Be Daring with Wallpaper

How courageous are you willing to be when decorating your home? Would you be brave enough to use wallpaper with this much of a flourish?

The bold red color and the metallic gold leaves make this bathroom pop. Let’s take a look at why it works so well.

To start, a bathroom has a lot of things to break up the vivid wallpaper. The mirrors, windows, shower, and bathroom cabinetry break up the walls so that this pattern doesn’t overwhelm the space. A bathroom is a great way to start expanding your home design thinking.

Second, the rest of the room is neutral. It would be tempting to add red towels and lots of red accessories, but that could overwhelm the room and actually distract from the wallpaper. Instead the red is limited to the walls and a few small pieces. Towels are a simple stone color that fit well with the flooring. Even the chair at the make-up table is upholstered in black.

Notice in the photo to the right that the room is filled with plants. That choice mirrors theleaf wallpaper without mimicking it. This thematic connection in the bathroom is understated but it has a subtle design impact.

Finally, the other tone choices – while neutral – show both light and dark elements. This helps them stand out even against the strong wallpaper.

So if you’re tempted to take a chance with color or wallpaper, consider starting with your bathroom, and you may find yourself becoming more daring throughout your home!