Rescue dogs

6025341_MMost people know that the humane society does it’s best to save as many animals as they can, but they’re not the only ones out there helping to turn once-abandoned animals into someone’s loved pet.

Rescue groups throughout the Valley and nationwide do their part to save animals in trouble and find them good homes with their “forever families,” as they describe it.

When you’re ready to introduce a pet into your life, consider a rescue animal. Often rescue groups specialize in a certain breed, so you can track down your preference. Rescue groups also have pets of all ages, and many are totally house and obedience-trained, so you don’t have to go through that process yourself.

When you bring a rescue animal into your life, you are giving a pet another chance at a good home. These animals are often dumped because people move, don’t care, or simply no longer have the money to support a pet. They are sweet and loving and waiting for a new home. Most rescue groups work hard to make sure the adoption is a good one for both pets and owners.

Start by checking out adoption events on the website of PACC911, the Phoenix Animal Care Coalition, Uniting the Pet Rescue Committee. They bring together over 100 animal welfare organizations throughout Arizona. Visit Phoenix Animal Care Coalition, Uniting the Pet Rescue Committee’s website to find information on rescue organizations and upcoming adoption events.

By choosing a rescue dog, you’re allowing a stray to essentially win the pet lottery, and letting an animal into your life will enrich it and make every day more fun and loving for all of you.