Your Home’s First Impression

Front entry photoWould you like a front entryway for your home that is this welcoming? The Fulton Homes Tehama Model shown above offers an inviting courtyard-style space to introduce guests to your home before they even step inside. People arrive at first impressions of people in seconds, and the same goes for homes. Your guests may form an opinion of your home – and you – even before you open your door to them.

At Fulton Homes we help you and your home make a good first impression – one that demonstrates your taste and sense of style. With our rich selection of exterior doors and hardware, we can create a front entrance unique to you.

Front entry photo 2The photo on the right shows just a few of the doors available to you at the Fulton Design Center. We set each of them in a frame so that you can both look and experience each door as it opens.

By providing a choice of wood, stain and design your front door can reflect your personality – and create a link to your choice of home style and design. Are you drawn to a rustic look? Then consider one of our strongly-presented doors with straightforward rubbed bronze hardware. If you want a classic feel, consider the oak paneled door on the right front of the photo above with a curved satin nickel handle that provides an established, traditional look.

At Fulton Homes we know all of our buyers want homes as individual as they are, and we believe that the best place to start is your own front door.

Front Entrance says Welcome

Before you even step in the front door, this home welcomes visitors. The design of the home itself provides a natural courtyard at the front entry. The layout draws you to the home, and a number of option and design choices enhance the look.

First, notice the stone covering the patio. Instead of more traditional concrete, using these pavers ties the patio floor to the rich color of the stucco walls. By choosing this type of flooring, there is a sense that you are already in the house.

Next, the white trim on the windows feels like the casing you expect inside a home. The molding and gutters framing the roof also almost have the same impact as crown molding in a home.

Choosing to use furniture on the patio provides a comfy place to sit and strengthens the sense that you are almost in an indoor room. With today’s outdoor fabrics, you can find colors and designs that are just as nice as anything to cover a sofa inside. This red with a thin white stripe provides a dynamite and inviting color contrast to the neutrals of the courtyard.

Finally, the plants in the corner add an indoor-outdoor feel and nicely accessorize the space. With no open dirt for plantings, the three pots with high-profile plants add a warmth and natural element to that corner. This entryway, from Fulton’s Spyglass model at Victoria Estates, can make your friends and family feel welcome the minute they come up your walk.