Triangular Kitchen Island has Multiple Uses

While most kitchen islands are rectangular, sometimes another shape provides additional functionality. Take a look at this island in the La Quinta model at Oasis at Freeman Farms. The modified triangle shape has several functional advantages.

Kitchen triangle: The classic shape for the most functional kitchen space is a working triangle, with oven, stove, refrigerator and sink in easy reach of each other. The trimmed edge of this island on the kitchen side creates an actual open triangle for cooking. The extra space makes this tidy kitchen feel more spacious, especially if two or more cooks are working together.

Eating space: The cropped edge on the great room side of the island provides room to spread for three and can hold up to five people comfortably, as you can see in the photo above. This space works well for quick breakfasts with someone playing short-order-cook at the stove or for homework with a parent’s help while they fix dinner. Remove the chairs and the island creates a perfect stage for party appetizers.

Cleaning with a view: After dinner at the dining table, dishes can be brought to the island and placed in the dishwasher while the cleaning crew chats with the rest of the family or guests. With the sink/dishwasher area set up in the island, post-meal clean up clean-up doesn’t isolate the tidying team.

Well-lit: The pendant lights provide additional spot lighting for any tasks completed on the island, while adding a contemporary element of style to the space. Between the lights and the island itself, the kitchen area is clearly defined without being separated from the rest of the home’s living area.

Thoughtful design makes this great-room kitchen functional and fun, with an island shape made for functionality, whether as part of a simple family dinner or entertaining a group of friends.

Build Style and Function into your Kitchen

How do you decide what you want your kitchen to look like? Today’s classic look includes stainless appliances and granite countertops, but within that mix you have a wealth of choices.

This kitchen vignette from the Fulton Homes design center blends white and dark painted cabinetry with a rich stained wood floor. While many people may worry about having a wood floor in the kitchen, it can work well as long as you protect it with a good polyurethane finish and wipe up serious spills immediately. Wood flooring is actually a floor with give so it’s great for a cook’s feet at the end of a long day of cooking and cleaning.

The wipe-clean painted white cabinets use differences in depth to create personality. That is enhanced by the intriguing dark painted island in the center. More and more kitchens are taking advantage of a mix and match approach to help kitchen cabinetry integrate with the rest of the home, and this is a good example. Fulton’s crown molding for cabinetry is also designed for customization, as shown here with the special addition of dentil trim.

A generous fridge, the large gas range and a double oven makes this space ideal for a serious home chef. The tile backsplash is decorative and also easy to clean. The island is ready for a couple of bar-height chairs, so that friends and family members can chat or help. Come visit our design center on one of our browse nights and experience this inviting kitchen for yourself.