Mirrors as Art

8427071_SWith the rich variety of shapes, sizes and frames, mirrors make great art in a room.

Take a look at the mirror in this photo. With its round shape and interesting silver frame, it proves to be just the right addition to this bedroom. The silver tone meshes with the throw pillows on the bed and the circular shape adds needed curves to a sharp-edged headboard.

Mirrors can be found in the nicest furniture stores as well as any thrift shop. Look for beveled edges on the glass and thicker distortion-free views when evaluating a mirror for quality.

Don’t limit your thinking when browsing thrift-store finds. You can cover a mirror and paint the frame in any color or finish, creating just the look you want. For one interesting effect, buy a collection of small mirrors or frames in different shapes and styles and paint them all the same color, arranging them together on a wall.

10355556_SYou can add glass to any frame to custom-make your own mirror. The four frames in the photo to the right would create mirrors with very different styles and moods. With a mirror created with a custom frame, you also can determine the ideal size and have the mirror added to match your need.

When you bring a mirror in as a decorative object, be sure to hang it with thought. When a mirror is used as art, the reflection becomes part of the picture. Some mirrors end up reflecting the ceiling or something like the door to the guest bathroom.

As with any piece of art, hang a mirror at eye level. This may seem too low, but mirrors can also be useful to check your hair or face, and a mirror that is set too high for that can be frustrating. So have fun and include mirrors when you determine what you want on your home’s walls.