Stylish Ceiling Fans

ceiling fan 2It used to be that you had to choose between the functionality of a ceiling fan or sacrifice the coolness in the summer for a more stylish option. Well, designers have started to creating stylish ceiling fans, and we get to benefit.

If your look is modern or traditional some of today’s ceiling fans really capture a sense of style. Let’s take a look at some of the new fans from the models at Fulton Homes’ Legacy Community.

The fan above has only three blades, but the shape of each combined with the curve creates an exciting contemporary look and an effective breeze. With the circle of light in the center, this fixture is a far cry from the classic look of five blades and three or four hanging lights.

The metal used appears to be steel or even pewter – a unique tone that complements the modern lines of this fan. Even people who find ceiling fans to be old-fashioned and limited in style are likely to be drawn to this one.

Legacy Models 071 (1)The photo to the left shows a stylish ceiling fan with extra blades creating a more daring look. Once again the light itself is minimized and built into the design. This helps keep the lines clean while the number and shape of the blades make it an interesting addition to the ceiling. The larger size of this fan also makes it ideal for supporting this larger room, in terms of proportion and its capability of producing a breeze. And the simple lines would also work well in a traditional home.

ceiling fan 3The last fan, on the right, shows a flair for drama. Perfect for this teen room, it fits well with the industrial modern floor lamps situated near the sofa.

Have these three stylish ceiling fans changed your mind about what fans are capable of? To see these fans and more in person, we invite you to visit Legacy and wander through our three models – looking up!

The O’Connor: Entertaining from the Kitchen

Models 081If you enjoy cooking for friends and family, this kitchen could make your dreams come true. With plenty of space for helpers and gawkers, you can prep, heat and dish up to your appreciative audience.

The Viking range and hood provide a close-to-professional cooking space with four gas burners and a center section that can serve as a grill or griddle, you have the capability and BTUs to fix a gourmet meal.

In the meantime, set up a buffet of appetizers to keep your guests happy until dinner. The generously-sized island has the perfect shape to share prep space with munchies. Two sinks provide flexibility to have helpers assigned to different responsibilities.

This kitchen is remarkably functional, but just as important, it shows style and flair. The rich dark color of the cabinets work well against stainless appliances, and the backsplash tiles become even more intriguing by also showing up above the cabinet lines. With two ovens, hot appetizers can bake while the meal does. And notice the pantry through the door in the back – ready to store all of your serving dishes until it’s time to plate.

The refrigerator/freezer is oversize, but with the doors matching the cabinetry, it is still a subtle look. Contemporary countertops and stainless handles work well with the stand-out industrial-style pendant lights over the island. Overall, this kitchen is designed to capture attention and serve as the center of your entertainment events.

Want a closer look? Visit Legacy and see what the O’Connor has to offer.

The Basha: Your own Home Spa

xLegacy Models 148 (2)Imagine waking up every morning and walking into this generously-sized high-style bath. First, the variety of lighting options and two windows on the side allow you to determine just how much light you want to be exposed to first thing.

Maybe you are a morning person and want to throw open the shutters and let the sun shine in on your morning preparations. Or if you tend to prefer stumbling around in a darker space until after that first cup of coffee, choose the sconces – dimmed to a comfortable level – while you manage your initial morning requirements.

The separate vanities and sinks allow both of you the space to make this bathroom yours. A nice seating area as part of the woman’s vanity provides just the right spot to coordinate the look of your face and hair for the day. The vanity-to-ceiling mirrors allow you to get close enough to check your mascara or step back for a good perspective on how your outfit of the day is working.

And while this bath has a great morning presence, its best features shine at night when you can relax in the deep tub with your favorite scented bath oil and a good paperback. Has it been a rough day? Well, just step into this bath and feel your tensions drop off with the appreciation of this indulgence. After all, don’t you deserve it?


The Basha Unique Master Suite

DSC_0057 (1)Bedrooms tend to be boxes with closets, and master bedrooms tend to be larger boxes with larger closets. However this master bedroom, from Fulton Home’s Basha model at Legacy, takes several big steps outside the box.

Start with a rich coffered ceiling highlighted by dramatic dark wood beams. This creates a sense of a room within a room, providing a special focus on the area above the bed. Contributing to the special feeling provided by this “fifth wall,” the chandelier lets you recognize that luxury has an important role to play in this space.

Notice next the wall behind the bed. The pattern mirrors the feeling of fine leather with well-placed oversize tacks supporting this image. By providing a special wall feature combined with an indentation for the bed and nightstand placement, a cozy and private space for sleeping is created within the room itself.

Finally, the window-rich embrasure gives the bedroom’s occupants a separate area to relax after a long day. Imagine settling in those chairs with a cup of tea or your favorite beverage for a break before getting ready for bed. It would also make the perfect morning coffee location, with a few minutes to read the paper or check your phone for news or messages before starting your day.

Is this the kind of master bedroom you’ve dreamed of having? Does the rich warmth draw you in and make you want to relax within its walls? If so, we encourage you to explore it in person at the Fulton Home luxury Legacy community in Gilbert.


Time to Visit Legacy

Models 050Coming South on Greenfield Road from San Tan Village in Gilbert, you are just a short hop to The Legacy, Fulton Homes’ luxury-focused gated enclave features generously-sized single-story homes starting at around 4,000 square feet. You’ve been hearing about Legacy. Isn’t it time to visit?

Legacy Models 162 (1)With five floor-plans, three models to wander through, a chance to explore the neighborhood’s amenities, and a sales team ready to answer your questions, we’re ready for you to check out our newest community. And while Fulton’s homes have always been known for quality in design and construction, these homes demonstrate a level of luxury that is hard to resist.

Legacy Models 160Flooring, cabinetry and lighting stand out for their rich sense of style. From the generous open kitchens to master baths that mirror the best elements of a relaxing and inviting spa, Fulton has pulled out all the stops to make these models as remarkable as this community.

Our sales office is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day. We invite you to come and discover for yourself what makes Legacy so special. We’re proud of our new community, and we would be pleased and proud to share our vision with you.