Santa Fe Community is Opening this Weekend!

Opening just this weekend, September 24-25, 2016, the Santa Fe series of homes may be just right for you and your family! They have floorplans which range from 2937 to over 4700 square feet with standard front-loaded garages. These large traditional homes host a variety of room options to suit many different lifestyles.

Located at our Cooley Station location, the homes will be close to shopping, dining and entertainment. And they are all Fulton Homes, the builder of choice. The three fully-decorated models that will be available for you to tour this weekend are Champion, Dividend and Challenger. Some of the features of the homes are listed below:

  • Home sizes range from 2936 to over 4700 square feet.
  • All floorplans are situated on traditional single-family lots.
  • Homes include paver driveways and traditional front-loaded garages.
  • Up to 7 bedrooms and 6 baths are available.
  • Fulton Homes exclusive Fulton Features program gives you great standard features, including granite countertops, 36″ maple cabinets, faux wood blinds, ceiling fans and much more – at no additional cost!
  • Fiber-connected ultra high speed Internet is available for all Seaboard at Cooley Station homes.
  • 100% HOA maintained front yards helps owners enjoy a low-maintenance lifestyle.

The neighborhood features are extensive, and include: a large community pool, basketball courts, tot-lot, pickleball courts, and parks with ramadas, barbecues and other great community amenities. There is also an extensive network of walking trails and tree-lined streets.

Santa Fe is only a five-mile drive from the fabulous San Tan Mall, an outdoor mall that features Dillards, Macy’s, and many other top retail stores, as well as plenty of dining and a huge Harkins Theater complex. It’s a mile away from the ASU Polytechnic campus and minutes from the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport.

Does Santa Fe sound like the neighborhood for you? Find out by visiting our models. You can start by learning more about our community and seeing all the floor plans at our website: We look forward to seeing you soon!

Arts & Crafts Style Home

Cooley-Station-012-web - CopyAlthough this look has been around for a long time, the appeal of the Arts &  Crafts style has only grown in recent years. When you’re planning your next home, how about considering this warm and intriguing option?

Let’s begin with color. Arts & Craft architecture brings in rich dark colors to recreate the best of nature. This light and dark brown combination brings in classic colors for the style. In particular, the dark brown pediment echoes the feel of yesterday when the Arts & Crafts style first appeared. Notice how the white trim helps make the darker tones pop and keep the home from feeling too dark.

One way to spot an Arts & Crafts bungalow is by the porch columns. They always grow larger at the bottom, not unlike a tree trunk. The three columns here have that characteristic look.

Adding the rock base also demonstrates an understanding of the Arts & Crafts movement. The goal was a return to hand-crafted materials that take advantage of natural elements. This model, Sunset at Cooley Station, shows how the style can be reinterpreted in today’s new homes.

We invite you to visit this and our other models at Cooley Station. We think you’ll find them inviting and appealing.

Let the Sunshine In

Cooley Station 102Arizona is all about sunshine, and sometimes it seems like we don’t take enough advantage of it out here. Yes, it is easy to become too used to having almost every day be a sunny day. But for those people who grew up in other parts of the country, it’s important not to take our sunshine for granted.

One terrific way to appreciate our sunny climate is with plenty of generous windows. It’s important to look for opportunities to bring light inside and brighten our homes. This window at Fulton’s Surfliner model at Cooley Station does that beautifully. Take a look at the way it brings light into this room.

First, it is set at just the right height to comfortably fit a sofa along the bottom. This gives you a strong design option to choose among a sofa, sectional or two easy chairs at this location. With any of these choices, you have plenty of light for reading.

With the view into the yard, this window also gives a pleasant perspective. The right landscaping choices help make the interaction of indoor and outdoor space inviting and workable. A window this large helps strengthen that connection.

Finally, the Fulton Design Center team can help you make the best decisions for window coverings to show off this and every other window in your new home. This allows you to make the most of our sunshine and the natural lighting available to you here in Arizona. For a closer look at this and other models at Cooley Station, visit our website at:


Granite Adds Color to Kitchen

If you’re drawn to painted cabinets in a kitchen but worry that there won’t be enough color with your choice, take a look at this option, from the Surfliner model at Cooley Station. The cabinets are white, the appliances stainless, but this kitchen is anything but bland thanks to the dramatic granite countertop.

With every Fulton Home, granite countertops are standard in your kitchen. This choice is perfect with white cabinets. First, there is enough light color in the stone to connect the countertop with the cabinetry, yet there is still enough contrast to be effective. The natural brown and gold elements warm up the space, filling in the tones normally provided by stained wood cabinets.

Notice how the tile work stays light, but adds a rustic charm to the space with its beveled edges and trim. The dark mosaic tile elements over the stove and along the middle section of the island add an interesting dark contrast.

The dark flooring brings out the darkest brown visible in the countertop, connecting everything in the kitchen together. A few touches of black – the sink, the burners on the stove, and some accessories – pull in some additional strong dark tones.

This kitchen doesn’t really need a lot of additional color. A bit of maroon from the bar stool cushions and coffee cups are all that it takes to finish off the look.

Is this the kitchen of your dreams? Come take a look at this choice and more at our model homes at Cooley Station. Visit to learn more.


Cozy Lounge

Cooley-Station-089-web - CopyHaving a living space up on the second floor right by the bedrooms makes sense. This cozy area, from the Sunset model in Cooley Station, provides an inviting space for lounging in the evening, watching TV, or just talking together.

This second-floor lounge is perfect for so many things. Parents with small children can relax here after a long day, taking a few minutes for themselves after the kids are asleep. Yet still being handy if someone has a bad dream or needs a glass of water. Teenagers can hang out here in a space separate from the rest of the house yet close by when it’s time for dinner. Or maybe you need a break from your day. This nook is a great spot to read a book, curl up and watch a favorite television show, or just nap on the sofa.

If you sew or have a hobby, this space is perfect to assign as you wish for working on a project. And everything is upstairs and out of the way of the rest of the family.

The colors of this room, rust and navy, work so well together. Using a strong rust-toned focal wall sets the stage for a space that’s not afraid of color. As a separate area, this lounge provides the opportunity to be daring and bring in colors that may not be part of the rest of your home decor choices.

To see this space in person, we invite you to visit our models in Cooley Station. We think you’ll find a lot to like there.


Outdoor Entertaining

outdoor-entertainingwThe weather will be warming up shortly and we’ll be rolling right into outdoor party season, so here are a few ideas to make your outdoor events shine.

Seating: Look for ways to provide plenty of seating. From large tables that encourage groups to gather to a scattering of a few chairs here and there for smaller conversational opportunities, be sure to make seating available. Take advantage of your current outdoor furniture, but consider bringing out folding chairs or buying some less expensive resin outdoor pieces that can be stacked out of sight when not needed. Notice also that the water feature and planter provide plenty of room for guests to perch on the edges, a nice bonus from this lovely focal point.

Food and Drinks: People don’t realize that the sun can dehydrate them even in cooler weather. Be sure to provide plenty of food and various types of drinks. Consider offering spring water with slices of lemon and lime or a favorite combination of cucumber and mint infused water to make it even more tempting.

Shade: Many people can handle only a short time in the sun before they start to burn, and once again that’s easier to forget in cooler weather. Provide plenty of shady areas for people to retreat to before sunburns become an issue.

An Indoor Alternative: Some people would rather not spend much time outside due to allergies or other reasons. Be sure to open some of your home for those people who would rather gather indoors. Also make sure people know which restrooms are available for guests.

Your home’s outdoor area can really expand the square footage available for your next party. These steps will help make your outdoor event a success.

Touches of Luxury

touches-of-luxurywWhen you’re planning your master bedroom, it doesn’t take a lot to make it feel like a luxurious getaway. This bedroom isn’t large, but some thoughtful touches help to create just the right place to relax. Let’s take a look at the choices that make this room work so well.

Color: By pulling a number of related neutrals in the room, the look is soft and inviting. There are a few lighter and darker tones for contrast, but the majority of colors are mid-tones that work well together. This is a smart approach for a medium-sized space, creating a unified feeling.

Texture: From the upholstered headboard and matching benches to the curtains, throw pillows and plush carpeting, everything in this room is soft and inviting. This softness encourages you to sit or lie down and rest.

Patterns on patterns: The mix of patterns in the bedclothes creates a feeling of abundance and extravagance.  The mix of large and small pattern florals with the plaid keeps the bedding from feeling too busy.

Matching elements: The nightstands, lamps, and benches come in pairs, setting a symmetrical pose that creates a sense of serenity. Symmetry leads to relaxation.

Mid-tone wall color: A darker wall color makes a room feel cozy and warm. This golden brown keeps this bedroom inviting and ready for sleep in the evening. Windows let in plenty of light during the day when you want it brighter.

How would you like this bedroom for your own? For an in-person look, come and visit Cooley Station. We’ve got some great ideas for your new Fulton Home.

Cozy Guest Room Doubles as Lounge

cozy-guest-room-doubles-as-loungewIf you have family and friends who enjoy visiting, particularly when the weather is wintery where they live, having a guest room makes everyone feel welcome. But that’s a lot of space to sacrifice for just a few weeks of use a year. Consider using it as an additional lounging space for family members the rest of the time.

This comfy guest room from the Capital model at Seaboard in Cooley Station has everything needed to make a house guest feel right at home. The bed is roomy and set up with a nice quilt and extra pillows and the desk includes a comfy chair for reading or writing smug postcards or Facebook posts to people back home in colder climates. There’s also a nice lamp for reading. The dark brown walls add to the warmth of the room.

Then once your guests are gone, this room can become an extra space for any family member who wants to relax and spend some alone time. Maybe it works for your high-school student who needs to finish a paper or study without distractions or a parent who wants some quiet time before dinner. It might be the right spot for a few of the junior-high set to plan a party or for mom to sit alone while penning a thank-you note to a favorite aunt.

Having an extra space for relaxing, thinking, reading or chatting that’s set a bit away from the rest of the living space can be nice at times. And this guest room is the perfect opportunity to create a room for this type of double duty.

Family Room Uses Brown

family-room-uses-brownwWith a strong dark grey influence, it would be easy for this family room from the Capital model at Seaboard in Cooley Station to feel cold. But it doesn’t, and that’s because of the careful use of brown. From the light brown/almost beige of the sofa and loveseat to the dark brown leather on the coffee table/ottoman combo, brown pulls in a feeling of comfort and welcome. Let’s look at the design choices that warm up this space.

Gold walls: The rich gold-brown tone on the walls creates a cozy feeling. Using darker tones helps draw people to a room, making it feel like a special club. This tone is warmer than the flooring so that together they play on the grey and brown tones that make up the color palette of the space.

Plaid chair upholstery: Plaids have always said comfort, and this windowpane pattern in dark tones brings comfort to the foreground. With the ottoman and curtains, they are the darkest elements in the room, and help anchor it without making it feel dreary.

Area rug choice: The mix of greys has an almost tweedy feel, fitting well with the plaid and maintaining the traditional comfort approach. This is a room made for wearing slippers.

Plants: Houseplants in a room always make it feel fresh and homey. Just a few green plants make a difference.

When decorating your family room, think about the choices you can make in both color and style to create an environment that says comfort, to encourage family and friends to relax and stay a while.

“Eating Out”

outdoor-entertaining2wIt’s hard to imagine with the cold weather we’re encountering right now, but we are probably only weeks away from the perfect time to eat and entertain outside. Here are a few suggestions to make “eating out” easier and more fun.

Choose comfortable outdoor furniture: Today’s outdoor fabrics lend themselves to plush cushions and pillows in bright colors. These new manmade materials can tolerate sun, moisture and dust and many just hose clean. That means that your outdoor dining chairs can be just as comfortable as those you have inside. Take a look at the furniture in the photo above. It’s hard to believe but those cushions can handle the great outdoors.

Prepare for the dust: We live in the desert and you can anticipate needing to wipe the dust off tables and chairs before you use them. To make your life easier, scout out some plastic or canvas covers for your furniture. You still may have some housekeeping, but it will be greatly reduced.

Invest in some stackable, lightweight plastic dishes and glasses. Bringing food and supplies in and out from the kitchen is easier if you can carry more at one time. Plastic also allows you to enlist younger children to help without having to worry about mishaps. And if you have a pool in your backyard, plastic is much safer.

Carry food in and out on trays, or have people serve themselves in the kitchen and bus their own plates back. Schlepping food back and forth should not be the job of just one person. Make a plan that will work best for the group and get people to stick to it. That way everyone can have a good time.