Decorating a Boy’s Room for Fun & Flexibility

Fire Bedroom DSC_0287

Fulton Homes Daylight Model

It’s fun to decorate a child’s room, and the photo to the left shows a delightful way to make a boy’s room special while allowing easy opportunities for changes as this child grows up. Take a look at the essential furniture. The headboard and lamps will work with almost any design.

One fun choice in this room comes from selecting shipping containers in place of standard nightstand/chests of drawers. While these will appeal to a small boy, they have the potential to be interesting elements as he grows into his teens. When choosing furniture for a child’s room, don’t be afraid to have fun, but think of the future for more substantial pieces.

The fireman theme carries through with inexpensive pieces such as bedspread, pillows and various toy fire trucks. By using stick-on and peel-off decorations on the walls rather than wallpaper, making a change to reflect the boy’s changing tastes is easy. These are available online and at various home stores in a good selection of themes. Notice that the sophisticated paint color allows transitions without repainting.

Car Bedroom DSC_0288The photo to the right provides a design choice for an older child. The metal signs and old-fashioned posters reflect specific interests while still demonstrating a sense of style.

The strong green focal wall gives extra oomph to the room and pulls in the stripes on the bedspread and pillows.

Both rooms would work well with either wood floors or a neutral carpet choice. It’s also smart to look for neutral window coverings such as wood blinds to keep the space flexible.

By taking this approach to a child’s room, you create the opportunity for the design to change frequently to reflect his or her changing interests without creating a need for a great deal of effort and expense.

Boy’s Room with Grown-up Style

It can be hard to walk the fine line between a boy’s room that is fun and appealing to your son and still meets your style goals. This bedroom has many features that work for both. Let’s take a look at this Malibu model from the Shoreline community and figure out how and why this room works.

Choose a theme: A nautical theme provides a way to introduce bright colors and interesting accessories. The art and pillows echo the feelings of semaphore flags, and the matching lamps look like large fishing lures. The brightly-striped bedspread brings the look together without pushing the nautical feel too far.

Buy good furniture: The matching chests of drawers provide plenty of clothes-space and can follow your son into his first apartment, or work well for a conversion to a guest room later. The simple red wicker chair adds a touch of whimsy to the room, but it is flexible enough to find a good location later somewhere else in the house. The only piece of furniture with limits is the single bed, but it’s a good decision because it provides plenty of floor room for play.

Choose neutral options: They beige carpeting and walls work great for this design but leave space for completely changing the look later. While the art is set in blocks contrasting colors on the walls, paint is easy to change. Add simple wood blinds under the window valances and this room is ready to work as a boy’s room or anything else.

With careful planning and design choices, you can make a child’s room that will grow with him and your family’s changing needs.