can be combined with baskets or pottery bowls and platters to create a tablescape that catches the eye. Just add place settings and you’re ready for a party or family gathering.

Candles: Whether you choose tall tapers or small votives, candlelight adds warmth and charm to any room. if you are concerned about fire and small children, look for battery-powered LED lights that mimic flames.

With just a few minutes and a little thought, you can turn your dining room from a place to eat to an inviting and appealing space. Take the time to make your dining table special and your family and friends will appreciate the result.

Bring a Taste of the Outside Inside with Fresh Flowers

With the Arizona summer barely half over, we can look forward to the future days to come when it will be more pleasant to spend time outside. One good way to bring the feeling of the outside into your home is with fresh flowers.

Shop your favorite florist, pick some from your garden, and check out the flowers available at your grocery or warehouse store. Look for flowers that are perky, with buds only partially open so that they will last.

Put flowers where you spend most of your time. Take a look at this home office to the right. A small bunch of flowers like these gerbera daisies tucked behind the computer monitor add a bright spot to your space. Gerberas are available in a rich variety of colors in one bouquet.  You can also look for flowers with a nice, fresh scent to add a real perfume to your room.


If you’re uncomfortable making your own flower arrangements, go simple. The arrangement at the top of the post is made up of only yellow tulips, all cut to about the same length. Even simpler, how about tackling the easy option to the left. This also uses gerbera daisies, but by using only one or two flowers per vase, you create an almost sculptural look. This is also an inexpensive option since you only have to use a few stems.

For those of you who would rather buy flowers, one bunch can be affordable, so don’t hesitate to experiment. If they don’t turn out the way you imagined, they will still be beautiful. Even the process of arranging flowers can be relaxing and enjoyable. Give yourself a present of fresh flowers every now and again, and bring the best of the season inside.