Tips for Choosing The Perfect Bathroom Mirror

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What does your perfect bathroom look like? Often, when envisioning a chic bathroom we rarely give attention to the mirror. After all, when we look in the mirror we see a reflection of so many things but we rarely pay attention to the mirror itself. Yes, a good mirror is an important component of the overall look of a room especially a bathroom. You can choose from many different styles, shape and colors.

Size Matters

When selecting a vanity mirror you should consider its size. You’ll need to consider both function and proportion. To create a proportionate or balanced look you’ll need to select a mirror that is relative to the size of your vanity. Here are some rules  you should consider:

–       A vanity mirror shouldn’t be wider than the vanity itself

–       You can line up the mirror up perfectly with the vanity which is ideal if you are investing a custom-made mirror

–       If you have a store-bought mirror than you’ll want to take the 70 to 80 approach. The mirror should be 70 to 80 percent as wide as the vanity. The mirror will look smaller but not shrunken.

–       A functional mirror needs to only be a foot above your eye line. However, the taller it is the more viewing angles you’ll have.

Multiple vs. Single

If you have a super wide vanity or a double sink vanity than you’ll have to decide whether you should invest in two vanity mirrors or one with double the width. If you use two, skinny, long mirrors you will emphasize the height of the room. Multiple mirrors also work with vanities with a single sink. On the other hand, using a single mirror with increased width will open up the room.

Wall to Wall Mirror

For a dramatic look, you can completely ignore the size of the vanity and opt for a mirror that covers the entire wall above the vanity. A wall to wall mirror can visually double the size of a small bathroom.


Frame or a frameless mirror will work in this space. However, frameless mirrors are often used in the bathroom because it creates a modern look.

We hope these tips help!

Decorating with Mirrors

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When it comes to decorating with mirrors there are never any rules. Yes, mirrors are a great way to quickly add visual interest to a space. Using mirrors as a decorative element has multiple benefits. They can instantly add depth and bring in natural light. In addition, mirrors can create a special effect when they reflect colors and paintings on adjacent walls.

Here’s how you use mirrors to add style and increased light to your home.

Place a floor length mirror between two windows

Implementing a floor-length mirror between two windows creates the illusion of a third window. This helps bring in more light to the space. Casually propping a large framed mirror against the wall creates a relaxed feel.

Use Mirrors to Enhance The Room Elements

You can use mirrors as an accent to the focal point in a room. For instance, by hanging a mirror over a stacked fireplace mantel that extends to the ceiling you can create a dramatic look. This is a great way to create emphasis in a neutral living room.

Hanging Mirrors On Adjacent Walls

Are you ready to make a powerful statement with your home’s decor? Try lining two large equally sized mirrors on adjacent walls. This enables light to bounce all around the room. This look will especially complement the dining room area because it expands the area and gives the illusion of a bigger crowd around the dining room table.

Mirrored Backsplash

Update your kitchen by installing a mirrored backsplash around your counter area. A mirrored backsplash will open up a small kitchen and add glitz without being over the top.

Forget the Medicine Cabinet

Forgo the traditional medicine cabinet hanging over the bathroom sink. Instead, you can use a mirror of any shape to make a statement. A circular shaped mirror can break up all the sharp straight lines and adds character.When using mirrors as an accent piece in the home try to select mirrors with interesting shapes and unique frames.

Unique Ways to Use Mirrors in Your Design

Are you searching for an easy but dramatic way to add more style to your home? If so, try decorating with mirrors. In fact, using mirrors in a space has several aesthetic benefits. It visually expands the room, making it seem bigger, and it can also create special effects. Today, we are going to share some designer secrets for tastefully using mirrors in your home’s decor. Let’s take a look!

Be Creative

When decorating with mirrors, think of this accessory as a decorative window that you can strategically place in a room to reflect any view. Mirrors can create special effects when you place it on your favorite piece of artwork, and the light reflects and emphasizes the different colors found throughout the artwork. According to design experts, there are generally no rules when it comes to decorating with mirrors. That means you can place them anywhere you want in the room.

Create a Dramatic Effect

Use mirrors to create a dramatic effect in a room with little design elements. A large floor length mirror in smaller spaces can totally transform the room. For instance, a framed floor length mirror propped against the wall in your bedroom or even at the end of the hallway can be a great design asset.

Multiple Mirrors

You do not have to stick to just one mirror in the room. In fact, you can never have too many mirrors. Get creative and hang multiple mirrors on one wall. Whether big or small, they should all be proportionate to each other, and they should be scaled based on the size of the wall. For instance, if you are working with an expansive wall, you do not want to use small mirrors. Instead, you should opt for larger mirrors that flatter the size of the wall. Additionally, when installing multiple mirrors on a wall, be sure to group them like artwork so that they are more visually appealing.

Mirror Hotspots

Although you can use mirrors in any room of the house, there are certain areas that will especially benefit from a few well-placed mirrors. The entryway is a great place to place a mirror. Also, the dining area is another great place to use mirrors. When combined with chandelier lighting and candles, mirrors will create the perfect ambiance in any space.

How do you incorporate mirrors in your design? Do you currently use any of these expert tips? If so, we would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section.

Must-Consider Décor Pieces for Your Home

What makes designing a room fun is the freedom to express yourself. If you gave ten people the same room to design, every space would come out differently. In fact, interior design has so much freedom that it becomes a fun and expressive art form in itself. 

While tailoring your space to your needs, you should also consider a few tried-and-true décor options. Some décor works well in every space and should never be overlooked. Whether you love Art Deco, Rustic, Modern, or Traditional designs, all these styles can thrive off of similar décor pieces. Here are three must consider décor pieces when creating your space:


Incorporating a mirror in your design serves much more of a purpose than merely being able to look at yourself. In fact, mirrors help play tricks on our eyes when looking at a room. They allow light to travel more freely, and they can allow rooms to look much larger. This can help scale the room and give the room different-feeling proportions. If you have a long room or oddly shaped room, mirrors are the perfect remedy to help fix the balance in the atmosphere very discretely. 

Area Rugs 

Often overlooked, area rugs are perfect for making your room feel more welcoming. They offer warmth to hard surface floorings and can also help with the room’s aesthetics. Area rugs are great for helping to add texture to your space, which is interacted with daily. While not every rug works with every design, nearly every design works with a certain type of area rug. Try to find one to help enhance your styling in your home! 


Natural elements have a direct correlation with how we perceive a space, and plants are no exception. They help improve air quality in our homes and make a space feel more alive. With a wide variety of plants to choose, you can get the perfect plants to help enhance your design. From succulents, flowers, trees, and herbs, you are sure to find a plant that works great with your design theme. 

So when you consider designing your home, make sure you think of these key elements.  They can help enhance your design without fluctuating your theme. They work great in every home and can help your design get to the next level. For more interior design tricks and tips, make sure to subscribe

Mirrors as Room and Light Expanders

17799270_SThis contemporary room is appealing thanks to its stone wall, daring staircase and intriguing chandelier,. But the mirrors on the first floor closet doors provide the element that keeps the space from feeling boxy and limited.

These mirrors are large and simply dressed, which encourages the viewer to register the reflection of the room and double the perceived space. These mirrors also reflect the window on the opposite wall, adding more natural light to the scene.

If you cover the mirrors with your hand, you can see that the room suffers without them.

Mirrors can be a powerful tool when compensating for a room with too little space or light. They feel a bit like a window but work in spaces where windows aren’t possible.

16825383_STake a look at the large mirror in the room to the right. Although the frame has a strong presence, its tone and style are consistent with the moldings and doors on the other walls.

By adding a mirror of this size in this position, the room seems to have added an additional window while also expanding the sense of space with its reflection. At first glance, this mirror could be a doorway to an additional dining space just past that wall.

If you have a room with awkward proportions or limited light, consider adding a mirror to help compensate for the space’s limits. Look for an opportunity to connect the frame to the style of the space like the photo above, or minimize its visible frame like the closet doors in the first photo. You may be surprised at how much of a difference the perfect mirror can make in your home.

Mirrors as Art

8427071_SWith the rich variety of shapes, sizes and frames, mirrors make great art in a room.

Take a look at the mirror in this photo. With its round shape and interesting silver frame, it proves to be just the right addition to this bedroom. The silver tone meshes with the throw pillows on the bed and the circular shape adds needed curves to a sharp-edged headboard.

Mirrors can be found in the nicest furniture stores as well as any thrift shop. Look for beveled edges on the glass and thicker distortion-free views when evaluating a mirror for quality.

Don’t limit your thinking when browsing thrift-store finds. You can cover a mirror and paint the frame in any color or finish, creating just the look you want. For one interesting effect, buy a collection of small mirrors or frames in different shapes and styles and paint them all the same color, arranging them together on a wall.

10355556_SYou can add glass to any frame to custom-make your own mirror. The four frames in the photo to the right would create mirrors with very different styles and moods. With a mirror created with a custom frame, you also can determine the ideal size and have the mirror added to match your need.

When you bring a mirror in as a decorative object, be sure to hang it with thought. When a mirror is used as art, the reflection becomes part of the picture. Some mirrors end up reflecting the ceiling or something like the door to the guest bathroom.

As with any piece of art, hang a mirror at eye level. This may seem too low, but mirrors can also be useful to check your hair or face, and a mirror that is set too high for that can be frustrating. So have fun and include mirrors when you determine what you want on your home’s walls.

Mirrors as Functional Pieces

HRM0253Mirrors have more versatility than almost any other type of furniture. They can be functional, decorative, light enhancers and space enhancers.

This mirror, from the Fulton Homes Tehama model in Victoria Estates, serves all these roles. As a functional mirror, it provides the reflection needed in the morning, yet the framing adds a decorative element. In addition the large size adds a feeling of space and enhanced light to the master bath.

People have been looking at their reflections since the first child spotted their twin in a still pool of water. Polished metal served as a limited mirror in later years. Glass combined with a reflective backing became more common in modern times, and it’s rare to find a home with fewer than two to three mirrors today.

Bathrooms are the most common locations for mirrors, but they have moved into every room in a home.

Entryway mirrors allow visitors to check their appearance when walking into and out of a home. Full-length bedroom mirror provides a look at the complete effect of an ensemble in the morning.

9985404_SIf you plan to hang a mirror for functional use, be sure to set the position carefully. Make sure that everyone in your home, from shortest to tallest, can see their reflection. Also, any furniture in front of a mirror shouldn’t be too deep, so that its position makes it hard for viewers to get close enough to see themselves easily.

The mirror on the right is low enough for this woman to see herself well, yet the vertical position makes it useful for taller individuals also. Take a few minutes to factor in your home’s population when choosing the right height for a functional mirror.