Helpful Tips for Making Fresh Flowers Last Longer

We just love fresh cut flowers as most people do. They bring a smile to our face and make one think of nature and all it has to offer. Whether you have received flowers from your significant other or you just purchased a bouquet from the market, we have some tips below that will help to keep them around longer to enjoy! 

Always Trim Stems

As soon as you receive, trim the bottom of the stems about ½ inch with sharp scissors and cut at an angle. Make sure that any blooms or leaves are not underwater, cut these off. This will keep the water cleaner and your flowers will last longer. If they do start to droop just trim the bottom of the stems off again.

Choose The Perfect Vase

Next, you will want to head into the kitchen and start looking for a suitable vase like mason ars or anything decorative that can hold water and the flowers. If you have that beautiful crystal vase or that amazing hand-made piece of pottery, these can be beautiful options for your flowers’ home.

Clean Vase

This step is so important for your flowers to last. Before using a vase wash it in detergent, hot water with a little white vinegar to kill any and all bacteria. If you don’t do this your flowers won’t last hardly anytime. You need to empty, rewash and refill with clean water at the first sign of murky water. 

Where to Place?

Experts recommend keeping fresh flowers out of direct sunlight and away from extreme heat. Heat will cause your flowers to crumple up and fade quickly. Also, keep in mind that fruit emits a gas called ethylene which will cause your flowers to live a shorter life cycle; therefore, keep fruits away from fresh cut flowers.

Fill in with New Flowers

When some flowers start to fade simply go to the market and buy a new bouquet for under $ 10. Remove the faded flowers and fill in with new ones. Now is the perfect time to add a little extra greenery from the new bouquet. Also, we recommend washing the vase out with detergent and vinegar to kill any bacteria. 

What are your favorite indoor flowers? We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section.