A Cozy Family Room Décor

Photo: Arena Cove

Whether you are decorating a family room for a new house or redecorating the one you have; there are some certain things to consider. A Family Room is most often a mixed-use type room. Normally it’s a place for the family to unwind at the end of the day, it’s sometimes used for family game nights and occasionally used to entertain guests while watching “The Big Game” on TV. At least once a year this space is used to accommodate an overflow of family guests during the holidays. The reason this type of room is considered “mixed-use” is because it’s casual, comfortable, has the most seating, and the best TV to watch. When decorating this type of room, keep function and comfort as your top two priorities.
Wall color should be an inviting color in a warm tone, such as tan, gold, rust, or an earth tone green. The color of the walls has a way of setting the tone immediately. It provides a warm setting and compliments other warm furnishings in the room.

Occasional and accent furniture (coffee tables etc.) look best in this type of setting when they are made of wood and finished with a darker stain with light distressing. The sheen of the stain used should be more honed and less polished. This will ensure added warmth to the space as well as hide knicks and scratches.
Lighting in a family room is very important. Select lighting that puts out a warm glow. Overhead lighting should be able to dim. This is important because in one instance you may need more light while playing games, on the other hand having lighting with dimming capabilities is nice to have when watching a movie.

Accessories should include collections of books, family photos in frames on tables as well as on the walls. Take advantage of a family room by highlighting memories made by family members.
Keep in mind that all furnishings in a family room should be comfortable, durable, and functional. It is also nice to have plenty of storage for winter blankets, games, etc.!

Pros and Cons of Incandescent Lights

The lights you put into your house can have an effect on your perceived environment. Incandescent bulbs are one of the most traditional and timeless light bulb options to use in your home. However, there have been many advancements in lighting options. Having uniformed bulbs in your home can be substantial. Loading mixed bulbs into a light fixture can look disheveled and out of place. If you are using incandescent bulbs or are considering it, here is everything you need to know:



If you are looking for a conventional and affordable light bulb, this is it. Incandescent bulbs are some of the most affordable bulbs on the market. They have been around forever and are massed produced to be the most common lighting in homes today.

Natural Feel to Light

These bulbs are great for general-purpose lighting. They mimic natural light with a more warm and yellow hue to them. They can be great to add to rooms that have no window exposure because they have a more natural feel even when the sun sets.


When you think of traditional light bulbs, this is the image that most likely comes to mind. These light bulbs are timeless and for a good reason. These timeless bulbs are very good at illuminating homes as well as giving a clean natural look to the light.


Not Efficient with Energy

While they are very common, they are far from being the most efficient. These light bulbs can use a lot of energy and raise your electricity bill. Remember to keep these lights off when you are not using them.

Halogen Bulbs Can Be Very Hot

Halogen bulbs are a type of incandescent. Halogen bulbs are filled with halogen gas. This gas keeps the filaments in the bulb from burning down. However, this feature allows the bulbs to burn much hotter. You need to be cognitive of this heat for extended periods of time. Placing any combustible or flammable materials near these bulbs can quickly lead to a fire.

All in all, these light bulbs will always be a great selection. Know that they are not the most efficient and can burn hot. Plus, there are many other great bulbs available on the market. It is all about choosing what works best for your environment, lifestyle, and home.

How to Pick out the Right Lamp Shade

You have finally found the perfect lamp for your end tables or the bedside table. But you probably have not given much thought to the type of shade you are going to use on the lamp. What many people do not realize is that the right lampshade can completely transform an average base into something quite beautiful. 

Selecting the right lampshade is crucial because purchasing one that is not proportionate to the lamp or that does not match with the decor of the room can make even a beautiful antique lamp look terrible. To help, here are some tips you can use to choose the right lampshade:

Height and Width 

As a general rule of thumb, the height of the lampshade should be two thirds the height of the lamp base. This ensures that the lamp looks evenly proportioned and is not too bottom or top-heavy. Sticking to this proportion also guarantees that you do not see any of the lamp hardware such as the wireframe around the bulb, which can look tacky when exposed. You may need to measure the lamp so that you get a shade that matches it perfectly.  

The lampshade should be at least a half-inch wider than the base of the lamp on each side. It is acceptable for the shade to be wider than the lamp itself, but you do not want it to extend as wide as the table. Depending on the location of the lamp, you do not want a lampshade that is too wide because you do not want to bump into it constantly.  

Getting the Right Shape 

The shape of the lampshade should match the body of the lamp for visual synergy. If the base of the lamp is tall and cylindrical, you might want to look for a tall drum shade. On the other hand, if the lamp has a round body and square base, the lampshade should be round with some roundness at the top. With a basic lamp, you can play around with different shaped shades.  


From burlap, silk, and paper, lampshades are available in a variety of colors and textures. You can take the opportunity to accent a particular color used within the space by opting for a lampshade that features that specific hue. Softer colors and textures blend in well in traditional settings while smooth colors express contemporary elegance.  

How do you pick out lampshades? We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section.

Daring Lighting Makes a Room

wWarner-Groves-at-Morrison-Ranch-009The dining area often provides the best opportunity to showcase daring lighting. If you are tired of the classic chandelier look, today’s light fixtures offer you plenty of interesting and contemporary alternatives. This light is a good example.

In the past few years, shades have grown in popularity. They help keep light evenly distributed and provide the opportunity to add a fabric element among all the metal. But this shade is far from standard.

First, the proportions are unusual. Only about six inches tall, the wide circle feels almost sculptural. This is helped by the dramatic rectangular design elements in the light itself. There’s an echo of some mid-century modern fixtures but with a styling that stays true to today.

Notice the second lamp just like the first one in the game room. Having two of the exact same lamps with almost a mirror look adds to the daring feel of this lighting choice. This particular light has a dramatic impact when viewed from a distance.

Lighting is a good way to bring style into a room. When you choose just the right light for each space, your choice can add a strong element of design. In this case the light is clearly the focal point for this dining area.

Fulton Home models provide a great venue for viewing some of the best of today’s lighting choices. Visit our new models at Warner Groves in Morrison Ranch to see this and other interesting and unusual lighting options.

Smart Lighting for Smart-Looking Kitchen

smart-lighting-for-smart-looking-kitchenwIf you want to add just one touch to make your kitchen stand out from the ordinary, consider unique pendant lighting. Positioned over the island that separates the kitchen from the eating area or family room, an island quickly becomes a focal point in your home. Selecting pendant lights like these makes your island capture attention.

The brushed nickel finish works well with the stainless appliances and sink, and the nickel faucet fits too. The kitchen’s fixtures, appliances and other stainless elements are a nice mix of straight and curvy lines. Notice how the appliance handles have soft curves along with the faucet, but the sink itself is a sharp rectangle.

These pendants almost look retro with the fin design, yet the finish and the light itself definitely put it in this century. In addition to the interesting shape and characteristics, it’s also a good source of light, covering the island well and evenly.

This kitchen has several nice light sources including can lights distributed across the ceiling. There is also task lighting set under the cabinets – handy when doing close work on the countertop. But there’s no denying that what catches the eye are the pendants.

Would you like to check this lighting out – along with this kitchen – in person? How about visiting our newest community, Seaboard at Cooley Station? We look forward to seeing you there.

Interesting Lighting Livens Space

web-lighting-interesting-blogWhen you’re planning your home’s appearance, take the time to consider all the elements. Flooring has a dramatic impact, and wall color creates a finished look. Window coverings add warmth and help manage light. But it’s easy to ignore your home’s light fixtures, and that can lead to missing an opportunity.

Lighting creates a mood, both in how an area is illuminated and how the lights themselves set a style. Let’s take a look at this open floor plan as an example. Four different choices of lighting make a real difference in this space.

Old-style ceiling fan: With the dual fan arrangement, this steel fan reflects a look that reflects the mood of hard-boiled detective fiction. You can imagine Humphrey Bogart in a room with a fan like this one, a steel file-cabinet in the background and his feet crossed on top of a battered wooden desk in the center of the office. A fan like this one says you’re not afraid to hark back to another era.

The pendant lights over the kitchen island also recollect another time. They mimic a classic schoolhouse style with their interesting shape. But the clear glass and Edison light bulbs bring them into the present. This combination of past and present blend to make a daring combination. Are you willing to take the design risk? The result is a room that steps out of the ordinary.

Ceiling lights provide the third light choice. These can be bright when needed for cooking or projects, or dimmed to set the right tone for evening events. Brushing along cabinets and walls, these lights are the quiet workhorses in your home. You really don’t want to do without them.

Finally, a simple chandelier sits over the dining table. Turned on for meals and off at other times, it’s functional yet creates an aura of warmth to match the meals served there. This light says hospitality.

Your home’s light fixtures are more important than you may realize. Take time to make the right lighting decisions for you and your family.

Let Lighting Create Style

Kitchen from the Rancho Mirage model in the Oasis at Queen Creek Community

Kitchen from the Rancho Mirage model in the Oasis at Queen Creek Community

Because of its position just above eye level, pendant lighting tends to capture the eye. This is even more true when they are lit. So be sure to pay close attention to your options when selecting pendants. Here are some factors to consider when making your decision.

Style: Are you a staunch design traditionalist? If you want to create a traditional feel, be sure to stick with standard shapes and only choose light colors such as white or amber. On the other hand, if you like the old-style farmhouse look, consider the old-fashioned schoolhouse lighting. And if you want to be more cutting-edge, take a look at these light fixtures from Kichler. While they are effective task lights over the island, they also cause guests to take notice with their daring design.

Finish: What metal have you chosen for your kitchen faucets and pulls? You may want to stay consistent with your lighting, particularly when going for a traditional look. If your style is more eclectic, you can mix it up a bit.

Coordinating pieces: Do you want to link your pendants with other lighting fixtures in your home? If so, be sure to take a look at all the coordinating lights in the package. On the other hand, as long as you don’t go too far, different choices can work well together. Be sure to take the time to see how your lighting coordinates from room to room.

Light level: Will these pendant lights be primarily decorative or will they need to double as task lighting? Make sure the size of your pendants and the level they hang at meet your specific lighting needs for your island. After all, style may be important but light comes first!

For more ideas of what’s available in pendant lighting for your Fulton Home kitchen, take a look at the options offered at the Fulton Design Center and visit our models at Oasis at Queen Creek. You’ll see these lights and many other intriguing choices for your island.

Kitchen Island Lighting Choices

Legacy Models 030You can take several approaches to lighting your kitchen island. The simplest and least noticeable is a collection of ceiling lights, distributed to provide even light for working. But with that choice you lose an opportunity to create a special style moment when people walk toward your kitchen.

Design Center pendant lightsPendant lights are one option that has grown in appeal over the years, with the opportunity to add a touch of style and color to your kitchen’s lighting. The photo to the right shows a number of pendants for your kitchen available through the Fulton Design Center.

The light in the photo above at Legacy takes a different approach from the more standard pendants to offer a shaded piece that provides even lighting on the surface of the island. This intriguing transitional piece suits this kitchen with the shade complementing the tile on the wall and island.

Models 086More unusual, these large long hanging glass pendants in the photo to the right, shown at Legacy, are lit inside by Edison bulbs which provide a unique yet classic touch. This island is large enough to support three of these pendant lights.

The clear glass allows you to connect immediately with the entire kitchen, yet the dramatic style brings these pendants to the forefront of your vision. This is quite a daring choice for island lighting.

What kind of lighting do you want over your kitchen island? We invite you to visit the model homes at Legacy and the Fulton Design Center to see a rich variety of choices in person.


Think Outside the Box with Lighting

DSC_0020 (1)With the generous amount of wall space and raised ceilings available at the Fulton Homes Legacy community, it pays to think outside the box with your lighting plans. This photo shows several ways lighting adds appeal to a generously-sized space.

DSC_0019This shot, taken from the entryway of the Basha model at Legacy, shows a number of lighting choices. The sconces in the foreground are part of the foyer lighting plan, combined with the dramatic ceiling light shown in the photo to the right. By sticking with the same bronze finish and curved elements, the sconces echo the feel of this large-scale ceiling fixture to create a lighting plan that takes full advantage of the turret-style space.

It would have been easy to use spots on the ceiling of the hall extending from the foyer, but instead three dramatic bowl lights carry the foyer’s focus into the home. In a smaller space these fixtures might grace a dining room, but here the scale is large enough to use them as hall lights.

Legacy Models 115So what type of scale is needed to do justice to the generous dining area provided in this home? Take a look. This photo on the left showcases the powerful impact of a chandelier that fills the space perfectly. The size is impressive, but the graceful lines and use of negative space keeps this light from dominating. Two sconces provide additional light and interest.

Combined, the lighting of this home is designed to pull you into the home from the time you first enter it. Lighting is a powerful tool when decorating your home, as this model demonstrates. Use your lighting choices to welcome people into your home.


Lovely Lighting

Legacy Models 044With the steady increase in higher ceilings and open floor plans, lighting designers have finally started to think bigger with residential chandeliers, with dramatic results.

Take a look at this breathtaking example from the Fulton model home at Legacy. The chandelier inside has some traditional elements such as the candle-shaped lights and display of crystals. But add the surrounding bronze hoops and you suddenly have a daring transitional light that captures the eye and sets the tone for the entire room.

It takes a certain amount of design daring to flash this type of lighting fixture in your home. You can’t take it easy with the rest of the décor. Your other choices will have to live up to this. And you could never get away with it without the space to set it off properly. A high ceiling, plenty of space to showcase its drama, and other architectural details to complement it provide the proper setting.

259 (1)Take a look at its position in the room to the right. It takes two of these chandeliers to make this space work. Adding a second one just contributes to the impact. And the ceiling provides just the right frame for this exciting choice.

The normally-recommended height for hanging a chandelier wouldn’t work here. Too low and these pieces would take over the table, compromising the entire feel of the room. Instead they are positioned half-way from ceiling to table, allowing guests to take in the entire picture when walking into the room.

Is this chandelier the light of your dreams? Visit our models at Legacy and see for yourself. Enjoy this and other lights that are designed to capture your interest and imagination.