The Basha: The Power of Hardscaping your Home’s Exterior Spaces

Legacy Models 112Would you enjoy the luxury of an outside area in your home that is completely private and secure? The interior courtyard offered in Legacy’s Basha model creates a lovely outdoor setting that is accessible from several parts of the home and invites the outdoors in with charm and grace. When it comes to a courtyard, it’s the hardscaping that makes this area a natural continuation of the home’s interior.

Hardscaping refers to all of the permanent architectural features offered in an exterior space. In this case, it includes the stone flooring, which uses a pattern of large squares with dark borders to contrast it with the interior flooring while still making a connection. The outdoor fireplace, another effective hardscaping decision, provides warmth in design as well as extending the season for using this outdoor room.

While the lights strung along the ceiling area aren’t technically considered permanent, they provide the sense of a roof while creating a festival atmosphere within your home. Whether you are enjoying the evening outside under their canopy or looking out from inside as they light up the courtyard itself, those lights are just the right touch to make the space special for you and your family. Imagine a party on a clear night when all you need to do is throw open the doors to provide an indoor-outdoor event that takes advantage of the best of both worlds.

Would a courtyard like this add to your home’s appeal and flexibility? Why not visit the Basha model at Fulton Home’s Legacy community and experience its charm for yourself?