The Power of Paint

We are all aware of the power of color.  For both our personal fashion and homes, color can be transformative.  While neutrals and black and white are great foundations for a wardrobe and home, nothing changes the look and feel of a room like color.  This is the reason that paint is such a powerful decorating tool.


Paint is one of the easiest ways to decorate a room.  Paint can open up a room, make a space feel cozy, raise or lower the ceiling, and personalize a space. When you paint your walls, you will transform your space.  This is true even if you are painting in neutral colors.  Going from a deeply colored wall color to white is just as transformative as the other direction.


The power of paint doesn’t stop with walls.  Painting the ceiling can also change the feeling of the room.  A darker color on the ceiling will lower the feeling of the ceiling and make the room feel cozier.


Beyond the architecture of the home, paint can change the look of furniture, fabrics, and even solid colored rugs.  Painting furniture is a wonderful way to give it new life.  Inexpensive solid neutral fabrics can be turned into interesting patterned materials with textile paint; the same is true for area rugs.


Next time you get the urge to change your room, start with paint.  A new paint color on the walls or old dresser can give you a new look without spending major money.