Build your Dream Room, One Piece at a Time – Accent Chair(s)

In this series of blogs we’re providing a step-by-step process for decorating your living or family room. With an empty room in front of you it can seem overwhelming to turn it into a comfortable and welcoming space. You can find your feet if you take it one step at a time.

In our last blog we selected a sofa. Now we’re going to add one or more accent chairs. These are the next-largest upholstered pieces in the room. If you selected a sectional, you may want only one accent chair. A more straightforward sofa may require two or more chairs to finish the space. Position your sofa in the room and determine how much space is left for additional seating.

Your chairs open the opportunity to add accent fabric. As a smaller piece, chairs can carry patterns better than a sofa. Take a chance on a floral or stripe. Don’t hesitate to bring some color into the room with your fabric choice. It can easily be echoed later in accessories or window treatments.

Choose chairs that are comfortable and sturdy, and include an ottoman if you have space. You may have your main furniture pieces facing a television or fireplace, but make sure they also create a comfortable space for conversation.

You may already own a nice chair or two. If the upholstery doesn’t work in your new home, consider reupholstering or a slipcover to dress it appropriately. You can use the money you save on other furnishings and accessories as you continue to decorate.

In our next blog we’ll talk about coffee table choices.