Winterize your Décor

It’s starting to get cooler at night and with the holidays coming up this is a good time to create a more wintery look in your home. Here are a few suggestions.

Bring on the sweaters: Create a wintery feel by adding a couple of throw pillows made of old sweaters. If you don’t have any of your own, shop in a thrift store for one you like. Just decide on the pillow size and sew an edge around the front of a sweater about a half-inch wider, then cut. Cut the same size from the back of the sweater to make up the back of the pillow.

Add a few holiday colors with accessories: This room to the right is filled with light neutrals, but by adding a few touches of red, it has an immediate winter holiday feel.

Once again, pillows add warmth. Look for colors that add warmth while working with your home. Consider adding a throw on your sofa to coordinate. Bookshelves are a great place to add holiday items. Small toys and accessories can be placed right in front of books.

Take most or all of your normal accessories off your coffee table before adding Christmas items. That way you are ready for the holidays without having your home look cluttered. If you keep all of your holiday items in the same color theme, they will all connect and make your home’s

Brighten up a Room with Splashes of Color

We’re lucky here in Arizona to get so much sunshine. Grey days are the exception here. But it’s easy to let our homes go grey or beige inside because of the fear of committing to colors. If you have neutral walls, sofas, flooring and chairs, you can still add bold color to your home. Here are some ideas for brightening up any room.

Rugs: No matter what your flooring choice, a rug can add color, warmth and focus. Look for color that you love that will work with your furnishings. Since rugs are not permanently attached to your home, take the opportunity to be more daring with colors.

Art: A large painting or print in vivid tones can light up a wall. You can find options at one of the art shows around town, or in a shop that sells posters and prints. If you love good photography, visit the National Geographic website and you can select a photo to enlarge among their rich collection that is ready to purchase. Or maybe you’re a good photographer yourself. Warehouse stores will enlarge any print you have and even create a version on canvas for very reasonable prices.

Throw Pillows: This simple update can connect other color splashes in your home with your furniture. They’re also easy to change out if you get tired of them. If you’re still nervous about color, buying a bright throw pillow is a great non-threatening start.

Accessories: A red glass vase or blue pottery bowl can add a colorful element to any room. Consider textiles such as a table runner or placemats in your dining room. Pick things you like but watch your tendency to go with more neutrals. Neutral accessories in a neutral room will disappear into your space.

So take a chance with color. Start with one piece, then two, and before you know it your home may be colorful as well as inviting!

Bringing Color into the Kitchen

For kitchen design the reigning option for cabinets has been white or wood for years. We are starting to see more colored cabinets showing up in contemporary kitchens and even traditional kitchens. For contemporary kitchens with just upper cabinets we’ve seen the lower cabinets painted or finished in soft to bold colors.  If you are redoing your kitchen cabinets, you may want to look into adding color to your cabinets. If you are not doing a major kitchen remodel this year or in the foreseeable future you there are other ways to bring color into the kitchen.


Maybe you are tired of your existing kitchen cabinet color. You could consider painting them a soft yellow or navy to update your kitchen without doing a major remodel. Upper cabinets could be done in white and the lower cabinets in a soft shade of color that works with your counter tops and flooring.


If you love your kitchen cabinets, add color to the kitchen with accessories and counter top appliances. Depending on the style of your kitchen you might want to have one or several colors as your accent colors. You can carry the wall color onto towels and runners, or choose a color that contrasts to your walls and floors.


Counter top appliances are another way to add pops of color to the room. Most counter top appliances come in a range of colors these days as well as the standards of stainless, black and white. Even a tea kettle is a place to bring color into the kitchen.