Decorating with Your Style

12221608_SIf you want to determine your style, start with looking in the mirror. How do you wear your hair? What types of clothes do you like, casual or dressy? Do you tend to wear colors or neutrals?

You choose your personal style to represent who you really are. You may find yourself drawn to retro sundresses in bright cottons, or a simple silk shell and pencil skirt. For a man, would you feel more comfortable in polo shirts and khakis or a t-shirt and jeans? Evaluating your style is a good first step when planning your home, since your taste should be just as reflected in your surroundings as it is in your wardrobe. This woman demonstrates a classic retro-40s look, with high-fashion hat and gloves and a classic black and white dress. Luxury and careful planning also show in everything about this woman’s look. So, let’s determine what sort of space would suit her style.


How about this room? Black and white starts the look, but it’s the style of the room that mirrors this woman. Notice the black chandelier. It’s classic, but the black updates the fixture and adds an unexpected level of sophistication.

The rug picks up the blond hair and the light flooring provides contrast with the white/ivory upholstered furniture. If this woman walked into this room, she would have just the right look for it.

Does your living room reflect your personal style? Remember that a home that matches your style comfort zone is a home that will make you happy.