Décor – Celebrating Dog Lovers!

Dogs have been appearing in art and design for centuries. These beloved pets appear on decorative accessories from china to pillows and everything in between. Painting of and about dogs can decorate the walls of a traditional or contemporary home. Dogs are not only some of our best friends; they make for handsome decorative elements in interior design and decorating.


Dogs in art became popular with Sporting Art that originated in England in the 18th century. Dogs were also popular subjects in Impressionist and Modern art. Contemporary art today often features dogs like the famous Blue Dog series. There are numerous businesses that provide custom artwork and photographs of the beloved family pet. Custom portraits are even available for any kind of pet.


Artwork is not the only area of decorating where dogs are used as decorative elements. English Staffordshire figurines of dogs, as pictured here, are highly collected. Dog figurines and sculptures decorate shelves and table tops. Popular dog breeds for these small decorative items are Scotties, Greyhounds, English Bulldogs, Poodles and Setters.


Soft goods like rugs and pillows can feature dog silhouettes and patterns.  Needlepoint rugs might feature a classic hunting scene or fox hunt. Needlepoint pillows with every breed from pugs to poodles can offer a charming accent for sofas and chairs.


Hang a portrait of a beloved family pet or decorate with your favorite breed, letting the house go to the dogs can be a fun way to add a personal touch to your décor.