Flowers That Attract Birds to Your Yard

Nature is beautiful in so many aspects. We can enhance our home’s exterior by incorporating many bushes, flowers, trees, and even rocks to the landscape. However, there are some aspects of nature that can be more sporadic. Birds are beautiful spectacles and can really make your home look alive and vibrant. Yet, can you attract birds to your yard? Yes! The plants in your yard will help increase the number of flying friends that visit as well. Here is everything you need to know about attracting the right kinds of birds:

Attracting Birds and Keeping Them Around

A colorful landscape will attract colorful birds. Many birds use colors to help attract other birds. Naturally, birds see colors and realize the environment is healthy. These bright colors will attract insects for nectar, and with insects come birds. They also use color to determine when the seasons are changing, toxic plants and predators, and to identify fruits and berries quickly. Once you have attracted the birds, it is important that they stay. Add some bird feeders to your yard. Decide what birds you want to stay around and specialize in the feeders for their species. You can also encourage birds to stay by having fresh water or birdbaths and adding birdhouses.

Flowers to Use

The colors of our flowers will attract different birds for varieties of reasoning. To attract hummingbirds, add warm-hued flowers like red, yellow, and orange. You can attract orioles with orange flowers as well. Some birds are attracted colors of their own kind. Blue jays will be attracted to blue or purple-tinted flowers, whereas you can attract goldfinches by adding some yellow to your garden.

Colors to Avoid

White is a color that is used for most birds to show aggression or signal danger. Do not use white in your yard. Even a white picket fence or some white lawn chairs can deter some bird breeds from flying into your yard. Be cognitive not only in the flowers of your home but the exterior modifications you include as well.

Adding the right flowers to your home can help attract birds. Avoid whites, if possible. Remember to keep birds returning, create an inviting atmosphere with food, fresh water, and shelter for these animals.