Décor – Bedroom Lighting

The exaggerated height of the bedside lamps in this bedroom makes the lamps a standout feature in the room. The black headboard anchors the bed area while the tall lamps appear to soar. Bedside lighting can be more than functional; it can become a beautiful design element in the bedroom.


Bedside lighting is essential in the bedroom. Whether it is for a master bedroom, a guest room or child’s room, having a light next to the bed is a must.  Even if you have overhead lighting, reaching the switch to turn it off or on might not be convenient from the bed. Adding a lamp to the bedside table or nightstand will make flipping on or off the lighting in the room more convenient.


Lighting in the bedroom, like most rooms in the home, should be layered. Overhead lighting is great for getting dressed or looking for a lost earring in the carpet. It can be bright and too harsh for other times. Pairing an overhead light with bedside lighting creates lighting zones and layers of light.


Reading in bed or using the laptop is better done with bedside lighting that can create pools of light rather than washing the entire room in light. Stylish bedside lamps can be sat on the nightstand or mounted as wall lamps bedside the bed. Either provides adequate lighting for reading in bed. Look for a pair or near pair of table lamps that are keeping in scale with your nightstand and headboard for stylish and functional bedside lighting.

Creating a Place of Calm in Your Home

Escaping to a spa weekend or a meditation center is an ideal way to relax and shed the stress of our everyday lives. Unfortunately it is not always a reality for us that we can leave our real lives behind and follow our bliss to a spa or ashram.  Creating a place of calm in our homes can be the next best thing to a weekend away.


Finding a space in the home for meditation and quiet can be a little tricky for a house that holds a busy family.  A corner of a home office or spare bedroom, a space in the master bedroom or even outside could be used as a place of quiet and reflection. It is all about cultivating calm energy no matter where you find the space.


Designating a space in the home as a meditation or quiet place can be done with simple decorations and a soft place on the floor to sit.  A soft area rug or floor cushion can create a comfortable place to sit and meditate or have quiet time.  Placing a small table with a candle or incense or even a beautifully scented fresh flower can designate the space as special.  Silence may be preferred but you can also have music playing that calms your heartbeat and your breathing.


Having quiet and calm for five, ten, or twenty minutes can restore your focus and energy so that you can face the rest of your busy life.