A Theme Bedroom to Reflect Interest

wWarner-Groves-at-Morrison-Ranch-068 - CopyIf you or a child of yours has a strong interest in something, it’s fun to pull that concept into your decor as a theme in a room. This room, from the Sycamore model at Warner Groves at Morrison Ranch, shows how to do this effectively while keeping design elements in place.

To start, the molding makes this room feel whimsical. Wainscoting jumps up to become a headboard for the bed, integrating the space while adding interest. The molding choice is echoed in the white painted furniture, working well with the wall-mounted headboard molding.

With the bright white furniture, this bedroom can handle a vivid yellow on the walls. Yellow is a tough color for walls because it can easily move from this cheerful lemon to a rather discouraging egg yolk if you’re not careful. In this case the shade is perfect – bright without being overwhelming.

The bicycle theme is consistently present in this room, but not to the extent of being irritating. One reason this works is the restraint in its use. The applique on the pillow, bike-themed artwork, and a couple of charming mini-bikes as accessories play up the theme without making the room scream with it. Smart and cute, this room would appeal to anyone who has ever enjoyed the pleasure of riding a bike.

Notice the addition of a grey bedspread and pillow. This tames the yellow, making it feel sophisticated rather than childish. A smart decision. Visit our models in Warner Groves at Morrison Ranch to see this and other charming bedrooms.

Let Color Create Character in a Room

wWarner-Groves-at-Morrison-Ranch-069 - CopyYou don’t need to spend a lot of money on furniture to create a guest room with personality. Take a look at this bedroom from the Sycamore model at Warner Groves at Morrison Ranch. The room has no headboard and simple matching nightstands with lamps. Yet it has a charm all its own. Let’s take a look at why.

Smart use of paint: The dramatic wide blue stripe is a powerful substitute for a headboard for this bed. By pulling it up and onto the ceiling, the mind translates it into a canopy, making the bed feel very finished, even without a headboard.

Smart art: The distinctive piece of art hanging over the bed pulls everything together – yellow brings the bed coverings up to the wall and the silver frame reflects the grey on the pillows.

Smart bedclothes: Yellow and grey combine for a sophisticated bed. There is just enough white to let the colors pop. Pillows really make a difference with a bed, and they are a low-cost way to create just the right mix of color and pattern.

Smart curtains: Notice that the curtain is a darker yellow in a heavier fabric. This helps to anchor the window and keeps the room from feeling too matchy-matchy. It also provides an inviting contrast to the bright window.

Smart accessories: Lamps reflect the white from the bed pillows but there is just enough yellow pulled in with the accessories to keep that color front-and-center.

When you’re planning a guest room, don’t think that you have to spend a lot of money to make it special and inviting. It just takes imagination and a willingness to draw on color to create a room worth coming home to.


Bring Color into your Dining Room

web-bring-color-into-your-dining-room-blogMany people are hesitant to choose color for large furniture pieces for fear that they will tire of it or that it will go out of style. But you can bring temporary  color into your dining room with very little effort or expense. Let’s take a look at some of your options.

Slipcovers: The two chairs in this photo are upholstered in a fun coral, rust and gray pattern, but you can get the same result with slipcovers. Choose chairs in a simple style and you can have slipcovers made in a variety of fabrics and colors. By only covering the chairs at each end of the table, you get a nice pop of color without as much expense or trouble.

Table Linens: The placemats and napkins on this dining table match the colors on the two chairs, connecting everything together. This enables you to carry your colors across the table, once again with the flexibility to change your color scheme to match the season or your mood.

Centerpiece: Whether you use flowers, candles or other choices, your centerpiece can pull in all of your colors and integrate your color scheme. If you plan a buffet as part of your dinner plans, be sure to bring the colors into that area also.

Any dining room can be enhanced by adding temporary bursts of color. Be sure to look for opportunities to include color when planning your entertainment events.

Pink can be Sophisticated

girl's_bedroom_montageFor most of us, when we hear that a girl’s bedroom has pink in the color scheme, it sounds cute and pretty, but not very sophisticated. But don’t limit your thinking. With the right accents and style, pink will surprise you. Let’s take a look at how this girl’s bedroom makes that happen.

The right accent colors: One quick and powerful way to add sophistication to any room is by throwing black into the mix. Used judiciously, black makes other colors pop and grounds the space. By mixing a light ballet-pink and black together, the final feel is daring and interesting, and definitely more than cute.

Using metallics: The bold gold on the bedding and poster make everything in the room pop. This is a risky choice and you can’t have a sophisticated look without taking some risks.

Mature fabric choices: It’s easy to go with a juvenile fabric when working with pink, but these fabrics pull you away from that. Adult patterns and moods in the fabric help make this room more grown-up.

Unusual artwork: The Wizard of Oz theme on the poster over the bed says it’s a children’s room, but the retro illustration combined with images from the book itself in the background make this poster worth more than a glance. Really, this piece feels like the inspiration for the entire room.

Eclectic furniture choices: The vanity has an old-fashioned style but the white paint makes it feel up to date. The small chest gets its personality with the different designs on each drawer, which are echoed in the canvas above. Once again a risky mix-and-match mood adds a chic feeling to the space.

Altogether, this room works for a young girl, yet opens up a glimpse of what kind of grown up she will eventually become. Visit Oasis at Queen Creek for a closer look.

Try out Unusual Neutrals

From Ironwood Crossing

From Ironwood Crossing

Are you getting just a bit tired of earth tones and beiges? If you’re not ready to go all out with color, but you’d like to expand your options, consider these almost neutrals: dusky lavender and soft green. Here are a few suggestions for pulling them into your home.

Mix with other soft neutrals: With the addition of grey and cream, this bedroom doesn’t feel like it’s swimming in color. The grey captures elements of the soft light purple, creating echoes without overwhelming the room. Light green on the walls is made gentler with cream drapes and shades. This room has invited color in without making too much of a statement.

Choose a cool metal accent tone: In this case, silver enhances the connection between lavender and grey and it easily reflects both tones.

Don’t be afraid of contrast: Dark nightstands keep the room grounded, and the depth of tone is mirrored in several of the throw pillows, the bed skirt and the frames on the artwork. Although the actual colors vary, bringing in a number of dark elements lets them work together to make the room more interesting.

Minimize the hues: Notice that the walls are a slight green, such a delicate tone that it almost seems to disappear. Green and lavender are an exciting combination, but in a bedroom the goal should be a soft appeal rather than splashy and attention-getting. The lavender tones selected are darker, but contain so much grey that they don’t announce their color. Only the three accent pillows remind you that purple is in the house.

If you’re ready for a new color, a bedroom provides a great place to start. Paint and bedding are not expensive, allowing you to try new ideas.

Dark Blue Focal Wall Creates Drama

Models 019Sometimes it takes just one daring design decision to turn a room into something special. This family room is lovely, but without the dark blue focal wall, it would feel rather boring. Instead, the dark blue makes this room. Here are some tips for using a strong color like this and making it work.

Balance light and dark. Because this room has so much natural light, the dark blue wall adds personality while still letting the room feel light and airy. Light flooring and furniture also contribute to the well-strutured contrast of light and dark.

Pull the color into the room. Don’t let the strong color on one wall stand alone. In this room the navy sofa across the room ties everything together. A few blue bottles on the coffee table also support the blue theme. However, there’s not enough to make it feel overwhelming.

Bring in a second accent color. In this room, touches of yellow provide a positive contrast to the dark blue. Once again, just a few elements make the difference. Two matching ottomans flank the seating area, connecting with the tall yellow vase against the dark wall. Touches of yellow in the rug finish the connection.

Pay attention to the neutrals. Choosing a cool consistent tone for the neutral pieces in the space let the pops of color stand out. This shade of grey makes the blue and yellow stand strong while not looking out of place.

Take a look at your home. Do you have a wall that would benefit from a strong focal color? Why not take a chance?

Your Entertainment Wall

Legacy Models 071 (1)Designing an entertainment wall involves balancing design and function. You want a good place for the large HD TV while still keeping the screen itself low-key when it’s not turned on. These suggestions can help you think about what will work in your home.

Use color wisely: Dark grey-purple on the focal wall in this photo from Legacy draws the eye while reducing the footprint of the screen. The shelves and cabinet bring in lighter tones and the space is large and flexible enough to make changes in the future.

Models 065Incorporate an additional focal point: By adding the fireplace under the niche holding the television in the photo to the left, also from Legacy, the space feels nicely orchestrated. The screen becomes another dark rectangle, adding depth and balance to the light stone face. Once again dark purple draws the eye, with free-floating shelves providing opportunities to display accessories and carry the light tones out to the sides.

Consider seating: Positioning seating toward the entertainment area makes it more comfortable to watch programs, but you may want to place some seating facing toward the conversation area rather than aiming everything at your entertainment wall. This encourages discussion when you have guests, and the chair or chairs can easily be turned if they are needed for viewing a particular event or program.

Create flexible lighting options: A lighting arrangement that works well for a gathering may not serve your needs while watching your screen. Make sure you plan for both situations when setting up your lighting. A few ceiling spots may be all you need for television viewing, or consider a dimmer switch to provide enough ambient light while avoiding a glare on the screen.

Your family room can be flexible enough to meet all of your entertainment needs, whether you’re spending the evening chatting with friends or enjoying a DVD of a favorite film. Take the time to create a space that works for you and your family –in terms of both style and function.


Adding Style and Function to a Hall

Legacy Models 033Halls can serve two primary purposes: to connect a number of rooms efficiently and to provide some separation and privacy between the main living areas and the bedrooms. But this space can be used for more than an interior pathway.

Fulton’s Legacy community demonstrates this with its three models: The Basha, The Fulton and The O’Connor. Let’s take a look at some of the ways a hall can have multiple uses and design elements.

Take a look at the photo to the left. This niche, from the Fulton model at Legacy, adds an inviting design element to the hallway. Visible from the family room, this lighted niche provides the perfect location for a favorite piece of art. It could hold a wreath for the holidays, a family photo, a shadow-box of memorabilia, or almost anything of importance to you and your family. The glass tile background adds interest and DSC_0177personality.

The next photo, to the right, is from the O’Connor model at Legacy. Here decorative elements combine with some storage to create a feature that is inviting and functional. You could use the chest to store guest linens or anything that’s nice to have in easy reach for the whole family.

The look of this location has been enhanced with the dark plum paint on the hall’s back wall. The contrast between the dark wall and the metallic silver chest and plate above it creates a moment of drama in what is often an overlooked area of the home. Notice that the hall has extra depth at this location allowing you more design flexibility, a thoughtful addition to this home.

DSC_0185For a final addition to a hall space, take a look at this built-in cabinet and counter available in the O’Connor model. A corner of a hallway suddenly can become the perfect central location for charging mobile devices and keeping office and homework supplies handy. With its easily accessible central location every family member can use this as a drop-zone for homework, keys, purses and phones. Consider adding a small bowl or jar for spare change, which could be used for a family treat or dinner out once you accumulate enough. Add a bulletin board or calendar and it could also be the central location for messages and schedules.

For a closer look at these and other interesting approaches to hall space, come see the Fulton Homes models at Legacy in Gilbert. We think you’ll enjoy your visit.


Pops of Red add Personality to Bedroom.

DSC_0090 (1)Whether the bedroom is a guest room, a child’s room, or your own, would you take a chance at adding strong color into the space?

Today it’s easy to find furniture in bright and inviting colors, or maybe you have a few pieces with nice lines but a dull look. A little paint and that boring piece can become the focal point of a room.

DSC_0091 (1)Two choices make this bed head and étagère stand out. The color is definitely one of them. The other highlight comes from the turned wood spindles that link the two red pieces together.

At one time, a bedroom like this would be loaded with at least one chest of drawers or dresser. These days, thanks to larger closets and well-arranged built-ins, most bedrooms can use furniture for decoration and style rather than clothes storage.

If you would like to create a mood like this in one of your own bedrooms but don’t have the furniture pieces, you can take advantage of consignment or thrift shops to look for older furniture with inviting lines. You don’t have to worry about the finish since you will be painting it.

Choose an accent color that works for you. It might be a red such as the one in this bedroom, or maybe a bright yellow, blue or green. If you prefer a more subtle color palette, consider a warm pumpkin or dark forest green. If you’re more daring, orange is still a popular color.

Pull the color into the room in other areas. For example, the curtains in this bedroom display elements of that same vivid red, and help bring the room together. You don’t have to keep everything red; the nightstands in dark wood work well in this space. Too much of even a great color can be overwhelming.

Want to take a closer look at this room as well investigating as a number of other interesting and creative design ideas for bedrooms? Visit our newest community, Legacy. We look forward to seeing you there.


The O’Connor: Yellow Accents Family Room

Models 079This open floor plan demonstrates a good way to make subtle tones pop. The grey upholstery gets a wiggle of color with yellow accents and a warming feeling with plants.

Grey is a sophisticated and versatile neutral, and this space takes full advantage of it. The soft taupe on the walls and floor complement the tile used as the backsplash in the kitchen. Countertops coordinate well with the glossy stone floor, but too much of the warm neutrals would quickly diminish this room. Enter grey to rescue the room with its strong contrast and modern aesthetic.

With the tone showing on all of the upholstered furniture, it’s the contrast of shades that makes it stay in the foreground. First the dark shade for the two sofas and the island chairs, then the lighter patterned chair echoes several of the throw pillows and the dining room chairs.

Yellow is used sparingly, which works well. The accents on the kitchen island and side tables add the interest you want without calling too much attention to them. Then the throw pillows pull all of the shades of grey together with yellow to make the space feel planned and smart.

Finish up with a bevy of sophisticated lighting – from the pendants over the island to the ultra-modern ceiling fan set in a coffered ceiling and the classic contemporary chandelier over the dining table. Each piece is unique, yet they flow together to make the space fit the transitional profile while still leaning in the direction of edgy.

For a closer look, visit Fulton Home’s Legacy community and see the full O’Connor model home for yourself.