Carrying an Accent Color Around the Room

Accent colors, or pops of color as the design industry likes to call them, are highlights in a room’s overall design. These accent colors are used to complement the primary colors in the room. A room’s primary colors are typically the wall, flooring and large furniture pieces. Predominate colors in a room can be monochromatic, in which case the three colors will be all within the same hue if not the same shade. Accent colors are the source of color in these neutral spaces.


This bedroom demonstrates how to carry an accent color around the room to create a balance of color.  Carrying an accent color around the room gives the eye a path to follow. Leading the eye can prevent confusion from a disjointed design. If all the color is located in one spot in the space, the eye may focus there and not take in the entire room. This is why focal walls are so effective at drawing the eye.


The pops of maroon on the bed, lamp and art work are a map for the eye to follow. The eye will take in the bed, nightstand and the art work above the bed rather than just settle in one place. Using accent colors this way can draw attention to the highlights of the room and the design. Placing the same or a similar color on the floor with an area rug or curtains on the window would further balance the room’s design. Keeping a color palette to three or less colors is a good principle of design.