Elements That Make For A Special Family Room

Plan ahead and you can create a family room that provides everything you and your family need for an evening’s entertainment.

This built-in cabinetry to the left makes the room a one-stop shop for games, movies and music. The television has a home theater sound system built into the room through inconspicuous speakers set in the ceiling.

The glass doors under the television allow family members to control the cable or satellite system, the DVD player and the Ipod-based sound system with several remote controls. These remotes are hidden from sight when not in use thanks to the drawer in the middle of the coffee table.

Board games join a WII system complete with accessories, all tucked in the cabinets to the left and right of the flat-screen television. The generous space in front of the coffee table and the plush rug encourages kids and adults play games on the floor or engage in sports and exercise using the WII.

This wall of cabinets provides plenty of storage and the lighting is bright enough for afternoon activities such as homework or other projects. With a quartet of matching drawers and cabinets across the bottom of the built-in cabinetry, each school-age child could use one cabinet for storing school books and homework, while school supplies could live in the drawers above.

With a wealth of storage space and plenty of comfy seating, this room provides everything a family needs to enjoy the room. This is one good example of how Fulton builds homes with families in mind.