Patterns: How to Incorporate Florals in Your Home

15359994_SPatterns are a major trend in fashion and interior decorating.  Floral patterns are back in and hitting the scene full on when it comes to home décor and design.  This particular pattern might remind you of floral patterns from your mom or grandma that just may seem dated.  You can add floral accent pillows, floral vases, and even bring in florals with actual flower arrangements to keep your home looking and smelling fresh. Here are a few ways to incorporate today’s floral trends at home.

15285253_SIf the image above made you rethink using florals in your home, there are other options.  You could take the pattern above and place it in a frame to hang as a piece of art on the wall.  The image to the right, uses the pattern more subtly.  Using a black and white color palette keeps the room looking neutral and classic. The floral accents are able to stand out, but are less invasive to the eye.  Using accent pillows is a great way to test out if you’ll enjoy using floral patterns throughout your home


since they can easily be traded out.  It would also be fun if you traded these black andwhite floral pillows for pastel floral pillows during the springtime.  The candles on the shelf are a similar style and, again, are easy pieces to move in and out of the room.  Duvet covers are another great source if you want to experiment with subtle or bold floral patterns in your bedroom.  The duvets will most likely make your bed become the focal point of the room.

18969410_SIf you already know you’re in love with adding floral patterns in your home, maybe try to incorporate them with more long-term methods like purchasing a floral patterned accent chair like the one to the right.  The chair becomes the focal point of this seating area.  Decorating around it is easy with a simple side table, mirror, and lighting.

You could also make an accent wall with floral wallpaper or floral stencils.  However you choose to add florals into your home, they’ll be sure to add more depth and interest to your design.  Whether it’s through accents, major pieces of furniture, or small décor pieces we hope you enjoy the floral pattern as much as we do! 

Thinking about Walls: Pattern

Wallpaper seems like an old-fashioned concept, but today’s patterned walls are anything but dated. Take a look at the image to the left. These oversized leaves create a dramatic and original accent, which is emphasized by the more traditional art.

In most homes, walls serve as a background to the furniture and accessories, but your walls can play an active role in your decorating plans. You are only limited by your imagination.

The room shown to the right demonstrates how walls can take over a room, creating the basis for the total design. This is difficult to do well, but in this case everything works.

To begin, every bit of architecture has its own highlight. The coffered ceiling receives special attention thanks to the dramatic large crystal chandelier. The window nook also has its own wallpaper; the black, grey and white offer an effective but curious contrast to the soft beiges 0n the walls in the rest of the room.

One thing that makes this wallpaper feel more contemporary is the large format of the patterns. The two choices on the back wall – separated by some white molding – complement each other because of the size of the patterns and the colors. Using two different wallpapers emphasizes the separation created by the molding.

Notice how the simple furniture keeps a focus on the walls. The clean lines and pure light tones allow the patterns to shine. The only other pattern comes from the cushion and rug in the foreground – which are also large format and bring some pink and green into the space.

How do you feel about bringing pattern into your home this way? Are you willing to be this creative with your walls?

Splash Up your Guest Bath

With a smaller bathroom that serves as your guest bath, it’s fun to add elements of interest to make it stand out.

This bath to the left, from the Malibu model in the Shoreline community, takes advantage of wallpaper with a strong color and design. While this paper would overwhelm a large room, it makes this small bath pop with color and personality.

A pedestal sink such as this one by Kohler makes the space feel larger because you can see the walls and floor underneath it. A traditional vanity absorbs more visual space. Unlike many pedestal options, this sink provides plenty of room to hold soap.

Choosing a ring to hold the towel also adds interest and has a look more appropriate to the smaller space than a bar towel-holder. The ring keeps the towel away from the switches and mirror but convenient for drying hands.

Finishing touches such as the framed mirror and coordinated light fixture pull everything together. Kohler also includes a toilet with a design that matches this sink, helping to further integrate the space.

The guest bath on the right, from the Tehama model in the Victoria community, shows another more traditional way to add interest. Tile wainscoting adds charm and the wallpaper helps create a coordinated look. The same mirror, faucet and light fixture look completely different in this bath, demonstrating how these versatile options can work well with your personal taste. The pedestal sink is a different style, but still easily provides space for soap.

When working with a guest bathroom, don’t dismiss the design possibilities. These small spaces can give you a chance to experiment with color and other features to create a small jewel box of charm that show off your personality and style.


Be Daring with Wallpaper

How courageous are you willing to be when decorating your home? Would you be brave enough to use wallpaper with this much of a flourish?

The bold red color and the metallic gold leaves make this bathroom pop. Let’s take a look at why it works so well.

To start, a bathroom has a lot of things to break up the vivid wallpaper. The mirrors, windows, shower, and bathroom cabinetry break up the walls so that this pattern doesn’t overwhelm the space. A bathroom is a great way to start expanding your home design thinking.

Second, the rest of the room is neutral. It would be tempting to add red towels and lots of red accessories, but that could overwhelm the room and actually distract from the wallpaper. Instead the red is limited to the walls and a few small pieces. Towels are a simple stone color that fit well with the flooring. Even the chair at the make-up table is upholstered in black.

Notice in the photo to the right that the room is filled with plants. That choice mirrors theleaf wallpaper without mimicking it. This thematic connection in the bathroom is understated but it has a subtle design impact.

Finally, the other tone choices – while neutral – show both light and dark elements. This helps them stand out even against the strong wallpaper.

So if you’re tempted to take a chance with color or wallpaper, consider starting with your bathroom, and you may find yourself becoming more daring throughout your home!