Listelles add Personality to your Tile Choices

listelle-in-Peninsula-model-at-Queen-Creek-webUsing a listelle that includes glass tile, like the one shown above in the kitchen backsplash, adds a touch of personality to any space.

Listelles, or pre-designed strips of stone or tile, provide an easy way to create a mosaic effect anywhere in your home. The listelle shown above combines the sparkle of glass tile with a soft matte finish cream and dark brown tile to create an interesting and contemporary look.

The Fulton Design Center showcases a broad selection of listelles to highlight your home in stone and tile. Styles range from modern glass pieces like this one to more traditional choices. With the variety of options, you can find just the right choice to fit your taste and style.

By using a listelle, a simple tile placement becomes interesting and unique. Listelles work well on kitchen backsplashes, in bathrooms or fireplace surrounds. Listelles are pre-designed and cut, making them easy to install and ensuring that they look perfect in your home.

Notice the strip of electric outlets running along the top of the kitchen backsplash at the top of the page. Selecting this option for your home allows you to have plenty of outlets without breaking up the lines of your backsplash. While you’re at it, take a look at the under-counter LED lighting to give you great task lighting for your kitchen.

To take a closer look at this, visit our Peninsula models at our Oasis at Queen Creek Community.

The Basha Backsplash that makes a Splash

Models 093How daring do you want to be with your backsplash? More than a protection against food splatters, a backsplash provides the best opportunity to make your kitchen stand out from the standard.

Take a look at this choice. The small ovals in various metallic tones create an overall dramatic presence, lifting this kitchen to another level of style and design.

The cream cabinets could lend themselves to a traditional, even basic look. But with the addition of the dark countertops and the shiny-yet-dark backsplash, everything links into an effective space that stands out from the ordinary.

Consider the impact of the island contrasting with the back wall of cabinets. A dark cabinet finish connects to the wall while the choice of light granite on the countertop warms and links the two with strong gold veining. This grabs the backsplash and pulls the two areas together.

Another exciting feature about this choice is having the backsplash tile reach above the cabinets to the ceiling, turning from the traditional approach to something more contemporary and fresh. This tile actually frames the cabinetry. The stainless stove top and hood also contribute perfectly to the space.

This kitchen demonstrates what can happen when designers’ takes a risk, creating a space that makes you sit up and take notice. Would you be willing to make this kind of design leap with your own home? To get a better idea of whether a kitchen like this one fits your profile, we invite you to see it in person in Fulton Home’s Basha model at Legacy.


Selecting Tile Accents

FultonTileAccentsListelles such as the ones shown above on display at the Fulton Design Center provide one of the best bangs for your buck when designing your new home. Just add a strip of personality along your shower at eye-level or below, or use it as a border at the top of your wall tile.

Spark up your backsplash by creating a rectangle above your stove using the listelle design you like the best. When you visit the Fulton Design Center, take a few minutes to browse your options for these accents. Color, tone and texture combine to make a rich selection of approaches to personalizing a kitchen or bath.

The geometric options work well with modern homes, although some like the diagonal squares in the bottom row of this display also have a classic appeal. Listelles also come in more organic designs. Take a look at the pattern on the top row, the fourth from the left. The vined approach would add a natural feeling to your home.

How strong do you want your accents to be overall? If you are looking for a subtle feel, choose tone combinations with minimal contrast that blend in with your other tile or stone choices. On the other hand, if you want to really showcase your accents, go for high contrast – both within the listelle itself and compared to your overall look.

Be sure to take a hands-on approach to your selection. Bring your main tile or stone selection over to this display and lay your favorites next to it to see the impact. Remember to factor in grout color. Have some fun with this choice. It’s a great way to make your Fulton Home uniquely yours.

Daring Kitchen Tile Choices

Peninsula 167You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a kitchen backsplash that captures attention. Take a look at this kitchen design from Fulton Home’s Woodside model in the Oasis at Freeman Farms community. One type of tile in two colors combine to create an exciting look that is different with a modern twist.

The granite chosen for this kitchen has a strong pattern with contrasting shades of gold, brown and black. Combine this with an intense tile pattern and the space would feel busy rather than interesting.

Total room design involves making choices that work well together to make a space intriguing. It’s the interaction among the various elements – cabinets, countertops, tile, flooring and lighting – that makes this kitchen stand out.

Peninsula 165Many people like to have a special look behind the range, and this kitchen creates that impact simply by changing the dark and light pattern of the long rectangular tiles. Notice in the photo to the right, the light tiles move down in a stair step design, but move in a back-and-forth direction over the range. This simple change helps create a meaningful difference in the kitchen.

The imagination of this kitchen designer didn’t stop at the backsplash. Take a look at the tile design on the island below. The same tile laid in vertical rows creates a very different look whilestill keeping everything integrated.

Peninsula 159Here’s a great look at this granite countertop. An island is a perfect place to showcase your granite choice, because the large expanse of open stone really displays the grain.

Don’t be afraid to make a daring choice for one or more of your options when designing your new home. And be sure to take advantage of the knowledge of your Fulton Design Center designer when determining which options will combine to help you create a home that demonstrates your taste and style.

Put some Bling in your Kitchen

Beautiful cabinets and stainless steel appliances combined with granite countertops add to a lovely kitchen space. However, what if you want something unusual and uniquely yours?

How about building some bling into your backsplash? This kitchen provides just one example of what’s possible when you take some chances and add some tiles with personality and shine.

The space behind your range naturally shapes an opportunity to create art in your kitchen. The image-shaped rectangle benefits from some creativity. In this case, small metallic tiles provide an eye-catching display. Adding a few tiles at the corners of the 12-inch stone squares carries the theme throughout the rest of the backsplash.

Carefully-placed lighting catches the brilliance of the simple mosaic with long thin glass pieces acting as a frame. For a minimal cost, this kitchen has moved from nice to stand-out with the kind of wow factor that is irresistible in a new home.

Be sure to add accessories that complement your backsplash choice to integrate it with the rest of the room. Notice the appealing bowl to the right in gold and copper metallic tones. The variety of colors in these tiles open up the kitchen to almost any metallic choice. They connect to the stainless as well as the warmer shades in the granite and cabinets. When you choose your backsplash option, look for versatility as well as personality so that you can make adjustments to your kitchen’s look more easily.

It’s worth taking some extra time and spending a bit more to create a backsplash that will set your kitchen up to be remembered. Enjoy finding just the right choice for you and your home.