Stylish Ceiling Fans

Legacy Models 080Ceiling fans have always been a source of frustration to the design community. While they’re a practical alternative to standard lighting, often the look detracts from the final design of a space. This has changed recently as lighting designers have started creating ceiling fans that are unique and inviting. Let’s take a look at a couple, featured in the Legacy community models.

Most people assume that the standard ceiling fan profile of five fan blades is the only option, but this fan shows that even two blades can make an effective fan while demonstrating a unique and intriguing contemporary industrial look.

The sleek lines and hand-crafted appearance combine to make a ceiling fan that is almost a piece of sculpture hanging from the ceiling. This look would work equally well with contemporary, industrial or even rustic décor.

ceiling fans 1 croppedThe fans to the right are completely different in style, yet have a retro feel that makes them stand out. One Fulton Facebook fan suggested that they would fit well in a New York loft, and indeed they are easy to imagine in that setting.

The old-style fans in black make this an option that would also work well in a more traditional setting – adding a touch of whimsy and personality to any room. And like the fan above, this non-standard approach still functions effectively.

So before you dismiss ceiling fans as useful items that provide practicality rather than style, you may want to browse some of the newer offerings, because some of today’s ceiling fans will surprise you.