Mirrors as Room and Light Expanders

17799270_SThis contemporary room is appealing thanks to its stone wall, daring staircase and intriguing chandelier,. But the mirrors on the first floor closet doors provide the element that keeps the space from feeling boxy and limited.

These mirrors are large and simply dressed, which encourages the viewer to register the reflection of the room and double the perceived space. These mirrors also reflect the window on the opposite wall, adding more natural light to the scene.

If you cover the mirrors with your hand, you can see that the room suffers without them.

Mirrors can be a powerful tool when compensating for a room with too little space or light. They feel a bit like a window but work in spaces where windows aren’t possible.

16825383_STake a look at the large mirror in the room to the right. Although the frame has a strong presence, its tone and style are consistent with the moldings and doors on the other walls.

By adding a mirror of this size in this position, the room seems to have added an additional window while also expanding the sense of space with its reflection. At first glance, this mirror could be a doorway to an additional dining space just past that wall.

If you have a room with awkward proportions or limited light, consider adding a mirror to help compensate for the space’s limits. Look for an opportunity to connect the frame to the style of the space like the photo above, or minimize its visible frame like the closet doors in the first photo. You may be surprised at how much of a difference the perfect mirror can make in your home.