Modern Design for Today’s Living

Although mid-century design is now over sixty years old, it still feels fresh and modern in today’s interiors. Modern style can often be confused with contemporary style. Modern refers to modern mid-century design and style while contemporary is current to today’s time period. Both styles prefer clean lines and simple forms.  The icons of mid-century design that were popular sixty years ago are even more popular today.


Some of the mid-century design icons include pieces by both American and European designers. America and Scandinavia were the capitols of mid-century modern design movements. Vintage pieces from American and Scandinavian mid-century designers are highly collectible, and the master works can often fetch tens of thousands of dollars at antique shows and design shops.


Among the most iconic and popular mid-century designs is the Tulip table designed by Saarinen, a Finnish designer. The streamlined design works with both mid-century modern style chairs as well as more traditional chair forms for an eclectic look.


Other design icons include a coffee table and rice paper lanterns designed by Noguchi; bentwood chairs design by husband and wife team Charles and Ray Eames; and starburst clock by George Nelson. These are but a few of the designs from the mid-century that are popular today. Textiles, shag rugs, china, pottery and glassware as well as furniture from this era are popular for today’s interiors.   Color palettes from the mid-century are also being reinterpreted for today’s homes.  These designs are so popular that many of them have been released in new editions or copied.