The Basha: The Power of Hardscaping your Home’s Exterior Spaces

Legacy Models 112Would you enjoy the luxury of an outside area in your home that is completely private and secure? The interior courtyard offered in Legacy’s Basha model creates a lovely outdoor setting that is accessible from several parts of the home and invites the outdoors in with charm and grace. When it comes to a courtyard, it’s the hardscaping that makes this area a natural continuation of the home’s interior.

Hardscaping refers to all of the permanent architectural features offered in an exterior space. In this case, it includes the stone flooring, which uses a pattern of large squares with dark borders to contrast it with the interior flooring while still making a connection. The outdoor fireplace, another effective hardscaping decision, provides warmth in design as well as extending the season for using this outdoor room.

While the lights strung along the ceiling area aren’t technically considered permanent, they provide the sense of a roof while creating a festival atmosphere within your home. Whether you are enjoying the evening outside under their canopy or looking out from inside as they light up the courtyard itself, those lights are just the right touch to make the space special for you and your family. Imagine a party on a clear night when all you need to do is throw open the doors to provide an indoor-outdoor event that takes advantage of the best of both worlds.

Would a courtyard like this add to your home’s appeal and flexibility? Why not visit the Basha model at Fulton Home’s Legacy community and experience its charm for yourself?


The Basha: Your own Home Spa

xLegacy Models 148 (2)Imagine waking up every morning and walking into this generously-sized high-style bath. First, the variety of lighting options and two windows on the side allow you to determine just how much light you want to be exposed to first thing.

Maybe you are a morning person and want to throw open the shutters and let the sun shine in on your morning preparations. Or if you tend to prefer stumbling around in a darker space until after that first cup of coffee, choose the sconces – dimmed to a comfortable level – while you manage your initial morning requirements.

The separate vanities and sinks allow both of you the space to make this bathroom yours. A nice seating area as part of the woman’s vanity provides just the right spot to coordinate the look of your face and hair for the day. The vanity-to-ceiling mirrors allow you to get close enough to check your mascara or step back for a good perspective on how your outfit of the day is working.

And while this bath has a great morning presence, its best features shine at night when you can relax in the deep tub with your favorite scented bath oil and a good paperback. Has it been a rough day? Well, just step into this bath and feel your tensions drop off with the appreciation of this indulgence. After all, don’t you deserve it?


The Basha Backsplash that makes a Splash

Models 093How daring do you want to be with your backsplash? More than a protection against food splatters, a backsplash provides the best opportunity to make your kitchen stand out from the standard.

Take a look at this choice. The small ovals in various metallic tones create an overall dramatic presence, lifting this kitchen to another level of style and design.

The cream cabinets could lend themselves to a traditional, even basic look. But with the addition of the dark countertops and the shiny-yet-dark backsplash, everything links into an effective space that stands out from the ordinary.

Consider the impact of the island contrasting with the back wall of cabinets. A dark cabinet finish connects to the wall while the choice of light granite on the countertop warms and links the two with strong gold veining. This grabs the backsplash and pulls the two areas together.

Another exciting feature about this choice is having the backsplash tile reach above the cabinets to the ceiling, turning from the traditional approach to something more contemporary and fresh. This tile actually frames the cabinetry. The stainless stove top and hood also contribute perfectly to the space.

This kitchen demonstrates what can happen when designers’ takes a risk, creating a space that makes you sit up and take notice. Would you be willing to make this kind of design leap with your own home? To get a better idea of whether a kitchen like this one fits your profile, we invite you to see it in person in Fulton Home’s Basha model at Legacy.


The Basha Unique Master Suite

DSC_0057 (1)Bedrooms tend to be boxes with closets, and master bedrooms tend to be larger boxes with larger closets. However this master bedroom, from Fulton Home’s Basha model at Legacy, takes several big steps outside the box.

Start with a rich coffered ceiling highlighted by dramatic dark wood beams. This creates a sense of a room within a room, providing a special focus on the area above the bed. Contributing to the special feeling provided by this “fifth wall,” the chandelier lets you recognize that luxury has an important role to play in this space.

Notice next the wall behind the bed. The pattern mirrors the feeling of fine leather with well-placed oversize tacks supporting this image. By providing a special wall feature combined with an indentation for the bed and nightstand placement, a cozy and private space for sleeping is created within the room itself.

Finally, the window-rich embrasure gives the bedroom’s occupants a separate area to relax after a long day. Imagine settling in those chairs with a cup of tea or your favorite beverage for a break before getting ready for bed. It would also make the perfect morning coffee location, with a few minutes to read the paper or check your phone for news or messages before starting your day.

Is this the kind of master bedroom you’ve dreamed of having? Does the rich warmth draw you in and make you want to relax within its walls? If so, we encourage you to explore it in person at the Fulton Home luxury Legacy community in Gilbert.


The Basha: High Style Dining

DSC_0022 (1)Some smart design decisions bring style to this dining space, from Fulton Home’s Basha floorplan at Legacy. The wall-mounted column and ceiling-based frame defines the dining and living spaces with a natural hallway that keeps the room open.

Proportion also has a place here. The chandelier has the grandeur to connect the raised ceiling to the table, while its delicate tracings of metal keep it light and graceful rather than too massive. This provides a good balance against the strong beams and more prominent design of the wall sconces. The lights in the hall could fit over a dining table in a smaller space, but here they stand up well to the requirements of the generous room.

The large dining room table is complemented by adding upholstered armchairs to each end. Dark leather works well with the massive mirror on the wall and the beams on the ceiling, while the stripes on the side chairs pull the room’s colors together.

While some people may consider a rug to add definition to the dining space, the other architectural details make that flooring choice optional. And positioned right next to the kitchen as a natural extension of the living room, this dining area is ideal for entertaining.

In the Basha, design and décor blend to create a friendly, welcome environment. We invite you to visit the Basha at Legacy in Gilbert. We think you will enjoy the style and appeal of this Fulton Home.

Introducing the Homes at Legacy: The Basha

Basha elevation AThe Basha home design begs for company. Whether you enjoy large family gatherings, big parties filled with friends or smaller cozy events, the Basha is prepared to deliver just the right ambience. The front-entry courtyard has plenty of space to create a welcoming environment. Then the center courtyard with its gas fireplace makes a place of intimacy and warmth, ready for every event.

Basha floorplanInside, the expansive family room as well as the living and dining rooms are set up for an entertainment adventure. With its open study, butler’s pantry and mud room, the Basha is also prepared for everyday living in comfort.

Basha elevation CThe Basha offers five to eight bedrooms and four-and-a-half baths in 4,615 square feet. Personalize this home by adding bedrooms, creating a dual master and even two retreats. Two two-car garages flank the generously-sized motor court.

Basha elevation BThe Basha’s price starts at $657,900, with standard features that combine to create a luxury environment. To get a better feel for how this home would work for you, visit our Basha model at Legacy. From the turret that marks the entryway to the rest of the well-designed interior and exterior spaces, you will find yourself enchanted by this luxurious new Fulton Home.