Pet Feeding Stations

Don’t worry, we aren’t about to suggest something like this…

Our pets are part of our families. Our dogs and cats are like children with all of their toys and accessories. Pets are big business in America. Billions of dollars are spent every year on pets, food, toys, beds and even clothing for our dogs.  This industry means you can find the perfect solution for almost every need your pet may have. The perfect water bowl and food dish are the start of a charming pet feeding station in your kitchen.

Creating a pet zone in your home can help control the clutter that comes with having a dog or cat. Designing a pet feeding station in the kitchen or mudroom will help organize all of your pets food needs into one place, saving you valuable floor and counter space. Floor space is at a premium in most kitchens. Finding a place for Fido’s or Fifi’s water bowl and food dish that isn’t in a major traffic pattern can be tricky.  Set up a food station that is out of the main foot traffic to avoid spilling water and kibble all over your kitchen floors.  A simple mat under the food and water can protect your floors from spills and messes.

If you have a walk-in pantry you might want to set up the feeding station in there. Keeping pet food in containers or bins can also make things neater and more organized on the shelf or in a cupboard. If you have the room next to the food dish, you might want to keep a pretty canister or bin there.

Rescue dogs

6025341_MMost people know that the humane society does it’s best to save as many animals as they can, but they’re not the only ones out there helping to turn once-abandoned animals into someone’s loved pet.

Rescue groups throughout the Valley and nationwide do their part to save animals in trouble and find them good homes with their “forever families,” as they describe it.

When you’re ready to introduce a pet into your life, consider a rescue animal. Often rescue groups specialize in a certain breed, so you can track down your preference. Rescue groups also have pets of all ages, and many are totally house and obedience-trained, so you don’t have to go through that process yourself.

When you bring a rescue animal into your life, you are giving a pet another chance at a good home. These animals are often dumped because people move, don’t care, or simply no longer have the money to support a pet. They are sweet and loving and waiting for a new home. Most rescue groups work hard to make sure the adoption is a good one for both pets and owners.

Start by checking out adoption events on the website of PACC911, the Phoenix Animal Care Coalition, Uniting the Pet Rescue Committee. They bring together over 100 animal welfare organizations throughout Arizona. Visit Phoenix Animal Care Coalition, Uniting the Pet Rescue Committee’s website to find information on rescue organizations and upcoming adoption events.

By choosing a rescue dog, you’re allowing a stray to essentially win the pet lottery, and letting an animal into your life will enrich it and make every day more fun and loving for all of you.

Bringing a puppy home

13355005_MAre your children begging for a puppy? Or maybe now that you’re settled in your new Fulton home you are ready to introduce a pet into your life. Before you make your choice among the many cute and cuter options, you might want to consider these suggestions.

Determine if you are puppy-ready: Is there someone at home for a good part of the day? Are you prepared to house- and obedience-train your pet? Are you willing to introduce mess and chaos to your home? Do all adult members of your family agree on getting a puppy? Puppies are wonderful and can be an amazing addition to your life. Puppies are also a great deal of work. If you’re not sure, consider fostering a puppy for a rescue organization so you have a good understanding of the needs involved. But be prepared, a foster puppy may turn into a member of your family before you know it!

Choose your breed carefully: Size is important, but also temperament. If you want a lively dog that always wants to play, a Terrier is a great choice. On the other hand, this breed gets bored easily and can become destructive if left alone too much. Most Labradors are very gentle with small children. Every breed has different characteristics, and even mixed-breed dogs will often emulate the breed they’re most related to. Take the time to do your homework on the different breeds to get one that matches your family’s needs.

Prepare your home: Messes are a natural part of house-training your puppy. Plan on a specific area in your home for the puppy all or most of the day with tile or some kind of flooring that allows for easy clean-up, and take him or her out for frequent breaks. It’s best to have a grassy spot for an outdoor bathroom, particularly in the summer. (See the blog “Cause for Paws earlier this week for the reasons why.) It’s worth the time to pick up a book or review suggestions on the Internet and make a plan to housebreak your puppy. Remember, their main goal is to please you and once they understand what you want, they’ll gladly do it.

Any pet can make your life richer with friendship, company and unconditional love. That’s why you want to make sure you choose the right pet and create an environment to welcome your new family member.

Cause for paws

13703899_MLHave you ever walked barefoot on a sidewalk during an Arizona summer? Chances are you’re too smart to try it, but many people take their dogs for walks on the sidewalk or in the street in the sun’s heat, not realizing that a dog’s paws are as sensitive and at risk as a human’s bare feet.

Fulton Homes has partnered with 93.3 KDKB to help build awareness of how hot sidewalks and streets can damage dog paws, sometimes permanently.

Studies have shown that the skin on the bottom of a dog’s paw will redden and burn after just five minutes on a 120-degree surface. After one minute on a 140-degree surface paws will burn, leaving permanent damage. At 150 degrees, rapid burns and blistering occur, resulting in permanent nerve damage. In the searing Arizona summers, sidewalks and roadways can become hot enough to fry an egg. Now, imagine what a scorching surface can do to the bottom of a dog’s paw.

“This campaign is important because it will help educate people to the dangers our beloved pets face while walking outside during these brutally hot Arizona summers,” said Fulton Homes CEO Doug Fulton. “Dogs are members of the family and make are lives fuller and more joyful. Fulton Homes is dedicated to keeping our pets safe and healthy.”

93.3 KDKB will help promote the program on KDKB’s website, by its on-air talent, social media, e-mail blasts, and with their live radio remote broadcasts.  At Fulton Homes, we want to do what we can to support safety for everyone in your family, including your pets.