Build Style and Function into your Kitchen

How do you decide what you want your kitchen to look like? Today’s classic look includes stainless appliances and granite countertops, but within that mix you have a wealth of choices.

This kitchen vignette from the Fulton Homes design center blends white and dark painted cabinetry with a rich stained wood floor. While many people may worry about having a wood floor in the kitchen, it can work well as long as you protect it with a good polyurethane finish and wipe up serious spills immediately. Wood flooring is actually a floor with give so it’s great for a cook’s feet at the end of a long day of cooking and cleaning.

The wipe-clean painted white cabinets use differences in depth to create personality. That is enhanced by the intriguing dark painted island in the center. More and more kitchens are taking advantage of a mix and match approach to help kitchen cabinetry integrate with the rest of the home, and this is a good example. Fulton’s crown molding for cabinetry is also designed for customization, as shown here with the special addition of dentil trim.

A generous fridge, the large gas range and a double oven makes this space ideal for a serious home chef. The tile backsplash is decorative and also easy to clean. The island is ready for a couple of bar-height chairs, so that friends and family members can chat or help. Come visit our design center on one of our browse nights and experience this inviting kitchen for yourself.


Multitasking easy with Extra-large Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands provide much-appreciated extra storage and counter space for serious cooks. But cooking is only the first purpose for an island. You will soon find that your island can become a location for many projects and tasks.

You can encourage using the island for other purposes by planning to optimize the space for the whole family. Here are some uses to consider and tips to support these ideas.

Breakfast bar: Pre-set the island with bowls and position various cereals on the table. Add granola, some chopped nuts and fresh or dried fruit. In the morning, each family member can create a favorite mix and add milk. The best part of this approach? Everything can be set up the night before except for the fresh fruit, which could be ready cut-up in the refrigerator. Different schedules or preferences are supported with this system. Make regular changes in the selection to keep the idea fresh. This makes an easy breakfast one or more mornings a week.

Homework center: You may need to fix dinner while your children complete their homework for the night. Make it a family affair by setting up the island to meet homework needs. Have a supply of paper and writing instruments available and a laptop for computer needs. You can answer questions or help solve problems while working in the kitchen. Your regular attention makes it more likely that your children will take their homework assignments seriously. You might want to designate a drawer or shelf nearby for each child to keep track of assignments and ensure that school books or day packs are ready to go the next day.

Sous chef set-up: If you want your children to be comfy in the kitchen, you may want to start them as your assistants with some simple chopping or prep work. By providing a cutting board, the raw veggies and a good knife if they’re old enough, you can start developing their skills and take advantage of their help at the same time.

No matter how you chose to use your island, it will provide a wealth of possibilities. You may even find yourself using it for your own cooking efforts.