Say Hello to Spring with Home Décor

25712497_SDo you feel challenged making your home feel like spring without changing out the colors in your home? It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to add a splash of spring.

You can create a feeling of spring in your home simply and easily with flowers. The photo on the left shows several good options.

Forcing bulbs will create a lovely and long-lived flower arrangement. Here snowdrops and daffodils brighten up the day.

Forsythia and pussy-willow branches – cut and put in water – will bloom and last for several weeks. Although these don’t grow in the Phoenix area, a number of grocery stores and flower shops stock them this time of year.

The tulips are cut and in water. If you want to avoid drooping tulips, cut a small slit in the stem just under the flower itself with a sharp knife. By the way, tulips will continue growing after being cut, so don’t be surprised to find your flower arrangement taller than it was.

22337400_SIf you want a simpler arrangement that still adds spring charm to a room, how about the flowers on the right? Some stores sell small bunches of daffodils for less than two dollars in the spring.

By placing one or two flowers in a collection of brightly-colored vases, you can create a festive spot of spring yellow in your home. If you don’t have vases, even water glasses will work. Don’t worry about making it perfect, the flowers will carry the spring mood.

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